Thursday, December 24, 2009

Scans are up at MCAKG


Awwww- poor Kate's been fired!

Poor divorced Kate was fired from her new Momlogic show. The producers had a moment of clarity and said NO WAY to this bitch being part of the show!

‘Controversial’ Kate Gosselin Loses TV Gig

by Tracy Phillips
Dec 23rd, 2009 | 5:41 PM | Comments 129

Kate Gosselin just got dumped, again. (How’s that for a Merry Christmas?)

The TV mom has been cut from her upcoming TV series pilot … for being “too controversial,” reports RadarOnline.

Executives behind the proposed series ‘Momlogic,’ described as ‘The View’ for working moms, booted the polarizing ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8‘ star, fearing she’s too controversial. Producers allegedly also believe the mother of eight is “not ready for a full-time hosting job, even as part of a panel.”

Gosselin shot the pilot in September, appearing as one fourth of a hosting panel that includes Food Network star Paula Deen, Lee Woodruff and former ‘Early Show’ co-host Rene Syler.

Whether or not you’re a Gosselin fan, she still sounds like the most interesting part of that lineup. And the irony of it is, in Hollywood, isn’t it ‘controversy’ that sells?

Not everyone wanted her out, however. “There was a lot of arguing,” says a source, but Kate was ultimately dropped. The future of the series is now in question, according to Radar.

Mama Gosselin, who will still star in a new TLC show, was recently seen taping a hush hush ‘test’ segment for a series, but it’s unclear if this was for ‘Momlogic’ or another project Gosselin has in the works.

Don’t worry, Kate. There’s always ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Christmas Ditty

This was submitted to the blog.

Deck The Halls a la Gosselin

Deck the halls with boughts of money
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
We scammed people, isn't it funny
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Don we now our hooker heels
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.
Troll the nearest college bars
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.
See us, see us, aren't we stars.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Slap Emerill and the kids of ours.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Follow Jon in screwing others.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
While I tell of shrewish mothers.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Put away the old sunglasses.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Hail the new year, we're both big asses.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Sing we joyous, of our treasure.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Heedless of the kids and their pleasure.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Scans and such

Scans are up at My Case Against Kate Gosselin.

Finally- the Andrews Ave house sold!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Early Katie Irene Christmas Carol

This was written when the news about Jon and Deanna and Kate and Steve came out.

I Saw Mommy Kissing her Bodyguard
apologies to T. Connor

I saw Mommy kissing her Bodyguard
Underneath the tanning bed last night.
She didn't see me creep
down the stairs to have a peep;
She thought that I was tucked
up in my bedroom fast asleep.
Then, I saw Mommy grope her bodyguard
Underneath his tshirt full of pecs
Oh, what a laugh it would have been
If Daddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Steve Neild last night.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Finale-- and other tidbits

Poor Jon and Kate. They can't pay their water bill- or their mortgages, it seems- and a lien has been put on one of their properties. I really thought the houses were for the kids because as Kate was fond of saying "it is all for them" and "they deserve it." Whatever.

Scans from My Case against Kate Gosselin

We open on the show with Jon's obnoxious sign stating the kids can't be filmed. Kate says it is bittersweet to say goodbye and that the "kids are already missing it". Really? I wonder if they have a case of PTSD going on.

Kate cries about the "last time" on the "set". So there you have it. It was WORK. She didn't say "home". She said "set". It is "needless" and "useless" to end the series. Kate was able to see the good and that this job had a huge plus because the kids got to see everything and Kate could work from home and be with the kids. Yeah, how often did they go to the spa and book signings with you?

Jon was self-absorbed as normal. He self-discovered during the show. While he talks, we see the small advert for Cake Boss on next Monday in their time slot. Jon looks slovenly and dirty.

Kate seems to feel she is in the same boat as Jon but not really. She looks like a contained slut in her Loft apparel. She is going to do everything she can to see that the kids prosper. Well, do you think you could give them some of the money they earned.

Jon is happy living in NY. He is happy to "have work again". WTF?

Kate says the kids are asking parents. They need to see "a hard working parent". Who is that? Kate said they don't know about girlfriends? WTF? Sure they do. They can google. They hear the news and their mom on the phone and hasn't Jon talked to them about it. Sure he has.

Kate goes on and on about her friends and how supportive they are. Who cares?

She rags on Jon for not taking them places. They stay at home. WTF again? Who cares....They actually show the twins acting out.... what kind of responsible journalism is that? Jon gets super bitchy with the kids. He threatens to throw a poster in the trash. Then Hannah starts kissing his ass. Then we get to see Jon making lemonade. He touches them with his hands. I know where those hands have been. I would not drink the lemonade. I love the kids being honest about who made the signs.

Then he thinks he is a big draw by pouring lemonade. And he gets a small jar of money. To match his genitals. (Did I say that outloud?)

Jon whines about the paps. Kate whines about the paps. Kate whines about Jon's intentions and motives (publicity stunt?) for the fire department. She doesn't like them to be used for stunts. WTF has the last few years been for you Kate? Bitch.

Back at the fire station, the kids begged for a ride-not one bit spoiled are they?

(fast forward to save myself from boredom)

Jon thinks he's going to save the world with his lemonade stand. Kate's goal is to remain neutral and state the facts. Sure. You'll never smear Jon in the media or discourage him from being with them.

She says that the show gave them opportuntities to travel that they won't have now. But Kate will, won't she. As far away as she can get from the kids.

Kate walks with the kids down a country road )not wearing slut shoes for once. It was pathetic when they showed the nanny with a blurred out face. It was an ORGANIC farm full of cows!

(fast forward)

Kate reads her lines like a pro. It's all ending too soon, the kids will never be able to do these things again. "It's been taken from me and he kids." Notice the placement of "me". She never wanted the divorce, she wanted roles to change and wanted him to basically take over so she could sit on her over-pampered ass and let him do it all.

Jon swears he'll take initiative. BWHAHAHAHA.

Kate whines on....."It's been a great run. Grateful for the opportunity. Memories on tape. thankful for support. From people who brought them into their living rooms. " Obviously missing the stardom versus her marriage.

And the inevitable montage. "It's your life, whatcha gonna do...."

The ending picture is the 5th birthday family pic with the caption, "Jon & Kate and family, thank you for sharing your lives with us" or some such crap.

Boo hoo, Jon and Kate.
you'll have to get jobs,
this cannot wait.

Hither and thither
round and round
maybe now you'll stop flying
and come back to the ground

Your kids are a mess
and so are your lives
don't think about husbands
or even wives

Get your shit straightened out
Get your kids under control
only then can you
make your lives whole.

Now that you're all ready to puke-- let's just say it:

Jon and Kate- see ya! Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The End-- or is it?

Well, it's been a long road, but the end of Jon and Kate plus 8 is nigh.

November 23 marks the end of the show. And it's is long overdue. These parents (if you can call them that) have manipulated and used the public long enough. Kate and Jon deserve the grief that is happening to them. They've abused their children, twisted them with lies and bribes and now they are reaping the rewards.

The episode is supposed to be about the kids going to a milking farm and Jon learning about a firestation (another fascinating episode! zzzzzzzzzzzz) and then Kate and Jon will rehash recent events and say goodbye.

According to the NYT, the show is being replaced by Cake Boss. Another vapid show.

The Kate plus 8 show seems to be only periodic specials at this point, but that may change to nothing at all. TLC is supposedly developing another show for her and of course, she has the co-host gig with Paula "Butter" Deen. (Another snooze-fest)

Rumor has it on the finale that Jon and Kate won't share the couch.

The ratings for the show have recently sunk as low as 1.6 million. Must be the die hard sheeple.

Goodbye Jon and Kate- don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!

TLC Suing Jon

I've taken a break from this fiasco because it is flipping unbelievable.

TLC is suing Jon for breach of contract and watching him.
Jon who has said for years that his kids weren't exploited and that they weren't working. He has said that they just play and do the things that kids do. Right.

So now Jon has changed his tune and told the court that they had rehersals, scripts, etc. He is also countersuing and says he suffered harm to his "reputation". No, Jon, everyone has known for years that you're a douchebag.

