Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Love offerings" or a way to avoid the IRS?

Some people have always defended Kate and Jon for doing "what it takes" to raise their family. Does that include taking "love offerings" versus a paycheck from people who think you need the money. Yes, Jon has gotten his balls from Kate temporarily and splurged on a tax write off, er I mean, a "father-daughter place". While that might sound nice to some people, it sounds creepy to me.

Not nearly as creepy as, "It's nice because I have eight kids, two dogs and live in Pennsylvania, and I can still hang with 15-year-olds." and "You can do whatever you want here. I go places you can connect with people and it feels like a family." Ew. As one commenter on the article said, and I totally agree, WHY would he want to be with 15 years old. Trying to prostitute out one of the twins now? Trying to make her have babies to keep your empire strong? I just don't get it.

Not to mention that they now have a $1.3M home and a second vacation home. Who is fleecing whom now?

I'm not the least bit jealous (I wouldn't want to go anywhere with Jon) but I do think they've really taken advantage of the public and their 15 minutes. Some days I can't wait for the show to disappear.

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What the heck is Jon thinking?

I think Jon's saying, "Boy, I shouldn't have had that extra sausage at breakfast!"