Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Gosselins are like the Cosby Show?

I overheard a conversation today between two women in Kmart of all places. They were reading Kate's book and saying how much like the Cosby family that she is. I couldn't really figure out the family--- I assumed it was a local family.

Then one of the women said "Kate is so like Clair." I realized they meant the Huxtible family on the Cosby SHOW.

This idea is so disturbing. First, the Cosby Show is a show. Not real. Second, Clair and Kate are two completely different characters. Clair works as an attorney (albeit part time) and gets people out of trouble. Kate works as trouble and HIRES attorneys. Third, Clair and Cliff always had mutual respect for each other and their children. They loved and parented- in the show. Kate and Jon have no respect for anyone, not even themselves. Finally Bill Cosby and Phylisha Rashad were people playing a role, which they acknowledged. Not so much with Jon and Kate.