The former nanny that Jon porked is supposed to testify against him (no big surprise there!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kate tells her story

Tonight on TLC, Kate is telling her story. So far, she's just being lead by the interviewer.

1. She admits berating John.
2. She said her brother cashed in on her.
3. She admitted her family life as a child sucked.

More to come...... no big surprise so far.

With Jon and Kate fast leaving the air, I will need to focus my attention somewhere, however, I can't bring myself to watch the Table for 12 people. They suck too bad.

4. Kate still doesn't think she is exploiting her kids because when she was pregnant she ate carefully and took care of herself.
5. She said that there were times she told the cameramen not to record b/c the kids didn't want it.
6. Kate said Jon enjoyed the trips and experiences on the show.
7. Kids only recently started to ask about why they were on TV and others weren't.
8. Kate denies calling the show her "paycheck". She said no one could predict what has happened. She "can't go back" to being a nurse because "a single mom with 8 kids?" She laughs.
9. Jon returned the money.
10. Kids have a separate account. No mention of how much is in it but it is for college. She said it is "their money".
11. Kate says she can't step out of the spotlight because they are "too far gone". Whatever.
12. The p-people piss her off.
13. She is a lesbian. (No, not really, just checking to see if you're paying attention.
14. Kate said it wasn't the show, fame or fortune that got their marriage in trouble.

That is about all I can deal with right now- I'll write more later.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Butterflys and Water Rockets Recap

As painful as these episodes have been, this one has made the top of the list. I couldn't even watch it until I had a weekend to get buzzed to watch it.

The kids, Kate explains, get to go on trips in "small groups". Cara went with Jon skiing, Mady went to San Fransisco, the boys to a dude ranch and now it was time for the girls' freebie trip before school started (although we know she's taken the kids out of school before!).

It's once again all about the memories with the kids (right, Kate). She wanted to "invest time in her kids" (since when?). Although there are many interesting things to do in their own state, including several butterfly exhibits (scroll to PA), they go to Butterfly World in Florida.

Once again, they have been segregated at least, if not the only ones in the place. The guide shows them butterflies while Kate seems uninterested. Kate decides to be the center of attention when a butterfly 'attacks' her daugher and she screams at her not to kill it. The kids get to capture and release some of the butterflies. Kate can't stand not being the center and asks if her hair is sticking up or if it is ok or something. Who care's Kate? Invest time in your kids, not your skanky ho image!

Then it is over to look at birds. Kate and the kids see the birds being fed and they feed them. A bird finally gets up the balls to bite Kate. YES!

The girls seem to like the bird scene and Kate tries to get the attention back again. She lets birds sit on her and she spreads her arms wide (versus her legs for once) and looks like Carrie White's mom knifed to the doorway with 8 birds on her body "to make her complete".

Meanwhile, Jon has the boys.... and the twins, although they aren't on camera much. Interestingly, we get to see the dogs, that were given away aeons ago. They play with water cannons/rockets. At first, there seems to be some issues on how it is put together, but eventually the very tall blow up rocket shoots out the rocket. After some tweaking, it finally shoots up a fair amount. I think a water gun fight would have been more fun....

In Kate-land, she's bitching about being in the bug zoo and how she's scared, doesn't like it, blah. Her daughters look at her like she's a basket case and head toward the zoo anyway. Kate with her "can do" attitude hides in a corner. She bitches at the girls to put the bugs down when they seem to enjoy it. Thanks for even taking them there Kate, you could have bitched at them for free at home. Oh wait, this was free too.

Jon is still launching rockets, probably to alleviate his lack-of-sex discomfort. Now that he's not got the goods, I am sure the pussy is in shorter supply. The kids had more fun with the water balloons and hose.

Kate takes the kids on a hot air balloon ride. Kate bitches because they have to get up early- I am sure they could have gotten a later ride. Again, Kate dresses like a skanky ho with her shirt cut to let her tits breath and her short skirt to air out the last man/woman she had and her damn heels. She bitches more about the lack of coffee, how hot it is outside and caps off the whole deal by actually hissing at the camera, like the snake she is.

The boys are now moving to baseball and Jon has a pitching machine set up for them. Jon, being the ass he is jerks his kids around to get them to play "right". Then he bitches about his dad having passed away and how his dad was always there for him when he played sports. Did his dad jerk him around too? Or did he just give out traditional beatings in the closet.

The kicker for me is after all of this, Kate says they could have gone down the road 10 minutes away and been just as happy. First, why didn't you and second, way to support the people who just allowed you to visit for free. Cunt.

The best part of this episode is that there are fewer limited episodes left!
It's been a while since I've written anything about the gruesome twosome, but here is a recap of the last 10 days worth of fodder:

Jon hasn't paid the money back.
Kate's bro Kevin visits Jon. Pot meet kettle.
Jon's attorney is screwed.
Jon supposedly was sending a check for the balance of the money owed to Kate.
Jon Gosselin can't get $10-12K

Kate is really trying to inspire- although we all know she's little more than a cunt.

Scans are always available at My case against Kate Gosselin.

My take? Kate and Jon are so consumed by who has the money, who can outdo the other, and who is going to "win" that they are missing the gift of their children. Granted, they have turned the kids into over privileged, entitled, spoiled brats, but all the more why they should be caring for the kids.

Jon and Kate need to come clean-but then I suspect they would lose everything, including their money. The IRS should take a really close look at what they've made, spent, etc. Kate is lying through her teeth when she says she has no money to support the kids, unless she's spent it all, which wouldn't surprise me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The beat goes on & recap

Jon has to return $180K.

Kate takes the kids shopping- endlessly. And treats them like babies.
Then it was about Kate- she felt like all these people around her 'get' her. And she never gives up.
Later, Kate packed lunches with food from craft services.

She gets the kids up at FIVE THIRTY. With the help of a nanny. The kids had to be up because the kids had to get the lunches together and shoes on. Kate swears the kids are well rounded and adaptable because they didn't cry when they left her. I say it was because they were happy to be away from the bitch.

More whining from Kate about Jon and keeping the peace. Yawn. Then Jon repeats everything Kate says- but he's not a puppet. Nooooo.

Kate waxes on about the old days and then said she has to do laundry. Right. The nanny does that.

She invaded the twins' room and threw out a bunch of their stuff. And she cooked.

The kids came home. Kate ate with the kids.

They are billing this show with just a "limited number of episodes" left. Where the hell is Jon going to get his money from now? And where will Kate get her Loft and spa money?

I don't really care- HAHAHAHAHA!

Doesn't look like Kate is going to get the Kate plus 8 show-- but then again.... one never knows!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In other news....

Ratings up but dropping

TLC moved out of the mansion.

Kate filed for alimony- like that's going to happen!
A comment came in about Kate. Seems there may be some validity to the post. Rumor has it that Kate dined here last week.

Kate Sighting in DC? said... First time poster to your site. Great information. I am confused though. Live in DC and last week went to lunch at Restaurant Nora. They were temporarily closed to allow for a film crew to work inside. People outside the place were saying that Kate Gosselin was inside being interviewed. No one could confirm if the kids were in there or not and you can not really see into that place from the street that well but I can say it looked like quite a few people moving around and a lot of bright lights.I thought that the filming had stopped or is it that the kids just can not be filmed but the adults can. Restaurant Nora is an all organic place so I was thinking that is why the Mom was in there since she eats organic food all the time and they were taping her eat lunch or something. I was just shocked they are still taping episodes of the show. I wonder if they are doing this covertly in anticipation of the Kate plus 8 show being allowed to continue. However, I did not see any TV type trucks with the TLC logo so I am not even sure if that was the case. There was a media type van on one of the nearby side streets with a logo of True Entertainment Media. Who knows if she really was there maybe it was something else??10/9/09 2:26 PM

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time to organize recap

Still painful. It is just pathetic too.

Kate has so arrived, she has a professional organizer help her organize the house. They uncover toys they couldn't find for all the freebies and the kids play with the best toy of all- empty boxes.
Kate, being an idiot, rants on about how she hates clutter.

After creating several boxes, including a Jon box, Kate reconnects with her friend Jamie. Her brat child Clay plays with the kids and argues with them.

