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Jon "talks" about the family

A little older article, but interesting for what it doesn't say.

From the Philadelphia Parenting Examiner

Jon & Kate Plus 8's Jon Gosselin talks holiday gifts and in-laws

Jon Gosselin, star of the popular TLC program Jon & Kate Plus Eight, recently spoke to an Evansville, Indiana radio DJ at Hot 96 WSTO about buying gifts for eight kids and his suggestions for holiday shopping. He suggests purchasing one large family gift and then getting smaller stocking stuffers for individual children.

What will Santa be bringing the Gosselin gang this Christmas? According to Jon, they'll be receiving a new family computer with all the bells and whistles. This choice of gift comes as no surprise to some, as the reality TV dad recently paired with Microsoft to plug technology gifts that "help stretch the family dollar."

Both those who like and those who dislike the show often wonder about the Gosselins' relationship with their extended family, particularly Kate Gosselin's parents and siblings. While the alleged rifts in the family have never been directly addressed, DJ Atom from WSTO did sneak in a question about the extended family by asking, "Whose family is harder to deal with? Your family? Or her family?" Jon answered by laughing and saying, "I'm not going to answer that one. We all know the answer to that one. My family is cool. You saw them on TV, all chilling out in Hawaii." He went on to say, "My family's like whatever ... whatever goes."

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just in! Jon does a good job and Kate clips for cash!


In an alternate universe, Jon and Kate Plus Eight's Kate Gosselin could have been the mom we all love to hate: children with coordinated outfits, a spotless home, every detail of her life meticulously planned and executed. However, in this universe, Kate Gosselin gave birth to twins, followed four years later by sextuplets — and with her type-A personality subverted by the constant chaos of eight children, she's become one of reality televison's most sympathetic characters. When I went to interview Kate at a New York City Brandsaver promotion, two hundred female fans were lined up outside in the freezing cold, hoping to get a moment with her (along with a handful of Proctor & Gamble coupons). Babble talked to Kate about her obsessive money-saving strategies, why text messaging is her favorite form of communication, and how the Gosselin kids really feel about living on camera. — Gwynne Watkins

So, you're here to talk about saving money. How has your own financial situation changed over the past couple of years?
Well, actually you know, we're still the same. We're still clipping the coupons, saving the money, watching for sales. That's me. I'm still the same person.

Did you ever have a moment of financial panic before the show when you thought, "Oh my God, how am I going to do this?"
Well, seeing as how Jon was unemployed for nearly a year and we had eight kids, yeah! That is when my coupon-clipping and my sale-watching and my literal obsession. I had a "prices/places" book that I started back then and still have, to figure out the cheapest place to buy any number of things — toilet paper, everything toiletry-wise that we buy, food, whatever — down to the tenth of a cent.

You literally keep a list of the prices of every single item you buy at every place you shop?
It's a book that I wrote out. Sam's Club drives me nuts because they keep changing prices by four cents. [Laughs.]
"Jon lost his job because of the pregnancy, and of course I lost my job because of the pregnancy."

How old were the kids when Jon lost his job?
He lost his job before they were born, because of the pregnancy, and of course I lost my job because of the pregnancy, that goes without saying. He was unemployed for ten months, so we survived. We got smart fast. We learned what to cut out and it was then that I realized that saving money is not optional; it's mandatory.

On the show, we rarely see your kids with anyone except you or Jon. What kind of help do you have?
Very minimal, because we want it that way. We patch our help together as we need it, but it's important that one of us is with the kids 95% of the time. We've always switched our shifts off and on, like Jon would work days, I would work evenings back when we had two kids, and then he would work days and I would work weekends when we had all eight. Now we're blessed enough that we can work from home, but then when I travel he is home, and when he travels I am home. As much as possible, we want to be the ones to raise them, so it's important.

Is he home with them now?
Yes he is, holding down the fort. And he does a good job.

When you check in, do you call and talk to every single kid?
I have him call me. He'll know my general schedule, and then he'll call me because it's loud there and he's got to have the chance. Like, it doesn't help if I'm available at five o'clock but the kids are eating dinner, because he can't hear me. Texting works best. And I always say my motto is "No news is good news." [Laughs.]

What is something people could do to save money that might not occur to them?
I don't think enough people realize that coupons are money. The other thing is, you can save money by really looking at what you spend and shaving down those things that aren't necessary.We all have to buy food, and there are the extra things, the little treats that we all deserve because we work and it's nice, but there's all that stuff in between that you can save a bunch of money just by cutting down.

Is there a sacrifice you've had to make in particular?
Back in the beginning, it was very difficult just to wrap our minds around buying shoes and clothing for eight kids. You know, going from two to eight, obviously the shoe bill alone went through the roof. I feel like we made a lot of sacrifices, but parents make sacrifices for their kids and it's worth it, and you don't think twice about it. If they need new clothes, they get them, and if you need clothing, you're a little lower on the list. You do that because that's what parents do.

What is a common misconception you think people have about you, from watching you on TV?
"The other day, I challenged myself to step over a crumb on the floor and keep walking." I know people think that I treat Jon horrendously, which, that's the way we communicate. It's not always wonderful, but you know, I'm working on it. Aren't we all working on our relationships? I think it comes across that we yell at each other, but we're really yelling over the noise a lot of the time. When you have to talk that loud it tends to sound like you're yelling instead of talking, but we're all works in progress and none are perfect.

