Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweatshop children? Kate caught again?

It seems that the New York post has picked up on the Department of Labor probe of the Gosselins. In the article, Krall (the nurse the Gosselins wanted to keep on longer than the state-payments allowed) backpedaled a bit and said that she likes Kate. Which is it Angela- the rag with the highest dollar amount?
RadarOnline has a fantastic photo of Kate without Jon on their North Carolina jaunt. But Steve Neild, ever vigelent is on the case-- or maybe just on Kate. Plus, how big can Kate's tits get before she pokes someone's eye out with them?
Just Jared has a pic of Kate in the same dress, with a closeup of her jugs (and her favorite child, Hannah). WOW, that must have been some hefty surgery bill! Additionally, in the article, Jon was seen dropping a couple thousand at a local Barney's store. Like those clothes are going to help him improve...... (scroll down for more pictures of Kate posing for the paps at Just Jared).