Monday, June 8, 2009

6/8 Recap: How Emerill lost his BAM!

Cue Mr. Roger’s music….” It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor, Would you be mine? Could you be mine? … I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you, I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you. So let's make the most of this beautiful day, Since we're together, we might as well say, Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor?

See Kate waft onto the couch and proclaim, “Whoever lands in the interview chair does the interview. It’s called rolling with life.” No, no, Kate, it’s called a script.

Jon and Kate claimed they met Emerill in an elevator. Jon says getting in an elevator with the family is “an unsightly mess”. See Jon stick his foot deeper in his mouth.

See Emerill schmooze and make granola. Is it organic?

The whole crew starts snapping beans after hand washing. All the icky boys were banished to the bathroom by “my room” as Kate said. Is it really Kate’s room? Is that allowed? Do they have to go through HER Room? Where is Jon sleeping?

The nice girls were allowed to use the bathroom near the kitchen.

The beans are used to make green bean casserole. Kate wants crunchy onions on top. Emerill was going to use blue cheese. Will this recipe be in Kate’s new book?

Jon says it is a special ep because Emerill (their pal) is there. Emerill brings out the big guns—celery.

Kate loves peeled celery.

Elan (an Emerill helper/bitch) got friendly with Jon (Kate’s helper/bitch). Jon was supposed to peel garlic but all he was really doing is separating the cloves. Bad helper/bitch.

Kate chuckled at Jon being the garlic peeler. Kate stood around doing nothing at an empty cutting board.

The kids were eating lunch meat, but was it organic. None of the crew have mentioned organic. Can you say ORGANIC boys and girls? I know you can.

Jon is pushed to the side so Cuntess Kate can work Emerill.

Elan gave the kids some nuts. One boy said he has nuts, which is more than Jon seems to have.

Emerill gives the hearts and flowers about working with kids.

The crew prepared green bean casserole, noodles and chili mac for that evening- and granola. There is nothing like a carb-laden meal to keep one fit. The chili mac had onions, celery mushrooms, low fat turkey tit, but at least they are getting some protein.

See Kate and Jon cheat to burn off the calories.

The little boys are up to no good. They told the camera guys to close their eyes while they take some toys and go outside.

Jon adds vanilla and butter to the granola we never saw the recipe for. Jon talks about the kitchen being Kate’s territory but Emerill was allowed in.

Kate berates Jon. Emerill says stop. Kate bashes him with a spatula.

They made enough food for the rest of the week. Kate was happy with that—the nanny wouldn’t have to cook.

Emerill claimed he didn’t know it was the 100ths show. Right--- that’s why you twittered it.

Emerill proclaims it “great” that he was working with the G10s. Kate felt the need to say the kids were playing and in and out through all this “what they normally do”. Can you say investigation control?

The twins stayed in to cook—organic brownies. (THERE is the O word.)

The kids came in and they had dinner. Kate said Emerill is busy and it was nice to have him there and “get to know him”. If you can get to know him in an afternoon, then we are best pals, Kate.

For the record, I counted mention of 100 eps 8 times in 30 minutes. 20 of which were show… so about ever 2.5 min.

See a cheesy montage of all the stupid eps. Thankfully no singing.

And a snapshot at the end---- of the whole family with Emerill.

Can you say boring, boys and girls?

6/8 Bam! (100th episode)

And here is the second crossover-- Emeril (who should be ashamed at prostiting himself for this media whore.

Bam! 100th Episode

To celebrate the 100th episode, Emeril Lagasse stops by the Gosselin home for cooking lessons with the entire family. The kids lend a hand and help create a delicious meal that everyone can enjoy.

Bald J-Fat

Jon is sporting bald. Will we need to watch him get more hair plugs or will he man up and work his bald mojo?

By the way, a child is present. Where is Steve the bodyguard? Or does he not protect them from this strange woman and the p-people?

Photo: Just Jared

The Gosselin Shillers are on American Chopper

Although I am not sure I'll be watching, the Greedy Gosselins (J-Fat as Radar Online calls Jon and CUNT as I call Kate (among so many other things) ) will be on American Chopper.

I tend to believe cross-over shows happen when they are struggling for ideas. It is almost like throwing Cousin Oliver on the show to help out.

From TLC: 6/11/09
American Chopper
Jon & Kate Plus 8 Bike
Jon Gosselin, of the hit TLC series Jon & Kate +8, has commissioned the guys at OCC to build him a bike. To get a better idea of how the father of 8 wants his bike to look, the Teutuls take a trip to Jon and Kate's house to see how the family of 10 live.

From the Baltimore Sun:
Jon & Kate Plus 8 Bikes and Trikes
Jon Gosselin has commissioned the guys at Orange County Choppers to build him a bike. To get a better idea of how the father of eight wants his bike to look, the three Teutuls take a trip to Jon and Kate’s house to see how the family of ten live. The guys are used to turning wrenches, and bending steel, so baking cookies, and babysitting children is a brand new challenge for them. With a little time off from the family, Jon makes the trip out to New York to help build his bike and gets in a little male bonding.

(And as we know from Carla's blog, (You remember Carla), she seems to be going with them. So she is as fake as they are.)