One thing that comes across on the show is that you are very orderly and like keeping things a certain way. Has having kids caused you to relax at all, or has it made you tighten your grip?
I still like a schedule that runs properly. I still like order. I still like organization. Everything has its place because, with eight kids, if you lose track of those things and you relax too much, it will spin out of control. The flip side of that is, while I still enjoy all of those things, I cannot be as ridiculously over the top as I once was. I feel like in the last year or two I have really started to chill. Like, I've forced myself, whereas once if I saw a crumb on the kitchen floor I would swoop to get it no matter what I was doing, and now, just the other day, I challenged myself to step over it and keep walking. [Laughs.] It's like my own little therapy and I did it, and didn't someone come along behind me and pick it up and throw it away! I made no mention of the crumb, I just stepped over it and someone came along and threw it away, and I thought, "Alright, that works too." But the point is, I have relaxed. I am a lot better than I was. I feel a lot better being that way and I know that if I try control every little facet of every little thing, I'll go insane. That's really funny; one thing I've noticed since I've had my baby, a little tiny life thing that no one tells you about, is you're carrying him to another room and you drop something, you can't stop and pick it up all of the time. It's true. There are all these little tiny ways that you used to have control, and you suddenly don't anymore. Now take something that little, and add up five of those things and you could maybe go nuts. And that is the truth.

What's been the hardest phase of motherhood for you so far?
The first year, with unemployment, with six additional people in my house. Read Multiple Blessings, you can see that I really, really struggled. Hard, very hard. Love my kids, so glad it's done.

What's an advantage that you have over people with small families?
Well, we have eight times the laughter, eight times the noise. We're a sports team in and of ourselves; we can split into two and be two full basketball teams playing against each other. We Christmas carol and we're a whole Christmas caroling group. We don't even need company to have a dinner party. Those are our advantages, I'd say.

How is your family dynamic changing as the kids get older?
Their personalities are really coming out and we're starting to see who they are and who they will become. The kids are close. They love each other. I'm starting to see, like, by the time they get to high school, don't mess with them! They're a group of six — back off. That tightness is there. We're really starting to see it. They help each other out. They take care of each other when they're sick. That kind of stuff is neat.

Jon said early on in the series that you had a much harder job than he did, being the one to stay home with the kids. Have you ever felt ambivalent about being the one who has that job?
Never. While I enjoy getting to do a little more of this kind of [publicity] stuff, home is where my heart is. I enjoy cooking and providing for the kids in that kind of way, doing the laundry. I'm probably close to the happiest when I'm in my kitchen or doing laundry. I don't like to fold it and put it away, but I do love doing it; it's just those mom processes that I love. I never envied him.
"I feel like doing the show is normal and healthy for our family." No?

If you could switch with Jon's job for a week, would you do it?
I feel like we have switched a little bit recently, but no, back in that day, no. I worked on Saturdays for those years at the beginning of the little kids and I was gone for eighteen hours, every Saturday. By the time I took the leap of faith and quit that job, we still needed the money, but I couldn't take away a Saturday from my family every week. I mean, I was absent. It was huge. So every Saturday for a year and a half after quitting that job, I'd get up and make pancakes and say, "Oh, I'm so glad to be home." I really felt strongly about being at home, and the girls cheered when I told them I quit my job. They had missed me on Saturdays. So that was nice.

You have faced some criticism for having your kids on camera twenty-four hours a day. What's your take on that?
I feel like it's normal and healthy for our family. I feel like we're inspiring and helping a lot of people. I feel like as long as it's safe and healthy and normal for our kids, it's fine. The added benefit of the show that we never forget is, again, we work from home. We work many nights until midnight, finishing up e-mails and things that are due for tomorrow. The kids are playing and living life. It's the hardest job we've ever had, but we're very thankful for it because we can work from home and our kids are with us 95% of the time. Never in a million years did I think that would happen, so I'm really grateful for it. It's working for us and I think that our kids — with the traveling experiences, with the different life experiences that they get — they're all the better for it. I don't expect other people to understand it, because they don't live our lives so they really almost can't say without being in our situation. It's a weird situation, so, that's what I have to say about that.

Do your kids have a sense that other kids don't get followed around by cameras?
No. Little kids at this age, their normal is normal. I'm sure they assume that ever child at school has cameras following them. They'll figure it out later and be like, "Oh, alright. Cool."

Jon and Kate refuse Make a Wish!

This comment came through today:

My Daughter is 10 and is part of a Make A Wish, her wish was to meet Jon & Kate plus eight. Make a Wish called us and said that Jon & Kate said no. The won’t grant any wishes as they feel that their kids are not old enough. Does Kate know that most Make A Wish kids do not have several years! They really dissapointed my daughter. Fans keep their show on the air! I am a fan no longer.

Chauntelle Hafner

Monday, December 29, 2008

Parents Canada: Gosselins

From Parents Canada:
Be careful what you ask for. This has never been more true as it is for Kate and Jon Gosselin. Just three years after giving birth to twin daughters, the couple learned they were pregnant again – with sextuplets.Their lives are documented each week on TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8”.

To viewers, they are at once frantic, fearless and incredibly energetic. Kate has now penned their story, Multiple Blessings. (Although, where she found the time is beyond us!)

ParentsCanada: What is the hardest thing about infertility treatments and what advice do youhave for couples contemplating it?
Kate Gosselin: I would say that it is obviously not perfected science, but that ultimately God holds the key. All in all, be careful when attempting pregnancy with fertility. It’s exhausting financially, mentally and physically!

ParentsCanada: When you heard you were expecting six children what ran through your mind?
KG: One of my initial reactions was to run away! I had never felt that before as I enjoy tackling and solving problems. Then I realized that they would ALL come with me.

ParentsCanada: What was your greatest misconception at having sextuplets?
KG: I couldn’t even get to the misconception part because I couldn’t get past even trying to picture six babies in my house who all belonged to me!

