Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes: KIDS REVOLT!!!

According to MSNBC the kids are sick of being filmed. Now is the time to cut the show, Jon and Kate. You always said if the kids didn't want to do it, that you would stop the show. (Or is this a setup for a "graceful" exit since the ratings are dropping!)

Jon and Kate’s ‘8’ revolt against being filmed

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s 5-year-old sextuplets and 8-year-old twins are starting to rebel against the constant taping of their lives.

“The kids staged a sit-in — a revolt,” Jon Gosselin told Life & Style on Aug. 13. “They didn’t want to work today.”

This isn’t the first time the kids haven’t wanted to “work.” On Aug. 7, after a day of filming for TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8," the magazine reports that the eight Gosselin kids were pressured into continuing to film beyond their wishes.

An eyewitness told the magazine that “once the kids returned home, the film crew kept yelling at them to film more outside. They seemed really tired, but the crew kept pushing them.”
A rep from TLC denied the report, saying “the assertion is utterly baseless.”

Monday, August 24, 2009

So very sad.....

No new Jon and Kate show tonight. I am so sad. NOT. Hopefully this is the last season we'll have to put up with these heinous people.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh sweet Jesus, how the mighty have fallen!

First, the very best news...... the ratings have fallen again. From 3.4 M to 3 M. Jon and Kate Plus 8 was NOT the number one show; they've slipped to #2. I am seriously going to have an orgasm I am so happy!

Apparently the big problem that Kate had with Jon was when Jon and the nanny, Stephanie, started getting it on. Cara and Mady called Kate and was she pissed! Jon wouldn't let her in and the cops were called.

The tabs ought to be sizzling this week! For a sneak peek, have a look at Oh No They Didn't!

Jon is still trying to play Daddy Pimp Club. He's in talks about his divorced dad show. Who the hell wants to watch him whine?

Christian Audigier from Ed Hardy says now that he isn't doing a line with Jon Gosselin. Gee, Jon, you might have to get a JOB to support your whore girlfriend.

More to come, I'm sure~~

Monday, August 17, 2009

Recap: Battleships and Barbers

I am so glad we are back to half hour shows. This is just boring. B.O.R.I.N.G.

They spent a couple of weeks on the beach. The twins spent a week and then went back for 3 more days at school. Kate said they are at the top of their class so they don't suffer academically. Massage that guilt, Kate.

Jon said he missed the kids and when the girls came home they said hello and that was it.

For Kate, it was all about 'field trips'. She took the boys to see a battleship. No word on where the girls were. Too bad Kate had to reinforce gender stereotypes.

Kate was wearing shorts and hooker heels. As she boarded the ferry, she gushed over the woman's baby (that we saw in pictures a few weeks ago). While Kate ferried, Jon took the twins to a Chuckie Cheese type place. True to TLC's word, Jon's torso was completely blurred, giving him a bigger douchebag look than ever. No advertising for him! Mady and Cara were in semi rare form. At least they weren't making for the camera and Mady wasn't shitty. (Amazing how ok she is when Kate is gone.....)

Meanwhile, the boys raked in the freebies with sailor caps. And Kate was making memories with her pink cell phone.

As Kate and the boys when through the battleship, I was seriously hoping that Kate tripped on her $300 wedge heels. But sadly, it was not to be. Kate got a dig in on Jon in that she said that there are plenty of places to make "mindless memories but I DO like them to learn something." Whatever Kate. It was free and you got to fuck your bodyguard. What more did you want? Oh yea, if you could have dumped the boys on someone you would have been happier.

Kate said she was interested in what the boys wanted to see. She was really interested in showing off her new titties. Unfortunately, Kate made it down the stairs and after fake loving on her kids, she jacked her jaw some more about the experience.

The boys did couch confessionals about what they saw on the ship. Sounded mindless to me. Kate said they had problems walking on the grates, too bad Kate didn't.

Jon, on the other hand took Cara climbing through a rope gauntlt. Mady has a fear of heights. Jon said it was ok if Cara fell because the people would catch her. We got to see Jon's ever growing bald spot. Guess the plugs didn't work very well.

As the day wore on, Kate bitched about the p-people. Although she had the same issue before they got on the ship, she chose to bitch about it after she prostituted the boy 'tups on her terms. If the p-people aren't giving her the green, she wants no part of it. If they contribute to her green, she'll play with them a little.