Kate gets a label maker-- why don't you just use a laser printer? The next day they sort winter clothes. Yawn. Then Kate wants to take her daughters to a Jonas Brothers concert. The kids play with toilet paper, because Kate lets them stock the toilets with it.

One of the organizers kiss ass by saying Kate was such a help.

When will this show finally end. It is on its last leg and long ago ceased to be about the kids. Who the fuck wants to see Kate's botoxed mug every week?


I am a lot late in this-- scans are up. Courtesy of My Case against Kate Gosselin.

Poor Jon and Kate....

We all know Jon has blocked TLC from filming the kids.

They have a substantial $720K mortgage. It seems some money was put away for the kids (six figures in all, but that wasn't nearly enough!)

Meanwhile Kate is furious that Jon withdrew a large sum of money in the last month and is demanding its return- and an accounting of all his money. She claims she can't pay her bills. BULLSHIT. (Access to divorce papers, attorney documents, etc. here as well.)

Attorney letter

Court papers

And the kids? They are getting bitched out by a nanny.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tea Parties and Snakes

So very painful!

They are at the beach yet again. Still. Recap of the battleship. Now on to the girls.....

A tea party was just the ticket. Kate with her everloving cuppa coffee and the kids chewing ORGANIC gum. Kate points out the p-people. Conveniently.

Mads and Cara went back to school. Jon feels guilty and gets the girls earrings. I am sure they are really expensive. Both the girls are really odd looking--- horse mouths.

Kate takes the kids on a carriage ride. Cause she can't walk in her hooker shoes. Her tits make her look like she's a humpback. They went to The Whilmington tea house and drank tea. Kate freaked over the glass..... "It was not a luncheon, it was more like a tea party." Really, Kate? this was their first tea party. How sad for them. I am sure it was all organic.

Cara and Mads planted seeds. Whoo.....

Then the girls went to make jewelry. Whoopie.

And the twins played with fire.....and the tups got ice cream. Kate whined. Leah chose an "obnoxiously loud" ice cream. So the fuck what Kate?

The twins did arts and crafts for Jon. He said he didn't want gifts-- cause he already took their cash! What more could they possibly give him?!?

And they think this show is going to be better as Kate Plus 8?

So much news.....

So much news today!

For anyone who hasn't seen Whoopi take Kate down, here's the vid.

It is no longer Jon and Kate but just Kate & 8. I think we'll still hear feeble cries from Jon every now and then.

Jon will speak on Larry King- cause Ed Hardy isn't calling! But then again, Jon wants to put the brakes on the divorce.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/21 Farm to Table

So painful.

This is a complete commerical fest- we're back to the good ol' days of Jon and Kate.

Family game night, family game night commercial.
Fresh farm veggies, products to get kids to eat veggies.

Not to bore everyone with a blow-by-blow this week (ok- I admit it, I can't stand watching it all and agonizing over this ep) we have the highlights:

  • Kate bought organic veggies from an Amish farmer and swore she shopped there a lot. Kate, who said 8 kids alone was a danger to them when they were young and Kate who couldn't get them in and out of the car without Jon... we're really to believe she spent a lot of time at the Amish store?
  • Kate swore she was all about the environment- how many times have we seen her contradict that?
  • Kate tried to be in touch with the Amish by not filming them- but ended up doing so anyway.
  • The kids probably ruined a lot of watermelons the way they were screwing around with them.
  • Kate seemed jealous that her Amish connection was about to catch up with her in the kid department.
  • Apparently Kate (or her helpers) only know how to make eggplant parmigiana. The kids begged off- they had it three nights last week!
  • Kate tries lame crap by saying Amish Henry is a good egg because she can be herself around him. If he had any sense, he'd tie her up and beat her like a horse.
  • The kids argue about instruments and Kate does nothing.
  • Kate only took her daughter to the doctor after Cara complained about a dozen times.
  • While Kate pawns Cara off on the babysitter, Kate makes like its game night.
  • Long story short, Cara is ok, just bruised.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Drama and the Dogs are GONE

Stephanie Santoro, Whore #iforgetanddon'treallycare, is now claiming Jon seduced her. C'mon. What employer asks a NANNY for a massage. Nannies take care of kids, not the adults. Except in Stephanie's case! WOOOO WOOOOOO!

Seems the media frenzy is toning down for the Gs this week. Come on, PR machine!! You're sleeping on the job!!

And the dogs are gone. The kids get screwed again. Jon blames Kate for not taking care of them. See the video- unbelievable. Why couldn't the NANNY take care of them-- or hire someone else. Jon's trying to play the sympathy card. Doesn't work any better than Kate.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet God, tell me this ain't so!

Supposedly Paula Deen the cooking with butter queen is hooking up with Kate (and read into that what you will) to create a talk show. Apparently Paula is rich enough she doesn't care about the possibility of peddling sandwiches again.

On a happier note, Jon's attorney dropped him. That's right. No word as to why, but honestly, Jon's a douchebag. Or maybe he was afraid Jon's estate wouldn't pay him if Jon carried out his suicide threats.

Horror of Horrors--- a Gosselin clothing line. Jon thinks Ed Hardy's folks used him to get publicity. Uh.hmmmmmmm.

Monday, September 14, 2009

9/14 Movie and a Catch

The intro has changed pictures but it is still "It may be a crazy life, but it's ARE life."

Kate explains for the umpteenth time that sometimes she's there and sometimes Jon is and there is no rhyme or reason for it. Uhhhhh, speaking events, parties?

Kate stills says she's taking on the world and fixing the world and getting the food in the house. Lonely at night in the house- where would the kids be Kate? Kate claims this is a true test of "survival and determination and perseverance". She wants to be in the pool with the kids but she has to cook. Who the hell is watching the kids then?

Mady and Kate in the kitchen. A recipe for disaster. She swears she doesn't know how to tell if chicken is done on the grill. I thought you'd never grilled before Kate?

If this is the best TLC can do showing Kate trying to do things ordinary people do every damn day, it's pathetic. Really, to tell the truth, it is pathetic anyway.

So they eat lunch, presumably without salmonella. They go on about blood in the chicken. They make such a big deal about it-- it is only where a vein was. Eat it, move it aside and get on with it.

Kate is doing a movie on the lawn. Of course with the sound man and proffi equipment it is not a problem to do so. I do have to say that the sound guy had a sexy pony tail. A little higher up and he'd be a samurai.....

Enough of the eye candy.... the way he smiled and laughed made me think he wanted to strangle the kids for pulling his hair and annoying him.

Kate said she 'got carried away as usual' and got a popcorn maker for the event. Seriously? Is this really necessary? Kate couldn't even work it- she's such a stupid cow. Trying for the sympathy vote ain't workin' Kate. You just come off as the incompetent whore you are.

She shrills, "Come and get your popcorn!!!!" while wearing some stupid hat and trying to make it seem like she's a popcorn vendor. It was scary.

Stupid Kate didn't think the kids would fall asleep or she's really playing for the cameras because she had to carry them into the house. Hello--- it would have been smart to get that CAMPING GEAR out and just sleep in the back yard. Idiot.

Then Kate whines about leaving "the kid's house". She doesn't know if the kids know she loves them and "you doubt yourself every day". Oh fuck off. Divorced peoples' children know their parents love them. Get over yourself.

So then it's time for party dad. Fishing in the creek. It is the neighbors but Jon can get to it through their it must be OK......

One kid is with Jon's mom shopping. Jon takes the kids back in the dirt. To piss Kate off I am sure. They are going through "mud and cow poop". Didn't know the Gs were into cows too--except Kate.

So the kids get shitty (haha) that they are getting dirty. One kid bawls and Jon calls him "wimpy" and declares that kids need to get out of the house and out of their comfort zones. Then the kids were hot, sweaty and wanted to go in the pool. Spoiled brats.

Jon wanted to go fishing, as he said and so they did. Again, selfish. No wonder the kids are the way they are. "you smell like manure and it is a pungent smell". So? And his fix was to hose everyone off at the house.

Then they made pizza. He wants them to keep it off the floor. What does it matter- the maid will come in and clean it out. They grilled the dough. then they loaded up the pizzas and regrilled them. Jon looks like he doesn't need any pizza. He's the original doughboy.

I find it interesting that the girl caught a fish and the bobber was green. When she reeled it in, it was pink. How set up was that?

