Friday, June 5, 2009

New Rumors: Jon and Kate/Steve and Gina Divorced

An Anonymous comment came in a few minutes ago:

"I just wanted to let you know that Jon and Kate are divorced and so are Steve and Gina. It all happened at the same time."

I am not convinced this is true, but it would confirm a few of the rumors we have flying around. If it were true, however, I don't know why Gina would stick up for her exhusband about having an "affair", unless she looked at as they were all divorced and so there was no affair to be had.

As always, time will tell.

New Dishwashers for the Gosselins and other tidbits

I am sure that we'll see product placement in new episodes for the dishwashers (They will call it "The Gosselins have someone else install dishwashers, because Jon's schedule is way too busy".)

Read about it at Yahoo (from E! Online).

Dr. Laura, who said a whole lot of nothing yesterday, now has a child exploitation activism link on her homepage. Ride that gravy train Dr. L!

I have also put a link to the YouTube DrCoolSex videos that parody Jon and Kate (You need to check them out!)

Barry Knoltnow still doesn't give a flying fig about Jon and Kate

Good for Barry, I love his column:

Jon & Kate, part 2: I still don't care
Adventures in Barrywood: Angry reader response sparks a sequel.

Whew, I had a close call last week. I almost got some new readers.
Although the responses ran about 3-1 in my favor, more than a dozen people left messages saying that they had read my column for the first time last week, and vowed never to read it again.

You have no idea how liberating it is to hear that.

Before receiving their angry messages, I thought I would have to behave myself.

Not burdened by trying to impress new readers, I can continue to say what I want.
And I have only one thing to say to the woman who left a particularly nasty telephone message, saying that after reading only one paragraph of last week's column, she determined that I am not only "ridiculous, heartless, completely ignorant and a sad, sad person," but an "atheist."

Hey, lady, you should have read the second paragraph.

This is great; I can make fun of this woman all I want, and she will never know it because she isn't reading this. I'm taking her word on that.

Have I told you loyal, regular readers how much I appreciate you? I should say it more often.

New readers only complicate things. They don't understand me.

Most of you got last week's column about Jon and Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus Eight," the TLC reality show that follows the misadventures of this Pennsylvania couple and their brood. The Gosselins have become tabloid media superstars in the wake of revelations that their marriage is falling apart amid rumors of infidelity.

I acknowledged that I was not a regular viewer of the show. In fact, I confessed that I had never watched the program. I had never even heard of the couple until a month ago.

That brings me to one of the main complaints of the people who vowed never to read me again.
They called me a variety of names because they believe that an entertainment columnist should have known about a show like this.

I have never professed to being a know-it-all. OK, that's not entirely true. But I never said I watched every TV show on the planet. I think missing a show on TLC is understandable. It's not exactly a major cable channel.

And some people were outraged that I was arrogant enough to comment on something of which I was not familiar.


Do you believe that columnists write only about things of which they are familiar? That would be a pretty dull columnist. This is not a personal, home-based blog. I am expected to comment on things beyond my office. That's where the laughs come from. Besides, I finally watched the season opener that sparked all the media coverage, and now I believe that Jon and Kate are bigger losers than I assumed they were in last week's column. Looking back, I think I showed remarkable restraint.

Jon and Kate whined for an entire hour about the paparazzi following them everywhere, while neglecting to mention the film crew from TLC shadowing their lives. That would be the film crew Jon and Kate willingly agreed to have follow them so they could make money and become famous.

There were a few first-time-but-last-time readers who attacked me for writing a column that contributed to the very same overhyped media coverage of this couple that I criticized. I don't disagree with these people, but I also have a right to jump on the bandwagon. Why should the other media have all the fun?

I will go along with comments concerning the couple's eight children. They are the true victims in this mess, and some government agency should snatch them away from their parents. Hey, look at me; I'm offering an opinion on a subject I don't know anything about. I don't even have children, but I am exercising my right as a columnist to comment on people who do.

I'll bet those disgruntled first-time readers would be furious with me if they were still reading me.

But you regular readers know better. You know I'm making fun of people just for the sheer entertainment of others. That's why my column appears in the entertainment section. If it ran in the news section, it would be a much different column. Then I would pretend to care about the dysfunctional Gosselins.

But I don't care, as the headline of last week's column so aptly explained. I won't apologize for the headline ("Jon & Kate: Who cares?") because I wrote it.

And if I were given the opportunity to write a headline for this week's column, it would probably be something like: "Jon & Kate: I Still Don't Care."

It's a shame those angry readers who promised never to read my column again won't see it because I think they would have something to say.