ParentsCanada: What is the time of your life you think back on the most?
KG: Truthfully, it is now foreign to picture life as the family of four. My mind mostly goes to the days when we were staying in a condo near the hospital as we brought babies home. It was the last ‘quiet’ memories we have together when life seemed almost manageable.

ParentsCanada: Do you ever feel guilty about accepting help?
KG: All the time. In the early days we had to accept help in any form that it was offered. That never goes away, but I have learned a good mommy doesn’t need to prove she can do it all. She needs to do what she can, and hand off the less important things to others who can do it. I need to be strong and available to my kids and the only way to do that is to accept some help here and there.

ParentsCanada: Do you ever feel guilty about not being able to spend more individual timewith each child?
KG: All the time. My good old ‘mommy guilt’ does me in on this one. As the kids get older though, they hang back with me when they need that ‘one on one’ and I know they know where to find me when they need me. In a large family, my presence in the house is what they need most and I am blessed to be able to be here more days than not.

ParentsCanada: What is the worst part of ‘living in a fish bowl’?
KG: The hardest part is when people assume we are living a ‘Hollywood life’ and all the perks that come with that. We are still a normal family with real feelings and values and always will be. We have eight kids to raise and have to do what we have to do to support them.

ParentsCanada: What is the best part?
KG: The best part is the people we have been able to meet, the people’s lives we have beenable to touch, and when they email and tell us about it! And, of course, the places we have been able to travel. And to be brutally honest, I am still so thankful that we don’t have to stress about how we are going to pay our electric bill this month!

ParentsCanada: Do you feel the portrayal of your family is accurate?
KG: Yes, it is all true and none of it is ‘set up’ or staged, but sometimes for ‘good TV’ all of my ‘issues’ with Jon are shown in a 22-minute show and they may have happened over a much longer period of time (really! I am not making any excuses for myself!).

ParentsCanada: How do you overcome the stress of criticism?
KG: This is a very difficult aspect of being on TV and in the public eye. We really try not to pay attention to it – or care. Until you are in our house facing our issues, you have no right to judge us. Our show is only a snippet of what we face in life!

ParentsCanada: What point of the kids’ lives do you worry about the most?
KG: We try not to worry about the future. But we (not unlike any parents), want our decisions to benefit our kids today and in the future, so we don’t take any decisions concerning them lightly. I want my kids to look back on their childhood knowing that they had two parents present and involved and understand that we did everything to better their lives.

ParentsCanada: What one ‘parenting trick’ or gadget is your favourite?
KG: Most recently? Single serving snacks for kids (organic, of course). When we are travelling, it is a luxury to have them and makes my job much easier.

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More Jon and Kate Lies....

Five minutes for Mom has taken the time to record more lies for everyone to peruse. An interview with Jon for the holidays and the people who love to love him-- seems mainly from the people who submitted the questions, however, there are a couple of rational posts hidden in the comments. Enjoy!

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Returning from Holiday Hangover! (aka People are tired of the Gosselin Blessings!)

Is everyone as tryptophan'd our as I am -- tired and weary of turkey?

So is everyone else in regard to Multiple Blessings. This piece of written garbage is finally making its way down the list!

USA Today 32/150 (down from 31)
NYT Best Sellers 6/100 (down from 5)
Amazon (updated hourly): 37/100

Miracles do happen!

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Kate Gosselin was run over!!!!

By a Brinks Truck!
(Apologies to Randy Brooks and Elmo and Patsy Shropshire)

Kate Gosselin got run over by a Brinks truck
Riding in its cab on Christmas Eve
You could say there's no such thing as Justice
But as for Jon Plus 8, they believe

She'd been drinking an alcoholic (ORGANIC) beverage
And the 'tups wanted her at home
But she liked the smell of money better
And she liked the hot Korean driver named Joe!

When Jon found her Christmas morning
At the scene of the attack
She had $100 bills stuck on her forehead
And incriminating coin marks on her back


Now fans are all so proud of Jon-boy
He's been taking this so well
See him in the closet and working out
Surfin' porn and liftin' (bar)bells

It's a better Christmas without Katie
All the family's dressed in clothes straight off the rack!
And they just can't help but wonder
If we use her giftcards will we get flack? (Give them flack!)


Now the organic beef is on the table
and the pudding made of soy
and the feathered centerpieces
that would just have matched the chicken hair that gave Kate joy!

Critics warn your friends and neighbors
Watch out for women like our Kate
They should never give a ride
To greedy women who like men with full pates!


Repeats and Gosselins: Damage control?

For me, I usually only watch the episodes once. Twice if I happen to feel sick to my stomach and want to barf faster.

Many folks have claimed that in repeats and on the DVDs that certain scenes are cut out. Has anyone experienced this? What scenes are missing?

If this information is true, I wish I would have taped every episode from day one because we would have proof of the damage control. It wouldn't be the first time a show has been scrutinized. Right now, TAPS (Ghost Hunters) is dissected every week and many times seemingly proved lacking and as much of a sham as the Gosselins.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Gosselins are like the Cosby Show?

I overheard a conversation today between two women in Kmart of all places. They were reading Kate's book and saying how much like the Cosby family that she is. I couldn't really figure out the family--- I assumed it was a local family.

Then one of the women said "Kate is so like Clair." I realized they meant the Huxtible family on the Cosby SHOW.

This idea is so disturbing. First, the Cosby Show is a show. Not real. Second, Clair and Kate are two completely different characters. Clair works as an attorney (albeit part time) and gets people out of trouble. Kate works as trouble and HIRES attorneys. Third, Clair and Cliff always had mutual respect for each other and their children. They loved and parented- in the show. Kate and Jon have no respect for anyone, not even themselves. Finally Bill Cosby and Phylisha Rashad were people playing a role, which they acknowledged. Not so much with Jon and Kate.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another spokesperson gig?