When the kids talked about what they caught, the boys lied. and one had an issues because a one of the other kids bit him. WTF??

Jon is trying to spend all the time possible with him. It is nice to be in the county, he says. I am sure snorting coke with a whore is time consuming and exhausting......

Watching this shit was exhausting. I think I'll play Go Fish....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

And the kids are beating the animals.....

Someone needs to step in. These kids are out of control. Although they're only acting out what the get from their parents, it's still no excuse for beating and terrorizing the dogs. See the video.

Scans are up at My case against Kate Gosselin.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dr Cool Sex have a great new vid

Unlike this week's ep, this is great!

8/31 Dude Ranch and Dress Up

Kate and Jon decided to break out of their normal gender roles and have the parents switch roles for the weekend (or whatever it was).

Kate is taking the boys to a dude ranch in Wyoming. The year goal for Kate was to take each child or a few on a trip. Ok..... I thought you did that last year.

The hope, she said, was that she'd be p-people free.

Kate shows up in her dangly ear rings, designer black jeans and tank- complete with hooker heels. WTF???

When the kids ask what kind of farming/ranching they do and they had to ask twice, Kate interjected with a "MOOOOOO". Kind of fitting, eh?

Meanwhile, Jon was at "their ranch" with the girls. (I thought it was the kids' ranch.) They did a scavenger hunt and Leah was pissy because she had to hold everything. Winners got to choose dessert. No drama there.

Kate (still in hooker heels) and the boys were off on four-wheelers- cause Kate "feels the need for speed". Top Gun, she ain't! And I found it more than a little upsetting that they were driving very quickly without protection. Kate though, seemed only interested in saying she'd like to race. Next "business" venture? Sleeping with the pitcrew?

She's tamed her hair somewhat.... still looks like shit.

Then it was off to the horses. Kate is now in jeans, a pink shirt and a pink hat-- with pink boots. What a pink cunt she was! the bose were in boots, jeans and matching shirts/hats. Poor kids. they looked a little too matchy matchy. Kate let everyone know she didn't like rules (although she likes making them!) and thought she was witty when she interjected with some "humor".

Kate gets up on a horse and so do the boys. On the confessional for the boys they had fun because the girls weren't there. The horses, according to the boys, pee and poop in their pants. Perhaps one of the kids rode a horse named Feces.

Back with Jon, they were staying with Jon a sitter. They went to the dentist. No screamin and issues. Apparently the kids have a lot of cavities. So much for the ORGANIC diet. Two for Leah and one for Alexis. That is an awful lot. (BTW, I think this was officially the 6th ep on teeth and the 5th for the kids alone)

Switching back to the boys, they were still riding. The boys taunted each other as they were on the horse. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. One of the kids says they can do what they want because Mommy is gone. While Kate finds an opportunity to get away from the kids and go out on her horse.

So Kate and her new "can do" attitude goes off in the mountains with one of the men-folk. Probably blowing him at Hidden Rock Cave. Then she admits the trip was to see if SHE could do it. Right. All for the kids, Kate. She said she could cry, but didn't. Later they go on a walk with mom.

Meanwhile, Jon plays more games with the kids, including can and string telephone.

Then Kate sends the kids to "hang out" at the ranch and play in chicken shit while she learns to shoot a gun. But again, with her "can do" attitude, she's learning new things. This whole angle is not working, Kate. Then they did an egg and spoon race on horses. Whoop Whoop. Kate got shitty about ringing the dinner bell. Dumb bitch. Her kids chase a goat and molest kittens. What a way to parent.

Jon and the kids did a concert and played dress up. And so did Jon, which I have to admit was cool if it was sincere.

He mentioned the "custody schedule". LOL

Kate dressed up in an ugly brown tank, her pink hat and slutty cowboy boots. Kate gave the kids chicken feet to eat- I am sure they were ORGANIC. She was surprized they ate them. Collin licked the toenails. Yuck!

Overall, this was a -57 on the snoozer scale. It was very painful to write this recap.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes: KIDS REVOLT!!!

According to MSNBC the kids are sick of being filmed. Now is the time to cut the show, Jon and Kate. You always said if the kids didn't want to do it, that you would stop the show. (Or is this a setup for a "graceful" exit since the ratings are dropping!)

Jon and Kate’s ‘8’ revolt against being filmed

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s 5-year-old sextuplets and 8-year-old twins are starting to rebel against the constant taping of their lives.

“The kids staged a sit-in — a revolt,” Jon Gosselin told Life & Style on Aug. 13. “They didn’t want to work today.”

This isn’t the first time the kids haven’t wanted to “work.” On Aug. 7, after a day of filming for TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8," the magazine reports that the eight Gosselin kids were pressured into continuing to film beyond their wishes.

An eyewitness told the magazine that “once the kids returned home, the film crew kept yelling at them to film more outside. They seemed really tired, but the crew kept pushing them.”
A rep from TLC denied the report, saying “the assertion is utterly baseless.”

Monday, August 24, 2009

So very sad.....

No new Jon and Kate show tonight. I am so sad. NOT. Hopefully this is the last season we'll have to put up with these heinous people.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh sweet Jesus, how the mighty have fallen!

First, the very best news...... the ratings have fallen again. From 3.4 M to 3 M. Jon and Kate Plus 8 was NOT the number one show; they've slipped to #2. I am seriously going to have an orgasm I am so happy!

Apparently the big problem that Kate had with Jon was when Jon and the nanny, Stephanie, started getting it on. Cara and Mady called Kate and was she pissed! Jon wouldn't let her in and the cops were called.

The tabs ought to be sizzling this week! For a sneak peek, have a look at Oh No They Didn't!

Jon is still trying to play Daddy Pimp Club. He's in talks about his divorced dad show. Who the hell wants to watch him whine?

Christian Audigier from Ed Hardy says now that he isn't doing a line with Jon Gosselin. Gee, Jon, you might have to get a JOB to support your whore girlfriend.

More to come, I'm sure~~

Monday, August 17, 2009

Recap: Battleships and Barbers

I am so glad we are back to half hour shows. This is just boring. B.O.R.I.N.G.

They spent a couple of weeks on the beach. The twins spent a week and then went back for 3 more days at school. Kate said they are at the top of their class so they don't suffer academically. Massage that guilt, Kate.

Jon said he missed the kids and when the girls came home they said hello and that was it.

For Kate, it was all about 'field trips'. She took the boys to see a battleship. No word on where the girls were. Too bad Kate had to reinforce gender stereotypes.

Kate was wearing shorts and hooker heels. As she boarded the ferry, she gushed over the woman's baby (that we saw in pictures a few weeks ago). While Kate ferried, Jon took the twins to a Chuckie Cheese type place. True to TLC's word, Jon's torso was completely blurred, giving him a bigger douchebag look than ever. No advertising for him! Mady and Cara were in semi rare form. At least they weren't making for the camera and Mady wasn't shitty. (Amazing how ok she is when Kate is gone.....)

Meanwhile, the boys raked in the freebies with sailor caps. And Kate was making memories with her pink cell phone.

As Kate and the boys when through the battleship, I was seriously hoping that Kate tripped on her $300 wedge heels. But sadly, it was not to be. Kate got a dig in on Jon in that she said that there are plenty of places to make "mindless memories but I DO like them to learn something." Whatever Kate. It was free and you got to fuck your bodyguard. What more did you want? Oh yea, if you could have dumped the boys on someone you would have been happier.

Kate said she was interested in what the boys wanted to see. She was really interested in showing off her new titties. Unfortunately, Kate made it down the stairs and after fake loving on her kids, she jacked her jaw some more about the experience.

The boys did couch confessionals about what they saw on the ship. Sounded mindless to me. Kate said they had problems walking on the grates, too bad Kate didn't.

Jon, on the other hand took Cara climbing through a rope gauntlt. Mady has a fear of heights. Jon said it was ok if Cara fell because the people would catch her. We got to see Jon's ever growing bald spot. Guess the plugs didn't work very well.

As the day wore on, Kate bitched about the p-people. Although she had the same issue before they got on the ship, she chose to bitch about it after she prostituted the boy 'tups on her terms. If the p-people aren't giving her the green, she wants no part of it. If they contribute to her green, she'll play with them a little.

