Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tea Parties and Snakes

So very painful!

They are at the beach yet again. Still. Recap of the battleship. Now on to the girls.....

A tea party was just the ticket. Kate with her everloving cuppa coffee and the kids chewing ORGANIC gum. Kate points out the p-people. Conveniently.

Mads and Cara went back to school. Jon feels guilty and gets the girls earrings. I am sure they are really expensive. Both the girls are really odd looking--- horse mouths.

Kate takes the kids on a carriage ride. Cause she can't walk in her hooker shoes. Her tits make her look like she's a humpback. They went to The Whilmington tea house and drank tea. Kate freaked over the glass..... "It was not a luncheon, it was more like a tea party." Really, Kate? this was their first tea party. How sad for them. I am sure it was all organic.

Cara and Mads planted seeds. Whoo.....

Then the girls went to make jewelry. Whoopie.

And the twins played with fire.....and the tups got ice cream. Kate whined. Leah chose an "obnoxiously loud" ice cream. So the fuck what Kate?

The twins did arts and crafts for Jon. He said he didn't want gifts-- cause he already took their cash! What more could they possibly give him?!?

And they think this show is going to be better as Kate Plus 8?

So much news.....

So much news today!

For anyone who hasn't seen Whoopi take Kate down, here's the vid.

It is no longer Jon and Kate but just Kate & 8. I think we'll still hear feeble cries from Jon every now and then.

Jon will speak on Larry King- cause Ed Hardy isn't calling! But then again, Jon wants to put the brakes on the divorce.