I recieved a comment stating that a rumor is circulating that Kate Gosselin is supposed to be a spokesperson for Horizon Organic. The company provides organic dairy products nationwide.

I can't verify this rumor, yet, but wouldn't Kate adore being able to have free supplies of organic milk!?

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Kate: A woman who makes us all go WTF?

From Heartless Doll. Definitely a witty read.

  • Kate wants to make the author and many women puke.
  • Kate is castrating and controlling, yet she still attracts fans.
  • If Kate didn't want ice cream stains, she shouldn't have had kids.
  • She exploits her kids.

All of these issues make the author say --- WTF.

How Kate and Jon opened up!

Now we know how the Star captured the Gosselin's attention. Procter and Gamble consorting with the Star?! Maybe all those rumors about Procter and Gamble and the whole Satanism thing of the 70-80s is true! :)

From Just Jared:

Mon, 15 December 2008 at 11:09 am
Kate Gosselin Has Eight Disney Kids

Kate Gosselin, star of the TLC hit reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, recently opened up to Star at P&G’s brandSAVER Live! event.
Here’s what the mother of twins (8-year-old Cara and Mady) and sextuplets (4-year-old Aaden, Joel, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Collin) had to say:

What kind of TV do they watch? “They’re Disney kids. And to be honest, our show is their favorite thing. They ask to watch it all the time. It’s interesting. It’s like them watching their memories.”

Do the kids know that they’re celebrities? “They don’t understand it. To them, it’s their normal. They’ve been filming since they were 15-months-old and they don’t know any different. And I’ve taught them — and at 4 they understand — that if people are taking pictures, and it bothers you, just say, ‘No, thank you’ and turn your back.”

Do you enjoy doing the show? “The blessings are we get to work from home, we’re there with them. We get to travel. There’s so many experiences that we wouldn’t otherwise have. I feel like it’s making them so well-rounded.”

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Twelve Gosselin Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me, a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene…..

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, four oozing hair plugs, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, five hours of sleep, four oozing hair plugs, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, six shit-filled potties, five hours of sleep, four oozing hair plugs, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, seven promo trips, six shit-filled potties, five hours of sleep, four oozing hair plugs, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 8 multiple blessings, seven promo trips, six shit-filled potties, five hours of sleep, four oozing hair plugs, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, nine absent family members, 8 multiple blessings, seven promo trips, six shit-filled potties, five hours of sleep, four oozing hair plugs, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ten promo trips, nine absent family members, 8 multiple blessings, seven promo trips, six shit-filled potties, five hours of sleep, four oozing hair plugs, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, eleven helpers helping, ten promo trips, nine absent family members, 8 multiple blessings, seven promo trips, six shit-filled potties, five hours of sleep, four oozing hair plugs, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, twelve bedroom houses, eleven helpers helping, ten promo trips, nine absent family members, 8 multiple blessings, seven promo trips, six shit-filled potties, five hours of sleep, four oozing hair plugs, three puking children, two forgotten twin girls and a shrieking shrew named Katie Irene.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Recap: 12/15 Giving Back

Kate begins the whole thing by saying that they had to find a cause they could believe in. Nothing closer than St. Jude's, Kate? Nothing like supporting those who helped you have your healthy babies.....The best that Jon and Kate could say about St. Jude's is "it's crazy." What a vocabulary!

She admits that people find them inspirational but that she finds the St. Jude's families inspirational. "No child should have to endure what they endure." But years of therapy are good for yours, Kate?

Of course, trying to get all those gifts to the hospital means SHOPPING!!! In Memphis (free vacation). And where else would Kate shop? KMART!! It isn't because they have great prices, is it Kate? And it isn't really because Kmart collects for St. Jude. We know you're a spokesperson for the organization?

Each kid could pick out three toys. Kate declares it's rare to be in a store. What about all that coupon clipping you do? What about that layaway you do? Liar, liar, hair on fire... don't we all wish!

And gee, Lexi got an Elmo doll. Special child.....

Kate says that it is better to give than to receive and that "we have to help (these kids) as much as we can". How about sponsoring them on your 23 acre $1.3 M spread that you just fenced in? Silly Kate.

The selfish kids wanted to pick for themselves... and did Kate dissuade them-- not much! The kids as Kate said, were "freed" by acting like they donated a dollar and the toys to St. Jude. Because they just don't go anywhere to do this type of thing on a regular basis.

"Miss Bev" moved back to TN earlier this year.... and as damage control, they decided to visit her. Nothing like getting a cheap assed candle for the woman who helped you when the kids were small. (Where the hell is your family Kate? Jon? Cause that's what we're really interested in. We know you hate Jodi and Beth. You've pissed off everyone around you!)

After picking the cheap assed candle, they were off to the tool section, where Kate had no clue. Cause she's dumb that way. So she got a tape measure and a tool bag. WTF? Kate's a tool. A jacknut.

They stayed at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN, where they met Miss Bev. Kate just drooled over her and said that Miss Bev "loves them". Meaning Kate. What a stupid bitch. If she is as close to Cara and Mady, why wasn't there any contact for SOOOOOOOOO long? I'll bet you miss her Kate-- and her workhorse attitude.

While we wait for the commercial, just a note. A regular room at the Peabody is $240 a night for 2 adults. They have a package for the ducks for $460 which accomodates a family of four. Did they pay $920 or a discounted rate. Of course not! With Kate's shrewed coupon clipping, they got it free with the TV exposure!

Kate said they bought "60some" presents, which is 9 per person-- over 9 per person. I am sure Kmart gave them some freebies. And did you see the crackerjack job on the wrapping-- looked like the crew helped!