Anyway, the boys did another couch confessional and it was like watching three brain dead zombies talk with mush in their mouths. How precious. *gag*

Kate said they caused "quite a frenzy" by just being there. Kate also taught her kids that the p-people were bad and told them to shoot the gun turrets at them. I trulybelieve Kate would kill (insert anyone who pisses her off) if she thought she could get away with it.

Jon wanted to go kart so they had to use a PA to drive with one of the twins. Neither twin looked happy, because they didn't get to drive. Spoiled babies.

After the ship it was off to get their hair cut. Jon Roberts Hair Design. LMAO. So we got to watch paint dry.... Kate picked up some hair products for her mulletish hair and they went for ice cream. Kate bitched about the kids maybe getting ice cream on them. What a bitch. Let the kids have a life.

Mady played games all day and Cara did the rope course and Jon got to drive a car. What a fun afternoon. *gag*

The boys ate their ice cream, got it on the floor, shared with Kate and she declared it all "fun". Kate says they are at the age where they are "taking care of mommy" WTF? What 5 year old takes care of their mother?! What normal 5 year old?

On a very happy note, a woman is pregnant with 12 babies. A duodecaplet. That's twice the pimpin' folks!

Happy Monday!

I believe they won't have a new episode on now until 8.31

8/17 Battleships and Barbers

While away, Kate's planned a special day with the boys and takes them to explore the USS North Carolina battleship. After the battleship adventure, Kate sets out to find a barber shop as the boys are in desperate need of a haircut.

Should be a yawn!

In other news:

CNN wonders if we're going overboard on Jon and Kate.

Jon is hanging with the p-people.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is this the end for Jon? TLC is mad!

Jon is screwing everything, including TLC by wearing gear trying to get free advertising. TLC is having none of it. Read about it here.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This story is bizzare

So Jon is jetsetting and now is slumming in Vegas, hosting poolside.

I really think this "family" could be made up. Yes, I know that sounds nuts, but stranger things have happened. Kind of like a Milli Vanilli thing.

If these people are real, they will go down in history as bizzare idiots having done nothing productive for society.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kate and Jon fought- cops called

Jon and Kate are imploding. Fortunate for us or more ratings?

Kate showed up at home when it was Jon's turn and picked a fight. Cops were called. Kate checked into a Days Inn.

Radar Online has it all:
The basics
Kate at the Days Inn
Pics of Kate arriving at DI
God bless the paps. They tried to get proof of Kate's celeb status and 95 mph driving as she is escorted away by cops at 4 am so that the paps didn't get photos of her.

What a day!

Unfortunately, she had to pay. Unline Tina Turner, who really was abused by her husband of the time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A preview of things to come

First, the ratings are falling. I couldn't be more pleased. They have gone from 10 million, down to 4 million last week to 3.4 million this week. Next week I predict 3.2 or less. If we get below 3 million, it could spell the beginning of the end.

Apparently Regis Philbin has pissed off Kate. As the article says, he's obviously never seen the show and so I am sure the interview, airing Thursday will be a hoot. I wonder why she won't answer.... is this all another desperate ratings ploy?

Here is a video of the kids playing. The nanny seems lazy and why o' why are the kids not playing in the back yard. Oh, because Kate needs a new pair of slut shoes.

If the tabs are any indication, it's going to be a quick death. Get a load of what we have in store for scans this week. Paultry Pickin's.

Meanwhile, Jon is ever the douche and shops for yet another car. And his E! interview has been cancelled/postponed. Boo hoo!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Recap: Beach and Kitchen Reveal

Stress relief beach vacation-- that's what Kate said.

Still at Bald Head, the kids are losing their mind. Jon was busy putting in the kitchen for the kids’ house.

I wonder if the bacon, eggs and sausage were organic. She had a shitload of bacon for the kids and the kids got ONE PIECE of each. Kate said that when she was pregnant she ate bacon for the high calories and fat to grow the babies. Surely she could have found something healthier…..

Kate whined that she packed alone and she was alone with the kids. That was a lie. She had a production crew and a friend, nanny, bodyguard to help.

I still say this whole Jon and Kate drama may just be a set up. She seems way too calm about not being around someone she is supposed to love.

This episode was basically a repeat of the first. They went into the water, ate, went to the water. Collin drank water out of a bucket. Freak.

Kate claims she was an actress as a kid and she sees Cara and Mady doing the same. I think they are annoying.

Jon managed the mismeasuring of the cabinets. The kids painted themselves with pudding.
Jon said the twins came back on a Sunday and he took care of them. Jon has a huge bald spot.:)
The rest of the kids went to a place where Kate held a snake. Kate swears they love to travel and they are comfortable with it. She said she ignores the p-people. But sometimes they follow them and the security will “strike a deal” to get the shots for the p-people and have the p-people leave you alone. So they looked at snakes. Kate squealed like a stuck pig when she held the snake.

Then it was home. Kate kept saying she was making memories and not wallowing in her marriage grief. Whatever, Kate.

Jon got a good dig in on Kate by saying it was good she was gone so she didn’t yell about it being messy and dirty. Nice. She said she was crabby because she drove through the night and the last two weeks were stressful. Hello? She just said a million times it was relaxing. She also admitted she didn’t seem grateful because she was bitchy at the time.

Such a stimulating show. yawn.

Sure you aren't doing the bodyguard!

Take a cozy look at these two shopping.....

More Kate interviews

She just can't keep her foot out of her mouth.

The Today Show article and interview part 1 (if the embed doesn't work)

Part 2 (if the embed doesn't work)

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

College funds- the truth comes out!

Now we know according to Kate that the kids have college funds. In this interview, she pretty much blows smoke but she admits the children have "substantial college funds". Well, at least they get something out of the whole deal! A house and an education. We'll see in the tell all books if it's true.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kate is her ever charming self.

Kate spoke in Austin. Highlights below. Red mine.

"She said a focus on her children keeps her going, and that she and the children have gotten closer than ever this summer." Sure, so have the production assistance and extra nannies.

"She asserted that the media scrutiny on her family would not go away if they ended the show, which she said helps provide for the children and is a healthy and normal part of life for them." What do you base this claim on Kate? Are you now a licenced child psychologist? Talk to some other reality "stars" and childhood actors. I think you'll find a different story.

"Unable to work herself and with her husband out of a job, she described “that terrible guilt that you’re bringing these babies into the world and you can’t provide for them.”" Should have thought about that when you found out about the pregnancy. You KNEW what the risks were.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Stansels Whore up: Not so much anymore

A while ago, I wrote about the Stansel family whoring up and looking for someone to produce a show about them. Sadly, Amanda Stansel gave birth 4 months early and one of the 'tups died. You can read about it at a variety of places.

Guess their cash cow just jumped the fence! Or not... they seem to have time to blog about their loss and say the other babies aren't going to "quick". Yes, really.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kate's movin' on!

Kate will be whoring herself for change next week-- first she'll be on Regis and Kelly and the Today show. She is also covered quite a bit this week. Scans are up courtesy of My Case Against Kate Gosselin.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Recap! Kitchen Renovation & Camp Out

Kitchen Renovation
First thing noticeable is that they didn’t talk about being together on the intro--- it just said “It may b ea crazy life, but it’s our life”. Whoopdeedo.

They are divorcing. Kate is at peace. In Jan 2009 Kate’s “best friend” just happened to have a husband that said they would do a new kitchen for me. Paul and Nellie (if he wasn’t robbing the cradle!) were the best buds.

Kate thinks the kitchen is disorganized- no storage—she wants pull out drawers, although she said she really hadn’t thought about what she wanted. This story is SO believable—not.
Supposedly Jon worked for a cabinet company. Right.

Kate swears she didn’t know how custom a kitchen could be. Liar.

Cut to the kids playing with some retarded toy, but not for long because it is all about Kate.
So she talks more about her kitchen and tells Jon to get rid of a bunch of flowers because they are distracting. Kate is excited when she hears that she will be without cabinets for 2 weeks. Nellie talks about doing dishes in the bathtub. Kate said “Haven’t you ever heard of paper.” Oh, how brilliant and green. She also made up a new word “horrification”. Oh my.