Anyway, the boys did another couch confessional and it was like watching three brain dead zombies talk with mush in their mouths. How precious. *gag*

Kate said they caused "quite a frenzy" by just being there. Kate also taught her kids that the p-people were bad and told them to shoot the gun turrets at them. I trulybelieve Kate would kill (insert anyone who pisses her off) if she thought she could get away with it.

Jon wanted to go kart so they had to use a PA to drive with one of the twins. Neither twin looked happy, because they didn't get to drive. Spoiled babies.

After the ship it was off to get their hair cut. Jon Roberts Hair Design. LMAO. So we got to watch paint dry.... Kate picked up some hair products for her mulletish hair and they went for ice cream. Kate bitched about the kids maybe getting ice cream on them. What a bitch. Let the kids have a life.

Mady played games all day and Cara did the rope course and Jon got to drive a car. What a fun afternoon. *gag*

The boys ate their ice cream, got it on the floor, shared with Kate and she declared it all "fun". Kate says they are at the age where they are "taking care of mommy" WTF? What 5 year old takes care of their mother?! What normal 5 year old?

On a very happy note, a woman is pregnant with 12 babies. A duodecaplet. That's twice the pimpin' folks!

Happy Monday!

I believe they won't have a new episode on now until 8.31

8/17 Battleships and Barbers

While away, Kate's planned a special day with the boys and takes them to explore the USS North Carolina battleship. After the battleship adventure, Kate sets out to find a barber shop as the boys are in desperate need of a haircut.

Should be a yawn!

In other news:

CNN wonders if we're going overboard on Jon and Kate.

Jon is hanging with the p-people.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Is this the end for Jon? TLC is mad!

Jon is screwing everything, including TLC by wearing gear trying to get free advertising. TLC is having none of it. Read about it here.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This story is bizzare

So Jon is jetsetting and now is slumming in Vegas, hosting poolside.

I really think this "family" could be made up. Yes, I know that sounds nuts, but stranger things have happened. Kind of like a Milli Vanilli thing.

If these people are real, they will go down in history as bizzare idiots having done nothing productive for society.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kate and Jon fought- cops called

Jon and Kate are imploding. Fortunate for us or more ratings?

Kate showed up at home when it was Jon's turn and picked a fight. Cops were called. Kate checked into a Days Inn.

Radar Online has it all:
The basics
Kate at the Days Inn
Pics of Kate arriving at DI
God bless the paps. They tried to get proof of Kate's celeb status and 95 mph driving as she is escorted away by cops at 4 am so that the paps didn't get photos of her.

What a day!

Unfortunately, she had to pay. Unline Tina Turner, who really was abused by her husband of the time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A preview of things to come

First, the ratings are falling. I couldn't be more pleased. They have gone from 10 million, down to 4 million last week to 3.4 million this week. Next week I predict 3.2 or less. If we get below 3 million, it could spell the beginning of the end.

Apparently Regis Philbin has pissed off Kate. As the article says, he's obviously never seen the show and so I am sure the interview, airing Thursday will be a hoot. I wonder why she won't answer.... is this all another desperate ratings ploy?

Here is a video of the kids playing. The nanny seems lazy and why o' why are the kids not playing in the back yard. Oh, because Kate needs a new pair of slut shoes.

If the tabs are any indication, it's going to be a quick death. Get a load of what we have in store for scans this week. Paultry Pickin's.

Meanwhile, Jon is ever the douche and shops for yet another car. And his E! interview has been cancelled/postponed. Boo hoo!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Recap: Beach and Kitchen Reveal

Stress relief beach vacation-- that's what Kate said.

Still at Bald Head, the kids are losing their mind. Jon was busy putting in the kitchen for the kids’ house.

I wonder if the bacon, eggs and sausage were organic. She had a shitload of bacon for the kids and the kids got ONE PIECE of each. Kate said that when she was pregnant she ate bacon for the high calories and fat to grow the babies. Surely she could have found something healthier…..

Kate whined that she packed alone and she was alone with the kids. That was a lie. She had a production crew and a friend, nanny, bodyguard to help.

I still say this whole Jon and Kate drama may just be a set up. She seems way too calm about not being around someone she is supposed to love.

This episode was basically a repeat of the first. They went into the water, ate, went to the water. Collin drank water out of a bucket. Freak.

Kate claims she was an actress as a kid and she sees Cara and Mady doing the same. I think they are annoying.