Could Cara sound more enthused about her role in helping the kids... Miss Monotone. Kate wants the kids to remember that if they see someone in need of help, that they give them help. What was that Kate, you wanted to give those Yard Sale items to someone in need? But you forgot?

Then came the Despereaux reading... and the kids had a matching figure. I am sure the twins loved being grouped in with the 'tups.... yet again. And of course, Kate still believes bedtime is the best time.

You could tell in this episode that Katie Irene has had a tit lift and another tummy tuck. Or else she is becoming anorexic. I could believe that of our neurotic Katie. Her eyes look as though they've been worked on as well. (Trying to look Korean, Kate?) One thing never changes, the damn orange makeup and chicken hair. That's our Katie.

As they were speaking to the child life expert at the hospital, Kate praised her. Probably because she was brunette and not Jon's type. And what a kick to the kids..... they couldn't go talk to the kids. As Kate said, "THEY'RE SICK!" As if the kids are going to "catch" cancer. Take a leap into the 21st century, Kate. So they used TV screens. WTF? Notice Hannie was the only one into seeing "Mommy! Daddy!"

Oh yes, Kate, make it all about YOU with the CD. Your 2.5 months in the hospital was NOTHING compared to what these kids are feeling. YOU had a satisfactory resolution to your issue. These kids may not! What a bitch!

And then it was time for the hospital commercial-- which I can't really fault. But to be endorsed by the Deadly Duo. But what i thought was telling is Kate holding her arms out to her kids and not one of them held their arms out to her. And when she finally met up with a child, she held her by the shoulders. No big bone crushing hug. What a moron.

The 'teaser' from Despereaux was just too sick to describe.

For me, Miss Bev said it all. "If they say so, we have to do what they say." Amen, Miss Bev, Amen.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

From TWOP to Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity- Balanced or Argumentative?

TWOP's discussion board shut down earlier this year due to serious mudslinging. Recently, a moderator, Guinevere, on Gosselins do not need our Pity stated she was instrumental in bringing the board down. Additionally, she admits she has a "weird need to argue with strangers about the lives of the Gosselins". How does arguing make it a "balanced discussion of the show" (according to the site's own FAQ)? Arguing is not debate. Debate is the equalizer. I know for a fact many people have submitted comments that were pro or con toward the show that were not published, even though they were not inflammatory.

It seems GDNNOP is in need of a vocabulary lesson when it comes to what their blog is--- which brings me to the next point-- the mission. The owners swear they haven't got one. But according to Merriam Webster a mission is "a body of persons sent to perform a service or carry on an activity". I guess they do have a mission after all.

Perhaps we should all take pity on them and point them towards a dictionary for Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally! Beth Speaks!

The Reading Eagle has a fantastic article about the CO-WRITER of "Multiple Blessings".

Nice to see that Beth has finally decided to set the record straight on who wrote it. Would be interesting what kind of flat fee or royalty she gets....

Last Update: 12/12/2008 8:16:00 AM

Slices of life: Author's first book a best seller
Beth Carson of Leesport co-writes a memoir titled "Mutiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets" about the events surrounding the births of the Gosselin family's sextuplets.
By Courtney H. Diener-Stokes
Reading Eagle Correspondent

Leesport, PA - Beth Carson of Leesport wrote her first book, "Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets," about sextuplets being born to Jon and Kate Gosselin. The book is a memoir of the events surrounding the births of the Gosselins' sextuplets, combined with inspirational Christian messages, representing the faith present in their daily lives. Published in October, the book quickly landed on the New York Times best sellers list, where it has been for the last five weeks.

Carson's love of children and desire to want to help out a neighbor led her to the Gosselins just a couple of weeks after their sextuplets arrived home from the hospital."I didn't know Kate at all, I just knocked on their door," said Carson, who had read in the newspaper that the babies were born.

At the time, Carson and the Gosselins were both residents of Wyomissing.After hours and hours of feeding babies together over the course of approximately one year, Carson and Kate Gosselin got well acquainted. One day, they discussed the idea of writing a book. The discussion led to Carson having an epiphany later that evening when she mulled their conversation over and contemplated writing the book."I thought wait a minute, I have all of the facts - I have the background - I was there and I took a leap of faith," she said.

While Carson, 42, knew writing a book was something she always wanted to do, there was some initial self-doubt."I'm just a mom and I didn't even graduate from college - that planted a seed of doubt and I asked, who am I to write a book," Carson said.She also said she had always had an interest in writing, but thought her first book would be a children's book.

Ultimately, Carson decided not to let her lack of formal training as a writer get in the way of one of her goals, and the next day she shared her thoughts with Kate."Kate seemed relieved and happy when I offered to write the book since she knew I was so familiar with her story," she said.

After that conversation they forged ahead with their idea and secured a publisher.The process of writing the book took about a year, and in order to accomplish the task, Beth and Kate checked themselves into a hotel in Lancaster for a few weekends in order to set uninterrupted time aside.

"Kate and I would literally stay in our room for 72 hours and our husbands would take care of the kids back at home," Carson said.

While Carson is listed as a co-author on the book, she makes each of their contributions clear.

"They lived it and I wrote it," she said.

Their shared Evangelical Christian backgrounds provided the foundation for the religious tone of the book."This is a miracle - I felt a responsibility to give God the glory for that," said Carson, referring to the Gosselins' having six healthy children in addition to their twins.Carson said she felt an overwhelming responsibility to share the Gosselins' story, realizing it was a bit of a "calling" for her to write the book, and she had an objective."I hope the book is an honest approach to things you don't hear in the show," she said, referring to "Jon and Kate Plus 8" airing on the TLC.Carson has made some occasional appearances on the show.