Kate was upset that she was “locked” into a day and she said she had only 1 day to empty the kitchen. She called Carla and a friend. (Amazing how the friend has no name…) The nanny probably helped. She has 8 kids that could have, would have and would have LOVED to help.
Kate served her leftovers to kids on paper plates….. Late July organic something…. Fruit and chips. What? No protein? Only carbs?

Jon said that the design was figured out long before the separation. And they did it because the kids loved it.

I just want everyone to know when I was a kid, I begged my parents to take out the metal 1950s cabinets in their kitchen and install new ones. It was what I wanted for every birthday and every Christmas. I lived for the day we’d get new cabinets.

(Translate: Right. Some sophisticated kids you got there.)

Jon was concerned that the kids being around would be an issue with nail guns and other tools…… but they stayed on. Kate used her LARGE dining room for food. And she is doing a LOT of takeout. ORGANIC, I am sure. So she decided to take the kids to the beach.

Jon said they needed a break from each other- I say it was a ploy and excuse for another vacation. And supposedly the kids had to sneak out at 4am to avoid the p-people. But the paps were on the job and found them anyway.

In Hilton Head, they rented the expensive house (Like $20K a week). The kids had yet another fruit filled snack. One kid got an apple. Another got about 8 raspberries. WTF?

The kids and mom and the nanny went to the beach. The kids had fun, which was nice to see. Kate on the beach, not so much. The nanny should have NEVER been in the bikini she wore. Kate was bad enough with her misplaced belly button and thick middle, but that nanny was just FAT. Cover it up, girl while you go exercise. Lay off the beer and cum guzzling and put in some real work.

Jon lets us know the renovation is going well. Then back to Kate. The kids were just having fun while she and the fat nanny sat on the beach in chairs. Kate got in the sand and she showed us her ass muffin.

Kate isn’t going to stifle the kids’ existence because of the paps. It took 2 days for them to get there. I think Kate isn’t going to destroy her “career” is more like it.

Jon tells us everything is great except that it is dangerous. Then back to Kate. She said she wanted to get away from the kitchen mess and invest 2 weeks into a stress free time with the kids. We got another view of Kate in her bikini- her plastic surgeon fucked up her tummy tuck or she was getting fat- another belly muffin.

Next week we get to see the kitchen people fuck up the measurements. Will Kate get her kitchen? Whatever.

Next episode…. Kate goes camping.
Kate shows off her tits in a Nike sports tank. They look old and saggy. Kate’s new attitude is that she’s going to do things she’s never done before…. Like putting a screen in a window. What about compassion, helping others, owning up to your issues….

I digress. She decided to put up tents a 6 year old can put up. We had a blow by blow of where they were going to sleep, what Kate was going to do (put up tent, etc.) The kids talked to Kate about how “daddy knows everything about a tent”. Kate said “wow, and he’s not here” O.M.G. Mady was afraid it would collapse in the middle of the night. The ‘tup girls said that only boys know how to do tents and DAMN if that bitch Kate didn’t reinforce the stereotype. Dumb bitch.
“In the end it looked like a tent and it was a tent. Tee hee!”

The P.A.s (production assistants) sent up the other tent. Imagine that. Noooo this isn’t scripted at ALL.

Now she talks about her pool and how they are always in it. So they went on vacation to a pool and now home to a pool. Nice. And damn if Coleman didn’t have a commercial during the show. You know Kate got it for free now.

Ah, and the truth comes out. Ashley helps out quite a bit. The kids say some retarded thing “look at me, I’m shakin’”. Enough, really.

They made smores--- and those grams and Hershey bars were NOT organic.

Kate has an issue getting a fire started. She’s an idiot. Mady got on my last nerve with her show off attitude. She and Cara are getting to be really ugly. All the kids were not really being encouraging except for the suck up Hannie. “You can do it Mommy” (Translate: I’ll stay on your good side, because I don’t want to be beat during an alcoholic incident!)

Kate said Ashley’s only reason for being there was because she had 8 kids with “pointy sticks”. Scapegoat anyone?

Mady had to go on with a fascinating fact about oxygen helping a fire. STFU and STFD.
And the ‘tup girls talked about the smores. One of them had her legs all spraddled out. Way to film guys. Get the pedophiles off why don’t you.

Notice we’re not really seeing Kate camping out. Nor did we see the “bugs” from the preview. Hmmmmm, hype anyone?

If Cara and Mady had their own tent, did Ashley, Kate and the 6 kids sleep in the other? Methinks the Prod assistance put more than one tent together. Then they had to have showers…. Then we saw the BIG tent—OIC……

Apparently Ashley got to sleep indoors. Cara and Mady were annoying with their goodnights. The kids didn’t rough it though. They had air mattresses. LMAO The kids were even more annoying hamming for the cameras.

If this is what the new show is going to be, I see a lot of snarking coming up.

BTW Supposedly is taking Kate the girls on a camping trip (and maybe wasn’t returning the merchandise—just shipping it to some wonderful locale….)

Kate getting sympathy? Hell no!

Not on this blog!

CNN is reporting that more people will sympathize with Kate. I call bullshit.

That cheap bitch used the Coleman equipment for the show and was caught sending it back. Tell me this isn't for show. What if the kids want to camp again? Didn't anyone want to give you an endorsement Kate? Didn't you have a coup?

Friday, July 31, 2009

E-online questions if everything is just a Truman-esque fantasy.

E-online wonders if it is all fake.

We've got a theory: Anything that seems too bad to be true probably is.

Jon and Kate Gosselin are Exhibits A-Z. The cheesy alleged affairs. The cheesy midlife-crisis clich├ęs. The cheesy Fantasy Island-style cameos.

You think this stuff just happens? We don't. And just in time for Monday's return of Jon & Kate Plus 8, we blow the lid off the evil-genius TV plot that has produced the world's greatest reality drama—onscreen and off.

The evidence (by which we mean, stuff we strongly suspect):

• Circa 2006: Discovery Networks, a cable giant arguably then best known for a series about a guy learning to scrape up roadkill, trains its cameras on a young, innocent Pennsylvania couple who recently welcomed sextuplets to a family that already included twins. A gut feeling tells us that executives notice right away that the Gosselin brood is far more fetching than scraped-up roadkill.

• May 2006: The Gosselin documentary special, Surviving Sextuplets and Twins, debuts. A gut feeling tells us that executives notice how Kate could use a tummy tuck, and how Jon could use a blonde. (The giveaway for Jon? His on-camera quote, delivered as he sits beside the then-brunette Kate: "I only like blondes.") Another gut feeling tells us that the executives and the Gosselins start to talk about how they could help each other out.

• January 2007: A sequel, Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later, premieres. Kate gets her tummy tuck. Jon doesn't get his blonde. A gut feeling tells us negotiations are ongoing.

• April 2007: Jon & Kate Plus 8 premieres on Discovery's TLC. The cable giant gets its new signature series; Jon gets his blonde: a dyed Kate. A gut feeling tells us everybody's happy.

• Circa 2008: The Gosselins move into a new house. A gut feeling tells us the Gosselins have never seen the real-estate tax on a five-bedroom, $1.3 million mansion.

• March 2009: Real-estate tax bills are mailed out in the Gosselins' Berks County, Pa. A gut feeling tells us negotiations between the Gosselins and the TV executives are reopened. A new (moneymaking) storyline is needed—pronto!

• April 2009: Jon is "caught with another woman" (a blonde—natch) by Us Weekly.

• May 25, 2009: With the Gosselins dominating the tabloids, the fifth-season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8 debuts to series-record ratings. A gut feeling tells us that executives notice they're onto something.

• June 22, 2009: By day, the Gosselins file for divorce; by night, Jon & Kate Plus 8 hits another new ratings high. A gut feeling tells us that executives notice they're really onto something. Central casting is called. Guest stars needed—pronto!

