Monday, January 5, 2009

Gosselins without Pity (GWOP): Advocates gone wild?

The following comment was sent to me today from intatters:

"I used to be a big fan of the GWOP, but now they just seem to be perpetuating the "Kate is bad" thinking. I see very little actual advocating for the kids anymore. It's been weeks since they've posted anything regarding child advocacy from outside sources and it doesn't seem they are organizing anything sensible to help the kids."

The GWOP has been a little lean on the action side of the advocacy, aside from maintaining the blog and pointing out Jon and Kate's issues. I would be curious to know if they've maintained any type of contact with Paul Petersen or what types of agencies they've contacted/worked with in Pennsylvania.

If child advocacy is truly what they want, hopefully we'll see more of their efforts front and center in the blog in 2009.

Recap: 1/5 Soup and a Surprise

Kate enters, looking greasy-- or maybe rode hard and put up wet. (Where is that bodyguard??) She's in a tizzy because her "scary, creepy" stove blew up. What a tragedy. On this special day, Kate was making her "annual batch of soups"- chicken noodle and "old grandma beef vegetable" -ORGANIC of course. Kate said she froze her organic roast leftovers to use for the soup. Now, I’m not a genius, but who would keep refrozen beef for up to a year just to make soup. Sounds a bit unsafe for me!

Oh, but lucky Kate! She was able to get a stove delivered just in time. (I guess that black AmEx is a godsend!) But alas, it was too big to fit her hole. Oh, no, what a tease--- they were able to wedge it in her tight space! Jon called it “definitely wider” than the old one. (The personal chef should love it!)

After Kate flirted briefly with the be-goateed delivery man and asked him if he’d cleaned under it, she got busy. Because Jon told us if it didn’t have a keyboard, he didn’t know how to use it. Explains the way they got kids. First she complained of Jon “invading” her space—and that she didn’t have much of it anymore. (First clue!!!!)

Meanwhile, the boys were cleaning the basement under threats of not getting to go outside. The boys were asking if the girls were already outside—but of course, reinforcing the stereotypical roles, Jon said they were upstairs helping Mommy (in the kitchen).

Wearing her trademark fat ass khakis, Kate bitched about making soup and Jon outside playing with all the kids. Kate is making progress though—she no longer freaks out about mixing Play Doh colors. Probably because she gets a kick back from Kmart and can buy more.

Jon declares the kids “’foodies” and helps them make Play Doh food. Very cute and all. Kate seemed to be drunk on her gin and tonics or high on cooking sherry throughout the couch confessionals. Her newly reconstructed eyes twitch and her lids seem to be too heavy for her to keep open. Eyes crossed, she looks disgustedly at the camera, the crew and Jon. Jon seemed highly amused. Perhaps he helped this new look? Hmmmm….

The children played well together- for a while. Then one of the girls smacked Collin’s snake and he freaked out. Kate comes out, arms crossed and said that Jon would be cleaning up the mess. She asks the children if they are happy to have a dad that cleans—of course they are. At least they spend some time with a parent then.

I hardly think two stockpots is an “annual event” that is enough for what? A week of eating for a family of 10? Anyway, back to the show. Jon got out the NEW Little Tykes gym- another Kmart “bargain” I am sure. Collin went up the wrong way, got hurt and instead of a little love, he got time out in a little cage. Jon said he hardly gets it out because it is so big. (The gym, folks, the gym. Second clue!!!!)

I am still appalled that Kate starts the soup early and she says it won’t be ready until bedtime. Dear god, good soup takes time, but it doesn’t need to be an all day affair. Ahhhh, six containers of soup and they go through one a day. That is only 1-2 weeks’ worth of soup! Once again, Kate shows her lack of coordination and organization.

They sit down to (what else?) soup. Jon and Kate announced they had a surprise and told them they would be moving. The ‘tups screamed a scripted “yeah!!” while Mady was asking “are you sure”. Kate snaps “We wouldn’t tell you if we weren’t SURE. We’re sure on this one…..” (Oh you didn’t get the one you looked at on camera before????)

Kate said she needs a change, a bigger house, a “forever house” and they are doing it for the kids because they “deserve it” (they should as much as trained seals they are) and that they just need space.

The kids start asking for pets and a playhouse. Spoiled much?

I am sure this “forever” house is the 1.3M homestead touted on the net. It should be a forever house- will take them that long to pay for it.

As a personal observation, Kate seemed to be a bit thick in the middle on the couch convos….. Too much of the good life Kate? And that goes for your enhanced tits as well.

Of course all the kids “had a question” (cough *scripted*). One kid forgot and Kate said “should I come back to you?” Of course, while a crew member coaches her to “remember”. Kate forgot how big the house was. “Bigger than this one” was her answer…. Lackluster response. Lackluster episode. At least we know the kids have security now for all their haaaard work. *yawn*'s Stargazing reports on Mady Debauchle

From the Stargazing section of

"......How dare he

Back on Dec. 18, Jarett Wieselman of posted a list of his 10 most useless TV characters. Mohinder Suresh of “Heroes” was his No. 1, but No. 10 was Mady Gosselin from “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” Mady is one of the twins in that TLC reality show about a family with eight very young children. Wieselman suggested Mady’s behavior will “make anyone consider sterilization” and “she possesses every quality — selfish, egocentric, whiner — that parents would use genetic testing to eradicate if it were an option.”

The responses from readers have been rolling in ever since. Just a few samples:

•“Mady Gosselin is a real child, not a TV character, and for an adult to write such vicious comments is beyond despicable. You should tear into Mady’s mother, Kate Gosselin, for letting her child’s behavior be shown on national TV. Anything for a buck, right Kate?”

•“Mady is forced to perform in a goldfish bowl, and she obviously does not want to perform any longer, but her parents could care less. They want $$$$ more than they care about their own children.”

•“If I were Mady I would be doing anything to get the attention of someone who would LISTEN TO MEEEEE for once, too, someone who could make the cameras go away. (Her) greedy lazy parents are to blame, and they should be the No. 1 most useless people on your list.”

Of course, not everybody was outraged. One person wrote “crybabies, the lot of you. Mady stinks on ice.”