Carson has been married to her husband, Bob, for 23 years and they have four children ranging from ages 9 to 22.Now that she has accomplished one of her life goals, being an author makes Carson feel good."That's what I'm really proud of," she said. "It's kind of the American dream. Put your mind to it - little by little, day by day and in a year, voila."

Aside from being a writer, Carson is also an accomplished artist, selling her work through word of mouth. You can often find her in her studio."I use painting as my escape - it's almost therapy to me," she said.

•Contact correspondent Courtney H. Diener-Stokes at

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reality TV star with 8 children to share ideas

The following discussion was taken from the article: Reality TV star with 8 children to share ideas by Ann Byle of The Grand Rapids Press (See Source: for full article)

"We are the same people and have not changed within ourselves, but our situation in everyday life has changed," (indeed it has, Kate, indeed it has. You get to rape the public under the guise of god.)

"Multiple Bles8ings" ($19.99), which has more than 365,000 copies in print and is in its 10th printing, spent six weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers list, debuting at No. 5. (Eh, that's ok. Awfully small printings though. I wouldn't say you're a big best seller. Less than a million books as a best seller isn't that great.)

"Reliving the very difficult experiences in our lives was difficult when writing the book," Gosselin said. "But I now know without a doubt that God loves us and will always provide for us. We just need to let go of our control and allow God to have control." (God is a cash cow? Who wrote the book? Just you, Kate? Or did Beth really do most of the writing as your own website lacks spellcheck and grammar?)

"He looks at our show as our job, and it has its goods and bads, the same as with any job." (Really? Goods and bads? There goes the grammar again.....)

"We are focused on giving this year." (Awwwww, are you giving away your free shampoo from Procter and Gamble or were you able to yard sale all of that?)

"I never would have chosen to have eight children; I am a very happy by-myself person. The noise level, chaos and confusion are difficult. I also struggle with being able to attend to each and every little need of each child." (But you DID! You chose to conceive by artificial means and keep all of the babies when you were told to reduce the number. If you are a very happy "by-myself" person, why would you have ever had kids. Did you not think there would be chaos and noise? And, Kate, don't think we didn't notice you saying that it is difficult for you to deal with the kids-- too bad you aren't eligible for another nurse!)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spokesperson for Campbell's?

I've heard through the gravevine that Campbell's soup is in negotiations with Jon and Kate for their NON-ORGANIC Healthy Request soups.

Can we all see Kate giving the children messy soup? Time will tell!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Recap: 12/8 Twins Play Mommy (or Bullshit)

What a surprise, Jon snaps at the twins for not moving fast enough and his attitude clearly stated that they were to do everything. Mady got pissed in a a hot minute and Cara shortly after. Both twins declared the "mommy" business "not fun" and neither wanted to continue the day.

Forced into it for the cameras, Mady finally asks "Raise your hands if you're done." and then as the kids do raise their hands Mady says, "Wash them up, Cara." LOL You gotta love her.

Jon, trying to get out of the shirking that Kate is (because the Queen Bee is changing out summer clothes for fall clothes (does anyone really do that anymore?) This hour long chore (2 hours tops) spans into a whole day and a whole episode. Oh my.

Back to the show... the brown bear project.... "the bear things" as Jon calls it. Kate explains all as she half assedly puts crap on a hanger in a closet. Nice show, Katie Irene. Mady gets upset and Kate calls her "mean and ugly" in a seemingly after prod dubbing. Both Jon and Kate criticize Mady for being overbearing. Nice parenting. Mady has a meltdown when the kids show the bags to the Kate. She snatches Hannie's bag and it erupts into a screaming match. Kate sits in her chair and looks at the bags, spoiling Mady's surprise. Nice Kate.

Then Kate and Jon debate who is the screamer amongst them. Kate swears she tries to listen. Bullshit. Jon swears he doesn't hell. Also bullshit. After 2 hours Mady declares it the worse day ever and Kate asked her if she was "exhausted". Mady said yes. Li'l Kate in the making! Jon decided to be magnanimous and take the kids outside, giving Maddy a little break.

Jon again gets shitty with Mady and berates her, practically knocking her out of the way. then he decides to beat a ball (the only one he has) with the 'tups. Kate swears that changing out the clothes is the worst nightmare of any parent-- bullshit.

Kate helps the twins with lunch ---- or as Cara says, Kate did it all-- as usual. Of course Jon couldn't turn on the stove-- the personal chef must have had the day off. Cara and Mady bitched about plates, they couldn't get along and Cara is too much of a pussy wimp to stand up to her. Jon bitched at Mady and Cara and Collin bitched about his sippy cup. Kate and Jon bitched at each other. Kate called him a little boy. They had bread, starchy pizza sauce, chicken and cheese fro lunch with a shitload of chips. Great meal. Healthy and organic I'm sure.... of course Don Pepino sauce isn't........

Of course dear Hannie didn't like Cara and Mady and sucked up to Kate as the best mommy. Awwww how manipulative......

Sunday, December 7, 2008

More annoying than the Anti-GWOP?

I find it very interesting that the Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity website feels the need to have a place to bash the GWOP site. They try to come across as all knowing and the best of people when all they do is come across as angry ol' women.

Me? I love snark, which is why i bring up the site. I love "blog watching" and seeing who is going to self destruct next!

Hypocrisy thy name is Anti-GWOP

The Anti-GWOP is at it again. The pseudo blog owner raked Gosselins without Pity over the coals for disclosing the location of the new Gosselin home and is convinced the GWOP is stalking the Gosselins. However, she has no problem stealing the pictures from the GWOP website and using them on her own website. Does that make her better or worse?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Anti GWOP?