• Spring-summer 2009: A gut feeling tells us Deanna Hummel is hired as the Other Woman No. 1 because of her brother's willingness to spout sound bites fit for Days of Our Lives; Hailey Glassman is brought on as the Other Woman No. 2 because of her appeal to potbellied NASCAR dads who fancy themselves studs; Steve Neild is cast as the Other Man No. 1 because of his appeal to soccer moms who can't resist a Harlequin romance hero ("Oh my, he's a bodyguard!"); designer Christian Audigier is inserted into the storyline in order to grow the family-friendly brand among Ed Hardy dudes; his yacht is brought on board to appeal to easily impressed young women, like Glassman; former Star reporter Kate Major is enlisted as the Other Woman No. 3 to complete the harem (and give the tabs even easier access to the story).

• July 2009: Jon watches his and old Kate's own E! True Hollywood Story special (while in the company of new Kate) at Michael Lohan's Hamptons pad. Our gut tells us Jon went rogue on this one. Even for this show, it's too bizarre a twist.

• Aug. 3, 2009: Bloodied but certainly unbowed, Jon & Kate Plus 8 returns with new episodes.
Our gut tells us the TV executives and the Gosselins think they've put one over on us.

Then again…:

Jon isn't that good an actor. Kate isn't that good an actress. They really are ordinary people who got in over their heads and, oh by the way, happen to be the parents to eight dragged-along-for-the-ride kids.

You gotta admit, our conspiracy theory is way less depressing.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

TLC is running its mouth and other tidbits

TLC is putting Jon and Kate back into the spotlight, claiming that there will no longer be a confessional couch, but separate chairs; they will be shown parenting separately and people who come in and out of their lives will be dealt with on a "case by case" basis. But what I really enjoyed is how TLC said "this is real life". Bullshit.

Also, the kids aren't anywhere off the clock. Just Jared is reporting that the kids are taping shows with Jon making telephones with tin cans. What a treat that will be--- NOT.

TLC has also put a sneak peak up on YouTube.

On the other hand--- Kate is supposedly NOT moving to Maryland. I see a restraining order in Kate's future! Radar Online also has video where Kevin feels TLC has cut him off from Kate. No, Kev, she cut you off and TLC is just playing puppet to her whim. (By the way, did everyone notice in the video how polished Kevin and Aunt Jodi's appearances are becoming. Did they get a PR firm to back them too?)

And if this isn't enough, magazine scans are up at My Case Against Kate Gosselin.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More fodder trying to raise ratings for next week...

This sudden glut of Jon and Kate has to be for ratings come next week. Now Jon is afraid he, er the KIDS, won't get his/their fair share...the National Ledger reports Jon thinks Kate has hidden money from him. No, really?!?

According to Julie (Aunt Jodi's sister), Kevin and Jodi are going to be interviewed on TV tomorrow--- and the focus should stay on the kids.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ramping up for August 3rd

They are getting ready for the "new part" of the season. Here's what we've got so far....

Jon wants to do a "divorced dad's club show" (now we know why he's out with the likes of Mike Lohan!).

Meanwhile, Kate is buying a condo in Maryland--hmmmm how convenient is that.... I believe Steve Neild lives in the area......

Friday, July 24, 2009

So much for focusing on the family!

As you can see from, the Gosselin kids never have taken that hiatus until August 3rd. The show must go on!

And Jon is ready for his own reality show!

And here comes a 911 Nanny tie-in

I really think that Kate will pimp the kids for a Nanny show. Apparently if the kids weren't aware of the situation between their parents, they are now! Cara and Mady start therapy and the little ones aren't far behind!

Magazine scans

Weekly magazine scans up courtesy of "My Case Against Kate Gosselin"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How are the Gosselin's doing now that they've split?

According to US Mag, the kids are miserable (as reported by myfoxphilly) Apparently Kate kept them in the car while she got her ever present Choc-Mocha-Latte:

"Eyewitnesses told Us Magazine the children were visibly upset at the photo shoot, and on the long drive from Reading, Pa., to New York, Kate left the kids in a luxury van at a rest stop while she ran into Starbucks."

Jon's no better. When he's not out with the slutty ton, he's out with Michael Lohan, a shining example of stupidity in his own right (you know Michael- he's Lindsey's dad!)

Still, the tabloid covers are promising this week.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hailey's parent's love Jon

Hailey is poppin' wet for Jon and literally gushing all over him.

Oblivious TLC sails on.....after the hiatus

August 3rd, the hiatus ends and TLC is back with more stupid than ever.

Renovations & Vacations
The thought of doing dishes in the bathtub while the kitchen is being renovated proves too much for Kate, so she decides to trade stress for relaxation by taking the kids to the beach while Jon manages the cabinet installations.

Beach & Kitchen Reveal
While Jon oversees the installation of new cabinets in the kitchen, Kate and the kids get into some fun in the sun at the beach. But soon enough, it's time to go home. Will the reveal of the new cabinets and kitchen meet Kate's expectations?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Juicy tidbits!

Kate's squeeze is coming back- Yep, Stevie boy is back in Kate's bed, er employ.

I find it odd that Jon now has an apartment in Manhatten.... not even big enough to take his kids there. He will always be at "the kids' house". Something is very hinkey in that.

Just Jared swears the jeweler confirms Jon and Hailey are engaged. How long does it take to find another woman for Jon? Didn't he want to be a 59 year old with a 22 year old wife?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New blog by an insider: Christian Closet Case?

You be the judge-- is this for real or is this PennMommy part 2?

Christian Closet Case

We have lots of Gosselin Joy!

First, let's just be clear. Even though the kids are suffering, the show must go on. I seriously think that filming has NEVER stopped.

Moving on to the other media..... Check out a PA couple with 12 kids... they have reality all under control. Picking your veggies for dinner and making do with a really old minivan. That's reality.

Let's all cry a bucket of tears for Cunt Kate. Cunt Gosselin's clothing line is COMPLETELY on hold. Finally!

And cry a few for Jon.... his Ed Hardy clothing line seems to be on hold. BWHAHAHAHAHA. But the fun part was that Jon was going to do a kid's clothing line...... prostituting the kids as much as Kate.

Does the weekend press have anything to do with this? Apparently, Hailey was a bit of a slut in college, giving it away to anyone who would have it anywhere. She and Jon seem to be inseperable and seem to love smoking a lot. Hailey is reportedly pissed about the whole idea that she is being portrayed a drunken slut.

Glimpses of this week's hotter news:
Life and Style writes about Kate being 'forced out of her house". I thought it was all for the kids?
US Magazine: Kate wears her ring and a fugly hat while pumping....gas.
InTouch says that Kate is heartbroken over Steve.

More to come!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jon is stylin' now, but who is with the kids?

Kate is in LA and Jon is with Hailey in Europe. Who is with the kids?

That's no matter for the Gosselins!

Hailey is ugler than sin-- but not uglier than Kate. Is that a large diamond I see her sporting on her special ring finger?

For Jon not wanting media attention, he has it now and seems to enjoy it. He is with the Ed Hardy folks discussing the clothes- and Jon's own line of boyish tshirts.

Scroll down on the official website and see advertising for Jon Gosselin. This has obviously been in the works for a long time. Jon certainly does have a way of getting his name out there. Ed Hardy must have been hard up to choose to do anything with Jon.

Not sure what this is about but it's been on the Ed Hardy website for a while. And here, somehow Ed Hardy thinks Jon Gosselin are on an equal footing. Not likely.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The week's roundup

As the Gosselin's are eclipsed by Michael Jackson, we've got just a few tidbits this week.

First, as always, My Case Against Kate Gosselin has the week's scans for your reading pleasure.

Radar online speaks to a former Kate Gosselin friend who says that she seems to have expected to get pregnant with multiples. Radar also says Kate's in Hollywood (doing what? Hooking at Hollywood and Vine?) and Jon is in a relationship with Hailey Glassman. They are going to Paris and Hailey is hanging on to Jon to get into the shoe biz. Radar also claims Jon started the rumors about Kate and Steve. Of course he did. When he talked to Jodi and Kevin and they blabbed it all around, he wanted to deflect any attention to his crab infested penis.

More to come!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Invading the UK? Oh HELL NO!

Run away if you can. Don't watch it. It will not last long in Europe. Even with the horrific trainwreck Europeans think Americans are, they will not watch this bullshit every week.

Another parody

Tis been a slow JK8 week....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Karma, you are the sweetest of all Queen Bitches.....

I pay homage to Karma, the sweetest of all Queen Bitches. I bow to her everloving grace and beauty.