Jon managed the mismeasuring of the cabinets. The kids painted themselves with pudding.
Jon said the twins came back on a Sunday and he took care of them. Jon has a huge bald spot.:)
The rest of the kids went to a place where Kate held a snake. Kate swears they love to travel and they are comfortable with it. She said she ignores the p-people. But sometimes they follow them and the security will “strike a deal” to get the shots for the p-people and have the p-people leave you alone. So they looked at snakes. Kate squealed like a stuck pig when she held the snake.

Then it was home. Kate kept saying she was making memories and not wallowing in her marriage grief. Whatever, Kate.

Jon got a good dig in on Kate by saying it was good she was gone so she didn’t yell about it being messy and dirty. Nice. She said she was crabby because she drove through the night and the last two weeks were stressful. Hello? She just said a million times it was relaxing. She also admitted she didn’t seem grateful because she was bitchy at the time.

Such a stimulating show. yawn.

Sure you aren't doing the bodyguard!

Take a cozy look at these two shopping.....

More Kate interviews

She just can't keep her foot out of her mouth.

The Today Show article and interview part 1 (if the embed doesn't work)

Part 2 (if the embed doesn't work)

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

College funds- the truth comes out!

Now we know according to Kate that the kids have college funds. In this interview, she pretty much blows smoke but she admits the children have "substantial college funds". Well, at least they get something out of the whole deal! A house and an education. We'll see in the tell all books if it's true.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kate is her ever charming self.

Kate spoke in Austin. Highlights below. Red mine.

"She said a focus on her children keeps her going, and that she and the children have gotten closer than ever this summer." Sure, so have the production assistance and extra nannies.

"She asserted that the media scrutiny on her family would not go away if they ended the show, which she said helps provide for the children and is a healthy and normal part of life for them." What do you base this claim on Kate? Are you now a licenced child psychologist? Talk to some other reality "stars" and childhood actors. I think you'll find a different story.

"Unable to work herself and with her husband out of a job, she described “that terrible guilt that you’re bringing these babies into the world and you can’t provide for them.”" Should have thought about that when you found out about the pregnancy. You KNEW what the risks were.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Stansels Whore up: Not so much anymore

A while ago, I wrote about the Stansel family whoring up and looking for someone to produce a show about them. Sadly, Amanda Stansel gave birth 4 months early and one of the 'tups died. You can read about it at a variety of places.

Guess their cash cow just jumped the fence! Or not... they seem to have time to blog about their loss and say the other babies aren't going to "quick". Yes, really.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kate's movin' on!

Kate will be whoring herself for change next week-- first she'll be on Regis and Kelly and the Today show. She is also covered quite a bit this week. Scans are up courtesy of My Case Against Kate Gosselin.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Recap! Kitchen Renovation & Camp Out

Kitchen Renovation
First thing noticeable is that they didn’t talk about being together on the intro--- it just said “It may b ea crazy life, but it’s our life”. Whoopdeedo.

They are divorcing. Kate is at peace. In Jan 2009 Kate’s “best friend” just happened to have a husband that said they would do a new kitchen for me. Paul and Nellie (if he wasn’t robbing the cradle!) were the best buds.

Kate thinks the kitchen is disorganized- no storage—she wants pull out drawers, although she said she really hadn’t thought about what she wanted. This story is SO believable—not.
Supposedly Jon worked for a cabinet company. Right.

Kate swears she didn’t know how custom a kitchen could be. Liar.

Cut to the kids playing with some retarded toy, but not for long because it is all about Kate.
So she talks more about her kitchen and tells Jon to get rid of a bunch of flowers because they are distracting. Kate is excited when she hears that she will be without cabinets for 2 weeks. Nellie talks about doing dishes in the bathtub. Kate said “Haven’t you ever heard of paper.” Oh, how brilliant and green. She also made up a new word “horrification”. Oh my.

Kate was upset that she was “locked” into a day and she said she had only 1 day to empty the kitchen. She called Carla and a friend. (Amazing how the friend has no name…) The nanny probably helped. She has 8 kids that could have, would have and would have LOVED to help.
Kate served her leftovers to kids on paper plates….. Late July organic something…. Fruit and chips. What? No protein? Only carbs?

Jon said that the design was figured out long before the separation. And they did it because the kids loved it.

I just want everyone to know when I was a kid, I begged my parents to take out the metal 1950s cabinets in their kitchen and install new ones. It was what I wanted for every birthday and every Christmas. I lived for the day we’d get new cabinets.

(Translate: Right. Some sophisticated kids you got there.)

Jon was concerned that the kids being around would be an issue with nail guns and other tools…… but they stayed on. Kate used her LARGE dining room for food. And she is doing a LOT of takeout. ORGANIC, I am sure. So she decided to take the kids to the beach.

