Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Rumor: Kate and her school mates

I am not sure what's going on-- is it a full moon or what? (Or maybe it is a chain reaction from several people coming forward from Kate's past.) Several posters have sent information about Kate and her classmates. Is someone going to speak out? Girl from the Ghetto had a poster named Beth who gave us the name of the school in Novemeber last year- Mount Calvary Christian School. If anyone is going to speak out, will it be school mates? old teachers?

Kevin and Jodi on the Early Show

The CBS Early Show will have an interview with Kevin and Jodi tomorrow. Maybe they will have some new revelation, Jon will have fed them some good dirt, or maybe it will be a rehash.

And Julie talks a bit more about the whole Gosselin situation.

Former patient and coworkers speak out about Kate!

May take a minute to load. You can also view it here.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/video.

More proof Kate whores kids despite cost!

The Vancouver Sun reports that Kate has asked for 2 more years on the J & K show-- and they might agree, providing she goes to marriage counceling and they are allowed to video tape it.

Any sheeple out there still saying she's doing what is best for her family?

Read about it at the VS.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Marriage counseling if TV deal is extended: Kate

Unconfirmed reports emanating from the blog world suggest Kate Gosselin, star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and What Hairstyle Is That?, has asked for two more seasons of the TV show that documents her life to be agreed to by cable station TLC.

The price she'll have to pay for that deal? Agreeing to go to marriage counseling with her seemingly estranged husband Jon, according to the National Enquirer.

The Florida-based tabloid is reporting TLC insiders say Gosselin initially refused counseling completely, despite the shambolic state of her marriage, but agreed to the sessions only if she would get another two seasons of TV fame.

Negotiations to get TLC's cameras in on the sessions for use on the show itself are reportedly underway.

The new season of Jon and Kate Plus 8, in which Kate complains about all the attention her family gets from the press while being paid $75,000 per show to parade her family on television, starts Monday night.

New Kevin and Jodi At RadarOnline

RadarOnline has a short video from Kevin and Jodi and their take on whether or not Jon and Kate will get divorced. Nothing earth-shattering here. I still think they are in on a publicity stunt.

See it here.

Kevin and Jodi Kreider, the in-laws of Jon & Kate Plus 8 couple Jon and Kate Gosselin, did not stay as silent (as the TV couple did in their season premiere Monday night on TLC) when asked if they think the reality TV parents of twins and sextuplets are headed for splitsville, in an interview only on RadarOnline.com.

"I would hope they never get a divorce," Kevin, who is Kate Gosselin's bother, said.

Jodi Kreider, who has been outspoken about her differences with sister-in-law Kate, said if both are willing, then the marriage can be salvaged.

"Do I think they will get a divorce?" Jodi said, followed by a silent pause as she gathered her thoughts. "Only time will tell."

And the vote is in-- The critics hate the new season!

US Mag has a nice article citing several media outlets as hating the J & K machine.

Critics Pan Season 5 Premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8
Tuesday May 26, 2009

Despite all the tears on the dramatic season five premiere of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8, critics weren't so sympathetic toward Jon and Kate Gosselin.

At one point in the show, Kate complained that her life was "just so hard" due to media attention and pressures on her marriage.

"Is it really, Kate?" sniped the Baltimore Sun's David Zurwik. "Tell that to a family in which the breadwinner has just lost her or his job, you silly, self-absorbed fool."

New Jersey's Star Ledger also calls out Kate for her hypocrisy over the paparazzi. In a voiceover on Monday's premiere, she says that she tells her kids to call the paparazzi "the P-people" because "I don't want them going to school being like, 'Well, the paparazzi is following us, like, that's so creepy.'"

Says the Star Ledger: "What's creepy is having your children followed around by a camera crew. Any camera crew. Period. It's exploitation, whatever cutesy name you want to give it."

Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly notes that Kate made it a point to say she was "alone" about six times on Monday's premiere. (At one point on the show, she complained that "Jon decided he needed a weekend off," so she had to organize the 5-year-old sextuplets' birthday party by herself.)

Says EW: "You just wanted to say, 'We get it! You feel you're the Wronged Woman! Aren't you savvy enough by now to know you're not winning us over?' This was especially true when she noted that 'all of a sudden, your kids are calling you your babysitter's name.' I could almost hear millions of viewers shouting, 'So stay home!'"

Sarah Kickler Kelber of The Baltimore Sun also takes aim at Jon -- who clearly did not want to be on the show -- for not opening up about his marital problems. On the show, he denies cheating on his wife but vaguely apologizes for his "actions."

"It would be so much clearer if they would just say their version of what happened," Kelber writes. "This is just more complicated than it needs to be. It's not like they aren't used to sharing the details of their lives, you know? We saw Jon's hair-transplant surgery as it happened, and Kate recovering from her tummy tuck, and the kids going through potty training. Most of that was probably too much information, but now we aren't quite getting enough."

What was most evident after Monday's premiere is that the tone on the TLC show has changed. The Philadelphia Enquirer. even goes as far as to declare that the show is "adding up to disaster."

Zurwik of The Sun echoes that sentiment.

"For all the nasty and stupid reality shows I have seen over the years, I have to say this one did leave me feeling like I was looking in on something that I shouldn't be watching," he writes.

"What I saw was two people in over their heads, with one of them trying in her incredible arrogance to act like she knew what she was doing -- and an off-camera voice playing the melodrama of these lives for all it was worth," says Zurwik. "The kids mostly got lost in all of that."

Says EW's Tucker, "It's going to be interesting to see how the series settles back into its weekly half-hours of family outings and squabbles -- to see if that's even possible."