Kate's Healthtex clothing line is on hold, according to Us Magazine.

The ratings for Jon and Kate's post-divorce announcement was down 77%. Yessssssssss.

See yas, Katie Irene. Since you're self-employed, you won't be getting an unemployment check!

Get ready to woman up and start really balance your "work" and life!

Oh sweet, sweet karma...

So far, nothing major from the normal outlets about Kate and Jon. Sweet Karma.

In fact, the only piece of fluff so far is from Monday in Life and Style magazine.

"With 10.6 million viewers watching, Jon and Kate Gosselin announced the end of their 10-year marriage in the June 22 episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Soon after the show aired, the couple separately released statements vowing to put their kids first. "As always," Kate said, "my first priority remains our children." Jon echoed the sentiment: "My job is to be the best, most supportive and loving father I can be."

Since then, however, it seems only one of them means it. Kate is now acting as both mother and father to the couple's eight children, according to several sources, while Jon has been doing precious little to help her."Jon hasn't been seen at the house much since he and Kate announced the divorce," a witness tells Life & Style.

I don't necessarily believe that, as he's been seen playing with them this whole week at the house. However, playing is no the same as helping raise kids.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Jon and Kate's last show until August

I'm not even bothering with a recap- it was the same "How did we get here" story we've seen for years. A few new photos and a clip or two. Overall a bore.

One piece I will comment on is the fact that this show continues to rape the public and the children for ratings. Toward the end of the show, Kate whined about doing it all alone, and they showed clips from ALREADY COMPLETED SHOWS. They knew all about this divorce before they started this past season. Jon and Kate are truly sick people and TLC are marketing geniuses. Sheeple will never see through the facade and those who like snark will keep on with the show. They throw in some "current" couch confessionals and wha-la, they've 'dealt with" the Gosselin's new family situation.

News of the day:

The Christian Science Monitor is saying that the Kate cookbook is on hold. I sure as hell hope so. Listen to the podcast.

Kate is supposedly not talking to tabloids anymore- including her beloved People? We'll see.

Dr.CoolSex is up to hijinks again at YouTube with a new video.

People magazine is trying to explain the legalities of the divorce.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hide and Seek: Kate returns

Just Jared has posted some pretty telling pictures of Kate.

First, she has some big titties.
Second, she came home and even though we obviously can't see everything in pictures, I find it interesting that there are great shots of Jon with the kids around him but Kate--- no kisses for Kate, no pictures of her just being with her kids.

Don't get me wrong. I think Jon is as much of an asshole as Kate is. It just seems that the kids enjoy Jon's company more (and really, with his mental age, who wouldn't).

I am perplexed by the shirt off pic of Jon. Shudder.

I am also wondering WHY IN THE HELL the p-people can't get a picture of Kate while she's gone. They're all over Jon and yet, they don't pursue Kate. She's screwing everyone and their brother, I think, or she's going overboard on spa time. Is it the cash? I think there are enough Kate haters that we could get a pool going. And let's face it- it is all tax deductible for the magazines.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zondervan to rape the public and publish Kate's "cookbook"

Zondervan is still going to publish the cookbook with a sale price of almost $20. Although they say that everyone should lift the family in prayer, they are still willing to take the silver and make money off the poor dears..... The book "Love is in the Mix" is a sham.

Kate is taking it all well. She's sunbathing in her driveway. Look at the new knockers.

Ick. Nast.

Scans are up!

Scans of this week's news are up at My Case Against Kate Gosselin.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long arm of the law and the show

USA Today reports that the kids could be taken off the show. If that is true, then Kate would lose the show. Who wants to see her skanky twat for 30 minutes every Monday night?

Wednesday Roundup including the regular players

Happy Wednesday one and all. We have lots of goodies today.

First- the Gosselin Divorce papers from Radar Online. Keep up to date on the progress at Montogomery County.

Next we have Jon and Kate getting remarried- remember the good ol' days. I guess it was all lies.

In Touch Kate is falling apart. (Well boo hoo for her!)

"Kate Gosselin’s husband, Jon, was out of town on June 17, and with her trusted bodyguard Steve Neild nowhere in sight, the mother of eight tried in vain to keep it together. Her face a mask of pain, Kate walked alone to the edge of her driveway, where she spoke to another security guard named Luke. “He walked Kate back to the house, and you could see that she was breaking down,” says a witness. “She started wiping the tears from her eyes.” Before long, Kate was crying, the onlooker says, adding, “Luke was comforting her.” " (I'll bet he was..... getting paid for bonking the vulnerable soon to be divorcee)

OK: Various news outlets are reporting Deanna Hummel will be part of the show when it returns. OK says no. Us Magazine confirms the the same. Reality TV World says she is.

"There are no plans to use her. We are in hiatus and all future episodes haven't even been planned," the network says in a statement."

Star Magazine: Kate's not asking for custody.
"After filing for divorce against husband Jon on Monday, Kate Gosselin released a dramatic and cryptic statement that evening saying that over the course of the previous weekend, "Jon's activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children." Kate has yet to explain what Jon's troubling "activities" were that their eight children needed protection from — but Star has learned that she didn't ask for custody of their kids in her divorce filing! "The filing does not contain a custody count at this time," Kate's Norristown, Penn.-based divorce attorney, Cheryl Young, tells Star in an exclusive interview. "Both parties are trying to work this out together behind the scenes as amicably as possible." According to records, Jon is being represented by attorney Charles Meyer.There was some mystery — and legal questions — as to why Kate, who lives with Jon in the Berks County town of Wernersville, filed her divorce forty miles away in Norristown, the county seat of Montgomery County. While Pennsylvania law states that a divorce action must be filed in the petitioner's county of residence, "the action can be filed in a different county if both parties agree to it beforehand," says Young. "That was the case in this action." The attorney adds that Montgomery County was chosen for convenience because both Jon and Kate's divorce attorneys are based there. And given the media scrutiny of the couple, "we felt that filing in a different county might make for a calmer environment," admits Young, who was referred to Kate by another attorney. The divorce action (below) shows that Kate and Jon listed a Sinking Spring, Penn., address — "possibly a business address," says Young — rather than their home address in Wernersville. Per Montgomery County law, the actual divorce file is normally sealed and not available to the public. " (Yes, I am sure that it is more publicity. It will be a long hot summer!)

People: Kate feels like she failed. (Well, duh! And yes, People Mag knew about the divorce ahead of time.)

NBC Philadelphia: Folks are just not happy about all the clamor.

View more news videos at:

ABC News ( This page has video on how she told the kids about the divorce.) said "Despite an announcement that divorce proceedings have begun, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" matriarch Kate Gosselin is still wearing her wedding ring because taking it off would devastate her children....Jon and Kate Gosselin broke the news to their children together, first by telling twins Cara and Mady.

The identical twins had very different reactions to the news.

"Mady was something. She said, 'I can't say this comes as much of a surprise. I could've guessed.'

But Cara just crumpled into tears. She was crying, and I was holding her in my arms like a baby," Kate Gosselin told People.

The Gosselins broke the news to their sextuplets by keeping it "light and airy."

The Gosselins, who are parents of 8-year-old twins and 5-year-old sextuplets, have decided to share their expansive $1.1 million home in southeastern Pennsylvania and rotate time there so that each parent gets to spend time with the children.

The children were told, "Daddy's not going to live here sometimes, but he'll come back half the time and we'll trade on and off."

My Fox Philly says that Jon's moving to NYC and the kids will join him there to film:

"OK! East Coast News Editor Shauna Bass told that Jon Gosselin is in serious pursuit of a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in Trump Place and his cable network, TLC, would foot part of the bill.
The kicker: TLC wants to shoot video of Jon Gosselin and his children in Manhattan, with his bachelor pad as the location for these episodes.
"The premise [is]... they can film the kids visiting dad in NYC, going to FAO Schwarz, taking carriage rides, in Central Park,” says OK!. “The producers are looking forward to scouting new locations and trying something completely different."
The idea of Jon Gosselin moving, at least partially, to a new city would also set the premise for a spinoff show from “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” "

Kate Fratti, from Philly Burbs hopes Kate fades into the woodwork.

More to come!