I've heard it all-- the Anti-GWOP website that is a "true" fan website? Please, give me a break. This woman seems to have diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to Kate and her brood. This site, dedicated to whamming on GWOP seems to do nothing more than be a poorer cousin to the Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity website.

The site talks about the hearts and flowers that Kate and Jon spread across the world with their very presence and refuses to see any of the stupidity that is the show (yes, I told you all I love to SNARK on this show). Methinks the Anti-GWOP blog owner 1. is riding the coat tails of GWOP and J & K; 2. would have an orgasm at the very idea that J or K would acknowledge her in any way.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Recap: Good Morning Gosselins!

This episode starts sickeningly as Kate talks about how it is such an "honor" to have her family's story out to "however many people". Yeah, right, Kate..... you think it is still all about you. And don't think I didn't notice you say "since the release of our FIRST book". So we're to "honor you more.

And please don't even think I am stupid enough to think it was random when Kate and Jon said that this taping and talking gig they have is the hardest job ever. I've been in front and back of a camera-- and it isn't any more difficult than following directions. And it isn't rocket science, so it's perfect for Jon and Kate.

The kids now have a Wii symphony game. How good for them. I love the parenting skills of Jon after they finished playing "If you're four, you're in bed." No hugs, no kisses- just dismissal. Seems like Kate really is being influential on lazy assed Jon.

Kate can't handle waiting to go on stage with the kids--- as usual she starts a melt down. Kate was talking earlier about a "mini book tour" and seemed disappointed when she found out it was "THE" book tour. I loved the comment about "it's nice to get away from home for a day or two". Please! You're always either taping at home or jetting off to the West Coast. Did you forget Hawaii so quickly? (Notice no after glow on that trip!)

The rest of this horrible episode was staged trips through Central Park and whining about how much stuff they bring back with them.

Monday, 12/1 Good Morning Gosselins

The entire Gosselin clan heads to New York City for the day, embarking on a press tour to promote their new book. After a busy morning of appearances on several well-known talk shows, Jon and Kate decide to take advantage of the Big Apple.

Source: TLC

Monday, November 24, 2008

Recap: Yard Sale

This annoying episode starts off with Kate justifying how they're going to host a yard sale and come out like roses after they sell off the stuff that was donated to them. They sent a check to a not for profit. Oh Kate, you are so good.

Kate went on to rag on Jon for not wanting to get rid of stuff his dad gave him and when he tried to explain, she said "Awooogie-woogie-woooo" to him. WTF?!

The day of the sale arrived--- and Kate had Carla to help arrange everything at the local church. They got up and left at 6am to get set up (I am sure Carla arranged everything). Oh no, Kate!! No tables!!!! No one to help!!!!! So she had to wait... and boy did she get shitty...... (Who was with the kids Kate? Jenny?)

Finally! Tables arrived and Kate whined about the tables being dirty and dog chewed. Kate got shitty with Jon about unloading their ex-freebie gear. Somewhere in the great scheme Jon mutters, "It's going to be too cold for the little ones". Kate had signs made and someone misspelled "proceeds"--- and she wanted ALL of them thrown out because "I can't have stinkin' misspellings!!"

Back to the tables-- they had to have them covered and they just ROLLED coverings onto them. Jon (of course) went back to the house to get the kids, so they could experience the "giving back". Riiiiiight. It didn't cost YOU anything, but you'll be sure to give back. (Notice the kids now have Crocs. No cheap imitations for them!)

The yard sale didn't seem to be going well in the beginning.....and cut to commercial.

Kate has a wide range of emotions-- "irritating" and "panicking" and "angry". So off the put yet another sign out to guide people to the yard sale. WLAN was called to get people to go to the yardsale. How nice for her.

Enter the 'tups. Aww how sweet, they went down memory lane... and played with their old toys. *yawn* Give it up, folks... the cute factor is gone. Now they are just whiny.

Then the truth comes out--- Poppi's Xmas ornaments were going to be sold because they dripped glitter all over-- doesn't help Kate's problem with mess and dirty. She also had a problem with Jon forgetting the kids' lunches... "Aren't men lovely?" says Kate. Jon made a speedy exit from Kate. Smart, smart, man.

And of course, they had a "take a pic with me for a donation". Sure it was.

At the end of the day, they made $1106.56. Many items went to Salvation Army and Goodwill. That's a tax write-off for the Gosselins. Good to give back.

Monday: 11/24 Yard Sale

Jon and Kate have realized how much they've accumulated over the last four years and have decided it's time to clean house and hold a Gosselin-sized yard sale!
Source: TLC

Friday, November 21, 2008

Where have you seen Kate and Jon?

Recently, the media has had a feeding frenzy with Kate and Jon. Everything from horrendous commercials advertising the show to VTech, Kmart and lame recipe "articles" (more like filler).

There have been reports she's in a Clorox commercial and a Fresh Gormet Organic Stuffing commercial.

Where have YOU seen the Shillers, er Gosselins?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

National Enquirer reports Jon and Kate buy $1.3 M house!

Hello children! According to the 12/1 National Enquirer there is an article by Sarah Cordes that confirms Jon and Kate have purchased a $1.3M home.

While the rest of us are struggling, the Gosselins are living large in their new home and passing around a plate to collect "love offerings" (Cash under the table is easier to dispose of-- unless the churches/organizations are 1099ing them) AND they are still offering $20 photos.

According to the article, the G's don't talk about 'being broke' anymore, nor do they talk about a personal organic chef, nannies, housekeepers, a gardener and a personal assistants!

Still, one person quoted in the article said: "While they're not the struggling couple they were in the early days of their TV show, they're not really rich." and "one day the TV cameras will be gone and they'll be raising their family out of the spotlight. And with eight kids, their needs will be great."

