Monday, March 2, 2009

O-tay or more lies?

Radar Online claims that everything is okey dokey with Jon and Kate. Methinks he doth protest too much! Or maybe it's just another public emasculation from Kate that's got his knickers in a twist!

3/2 Bye Old House! (and 'tups starting preschool)

The Gosselins have settled in their new home, but they head back to the old house to tie up some loose ends. As the family visits the old house for the last time, will they find that absence makes the heart grow fonder?
Source: TLC


I had to really reflect on this episode. It just isn't good enough for a play by play. Kate and Jon are as obnoxious as ever. Kate whined on and on about her crackerbox shack that she "used" to live in. All the while she flashed her capped smile, strutted her tanned skin and generally looked smug and yet miserable at the same time.

I am still stymied as to why they would even want to go back to this "horrible" place if it was so lousy to begin with. At any rate, Kate was so surprised at how small her old home really was. They "needed" the space the new house afforded "so bad". Basically Kate bitched the whole episode like a stuck pig. (Similarities? You be the judge.)

Again, we find that they can't keep the editing straight and the episode fully reinforces the whole idea that everything is staged. Kate is wearing two outfits in the same day on this episode-- not a crime, but it just shows they have bad editing techniques. Also, there was the case of mysterious moving boxes. Perhaps they should call the Gang and have the Mystery Machine come and check it out!

The children looked very bored, tired and upset that the cameras were even there. Way to parent. Don't you know, Jon and Kate, that the kids need to have breaks from their "family job"? I am sure it was ORGANIC pizza they had. (What happened to cooking Kate- freezing, canning, preparing ahead and being the pioneer you make yourself out to be?)

I am always stunned by Kate and Jon and their disregard for the fine things they have. I don't know why but I am. They left the piano in that home. Can you believe it? I wish the person who donated it would come forward and tell us how (s)he feels about that! She even said you should get rid of anything you don't use in three months. That would mean her sons and Jon would be out in the cold! She certainly said that to jab at her husband and all his dad's stuff that should be gotten rid of (in her opinion). The non-look on her face when Jon talked of sorting through his dad's stuff was just more proof she is a Bitchy Grinch without a heart.

What I found the most painful about this episode was that Kate "tried" to include Jon in the conversation but they kept so far to themselves that it was glaringly obvious neither has a shred of respect for the other. (Cheers, Jon!)

The quote I loved the best this week was "I'll have closure when I don't have any more bills from that house". What the fuck? Closure? Was she traumatized in some way? And what bills? How can she even say that when she bought a $1.3M house in this economy? Dumb bitch.

And then it was over, with a montage of "memorable" moments with the Gosselins driving away. I bet the neighborhood broke out the champagne after that!

I caught the episode of the 'tups starting preschool. Yawn. I loved the fact that Jon and Kate pick up the kids and are the first ones out because they make up half the class. Uh, ok. Whatever that means.

Filler episodes mean there is a transition ahead. The kids are getting older, going to school. Not much left to show. This family isn't typical. The kids aren't that cute. What is left?

Maybe, just maybe, that gravy train is about to slow down- maybe even congeal a bit.