Jon said they needed a break from each other- I say it was a ploy and excuse for another vacation. And supposedly the kids had to sneak out at 4am to avoid the p-people. But the paps were on the job and found them anyway.

In Hilton Head, they rented the expensive house (Like $20K a week). The kids had yet another fruit filled snack. One kid got an apple. Another got about 8 raspberries. WTF?

The kids and mom and the nanny went to the beach. The kids had fun, which was nice to see. Kate on the beach, not so much. The nanny should have NEVER been in the bikini she wore. Kate was bad enough with her misplaced belly button and thick middle, but that nanny was just FAT. Cover it up, girl while you go exercise. Lay off the beer and cum guzzling and put in some real work.

Jon lets us know the renovation is going well. Then back to Kate. The kids were just having fun while she and the fat nanny sat on the beach in chairs. Kate got in the sand and she showed us her ass muffin.

Kate isn’t going to stifle the kids’ existence because of the paps. It took 2 days for them to get there. I think Kate isn’t going to destroy her “career” is more like it.

Jon tells us everything is great except that it is dangerous. Then back to Kate. She said she wanted to get away from the kitchen mess and invest 2 weeks into a stress free time with the kids. We got another view of Kate in her bikini- her plastic surgeon fucked up her tummy tuck or she was getting fat- another belly muffin.

Next week we get to see the kitchen people fuck up the measurements. Will Kate get her kitchen? Whatever.

Next episode…. Kate goes camping.
Kate shows off her tits in a Nike sports tank. They look old and saggy. Kate’s new attitude is that she’s going to do things she’s never done before…. Like putting a screen in a window. What about compassion, helping others, owning up to your issues….

I digress. She decided to put up tents a 6 year old can put up. We had a blow by blow of where they were going to sleep, what Kate was going to do (put up tent, etc.) The kids talked to Kate about how “daddy knows everything about a tent”. Kate said “wow, and he’s not here” O.M.G. Mady was afraid it would collapse in the middle of the night. The ‘tup girls said that only boys know how to do tents and DAMN if that bitch Kate didn’t reinforce the stereotype. Dumb bitch.
“In the end it looked like a tent and it was a tent. Tee hee!”

The P.A.s (production assistants) sent up the other tent. Imagine that. Noooo this isn’t scripted at ALL.

Now she talks about her pool and how they are always in it. So they went on vacation to a pool and now home to a pool. Nice. And damn if Coleman didn’t have a commercial during the show. You know Kate got it for free now.

Ah, and the truth comes out. Ashley helps out quite a bit. The kids say some retarded thing “look at me, I’m shakin’”. Enough, really.

They made smores--- and those grams and Hershey bars were NOT organic.

Kate has an issue getting a fire started. She’s an idiot. Mady got on my last nerve with her show off attitude. She and Cara are getting to be really ugly. All the kids were not really being encouraging except for the suck up Hannie. “You can do it Mommy” (Translate: I’ll stay on your good side, because I don’t want to be beat during an alcoholic incident!)

Kate said Ashley’s only reason for being there was because she had 8 kids with “pointy sticks”. Scapegoat anyone?

Mady had to go on with a fascinating fact about oxygen helping a fire. STFU and STFD.
And the ‘tup girls talked about the smores. One of them had her legs all spraddled out. Way to film guys. Get the pedophiles off why don’t you.

Notice we’re not really seeing Kate camping out. Nor did we see the “bugs” from the preview. Hmmmmm, hype anyone?

If Cara and Mady had their own tent, did Ashley, Kate and the 6 kids sleep in the other? Methinks the Prod assistance put more than one tent together. Then they had to have showers…. Then we saw the BIG tent—OIC……

Apparently Ashley got to sleep indoors. Cara and Mady were annoying with their goodnights. The kids didn’t rough it though. They had air mattresses. LMAO The kids were even more annoying hamming for the cameras.

If this is what the new show is going to be, I see a lot of snarking coming up.

BTW Supposedly is taking Kate the girls on a camping trip (and maybe wasn’t returning the merchandise—just shipping it to some wonderful locale….)

Kate getting sympathy? Hell no!

Not on this blog!

CNN is reporting that more people will sympathize with Kate. I call bullshit.

That cheap bitch used the Coleman equipment for the show and was caught sending it back. Tell me this isn't for show. What if the kids want to camp again? Didn't anyone want to give you an endorsement Kate? Didn't you have a coup?