Can anyone say "baaaaaaa" to the sheeple?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kate asked for gifts???

Yes, my babies, mama's found a new way for Katie Irene to clean up:

Gosselins Without Pity:

" Anonymous said...
My husband and I were guests at Kate and Jon's wedding that took place last summer. I know it was on the television recently and I just wanted to clear up a few things. Prior to this event we never met Kate or Jon or any of their children but being that they are family we felt a special kinship towards them. A couple of months before the event we received a mailed invitation which also included a separate print out of appropriate gifts to give. I personally did not feel that was a very loving thing to do but I understand that this is something brides sometimes to do ensure that they not receive duplicates. Please keep in mind that we like many native islanders are living on a fixed income and do not have the kind of funds necessary for such extravagances. There were many scenes from the wedding that were not televised on the special. Many of the women went up to Kate and we did try to embrace her and congratulate her. Instead of smiling and accepting our words she shunned us. We also tried to show Jon a native dance however we were told by a member of the staff that put their special together that it was not a good idea. We had hoped to keep in touch with Jon as well as his wife and children however we have not heard anything from them since they left the island. We do appreciate that they thought of us and invited us to the ceremony and we also thank the hotel staff who was kind to everyone. One of the banquet ladies actually came to my table and spoke to us many times just to make small talk which was sweet.
11/19/2008 9:49 AM"

What she's done is truly mind-boggling. And tres unchic! She was renewing her vows-- not getting married. Kate is a grown woman with plenty o' cash, if the Internet isn't misleading us..... so why would she put family in that position.

And what about her stand-offish (stand-OAFish would be more appropriate) behavior? Can Katie never be happy?

I think a dance may have made the whole fiasco more tolerable!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recap: For Better or Worse

This episode is pretty overrated by TLC. The family did the standard prenuptual things-- pedicures, hamming it up for the camera- my personal favorite was To Curl or Not to Curl. Dear, Dear Mady. Keep calling your mom out and swim, darling, swim against that tide of gimme-gimme slime that is your parents.

The actual ceremony was so staged- what? They didn't care enough to bring other family members that "couldn't/wouldn't" travel 9 years ago for the first Wedding from Hell? Again, Kate shows she is oh, so, independent by being all alone with her 'adopted' Korean family.

Give it up, TLC. Your cash cow is wearing thin. At least the Twins, Twins, Sextuplet folks have lives.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Boston Herald Article

Do you think Jon and Kate are doing their children favors?

Read about one reporter who doesn't at the Boston Herald.

‘Jon & Kate’ are doing their children no favors
By Mark A. Perigard

TLC’s favorite fertile couple renews their vows tonight.

But this wedding may have some viewers raising objections.

s the episode opens, the Gosselin clan - parents Jon and Kate, twins Mady and Cara and the 4-year-old sextuplets - are vacationing in Maui.

The parents hammer out a renewal ceremony. The girls go for pedicures. Jon meets with relatives he hasn’t seen in several years.

Even by “Jon & Kate” standards, it makes for a slim show.

Why do the couple feel the urgent need to renew their vows after only nine years of marriage? Kate tells the camera that she wants her kids to know that while not all moms and dads stay together, she and Jon are forever.

As the ceremony later demonstrates, not even the oldest girls understand the ceremony’s significance, and the youngest surely will forget it.

This cynic is forced to conclude the “wedding event” is a way to capitalize on a free vacation in Maui.

“Jon & Kate” has become increasingly about the freebies the Pennsylvania family can gather. The visits to increasingly far-flung destinations are nothing more than travel infomercials, with the kids as adorable props. Jon’s morning on a golf course here is a chore to the eyes, but he dutifully plugs the management in his armchair confessional.

If we’re rewarding people on the basis of fertility, shouldn’t the prizes go to the least blessed?
Yes, it’s kind of horrible the way Kate talks to Jon as if he’s one of the 4-year-olds.

As he samples wedding cakes tonight, Kate tells the wedding planner, “I’ll try what he decides. And then I’ll argue, if he decides wrong.”

But as my favorite relationship coach - that would be Judge Judy - would say, he picked her.

Save your concern for the children.

Mady, for example, almost has a meltdown when her mother expects her to be her maid of honor. Is she just another reality show witch? No, she’s just an 8-year-old, having a perfectly normal moment for a child - that is being broadcast to millions of homes.

The younger kids have been trailed by cameras for almost their entire lives. What does that do to a child’s perception of the world and his or her importance in it?

The kids might not mind the cameras following them now, but they’ll probably feel differently in about 10 years when their high school classmates can download footage of their potty training to their iPods.

Imagine having all your worst moments from childhood available to anyone who wanted to see them for the rest of your life.

That’s what the Gosselin children face.

Maybe it’s time for Jon and Kate to drive the cameras out of the home for some quality family time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monday, 11/17 For Better or Worse

Jon and Kate prove that they are more committed than ever to each other and their unique life together as parents of multiples. After almost ten years of marriage, Jon and Kate have a wedding vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii and you are cordially invited!

Source: TLC


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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Opinion: Penn Mommy

Now that some time has passed and emotions are running less hot on the Penn Mommy issue, what is your take on it? Does it even matter?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Opinion: Gosselin 10 Website

The Gosselin's website has been called brilliant and dismissed as fluff. What do you like/hate about the site?

Opinion: Other Gosselin blogs, articles, media

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Blog Chatter: Truth breeds hatred (Julie's site)

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(Be excellent to each other!)

Blog Chatter: Gosselins do not need our pity

A place where specific comments about the Gosselins do not need our pity blog are discussed.
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Blog Chatter: GWOP

A place where specific comments about the Gosselins without Pity blog are discussed.
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