Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time to organize recap

Still painful. It is just pathetic too.

Kate has so arrived, she has a professional organizer help her organize the house. They uncover toys they couldn't find for all the freebies and the kids play with the best toy of all- empty boxes.
Kate, being an idiot, rants on about how she hates clutter.

After creating several boxes, including a Jon box, Kate reconnects with her friend Jamie. Her brat child Clay plays with the kids and argues with them.

Kate gets a label maker-- why don't you just use a laser printer? The next day they sort winter clothes. Yawn. Then Kate wants to take her daughters to a Jonas Brothers concert. The kids play with toilet paper, because Kate lets them stock the toilets with it.

One of the organizers kiss ass by saying Kate was such a help.

When will this show finally end. It is on its last leg and long ago ceased to be about the kids. Who the fuck wants to see Kate's botoxed mug every week?


I am a lot late in this-- scans are up. Courtesy of My Case against Kate Gosselin.

Poor Jon and Kate....

We all know Jon has blocked TLC from filming the kids.

They have a substantial $720K mortgage. It seems some money was put away for the kids (six figures in all, but that wasn't nearly enough!)

Meanwhile Kate is furious that Jon withdrew a large sum of money in the last month and is demanding its return- and an accounting of all his money. She claims she can't pay her bills. BULLSHIT. (Access to divorce papers, attorney documents, etc. here as well.)

Attorney letter

Court papers

And the kids? They are getting bitched out by a nanny.