Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Part Two: O-Tay or more lies? The Star tells all!

According to this teaser in the Star, Jon has been whooping it up, which explains why Jon did damage control yesterday. More details will be coming in Wednesday's issue.

Star Exclusive! Jon Gosselin: Partying With CoEds!
March 3, 2009

On TV, he is a harried father of eight with a wife who is constantly on his case, so it’s not surprising that Jon Gosselin needs to blow off some steam.

And in recent weeks, the star of the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been doing just that — slipping away from his new $1.3 million mansion to drink and party the night away with a bevy of college cuties!

The father of twins and sextuplets has been living it up in Huntingdon, Pa., where his mom resides. He turned up uninvited at a Feb. 6 party thrown by Juniata College seniors Erin Albert and Mariel Little — and ended up playing the drinking game beer pong with members of the women's volleyball team!

"He was acting like a drunk, girl-chasing frat boy," one team member tells Star. "It really disturbed me. On the show he is so nice, but here, he was acting like an idiot."

The following night he ended up at Memories Sports Bar & Grill. "He was dirty dancing with several girls from the volleyball team, making out, kissing them on their necks and mouths," says a witness in the bar."He was all over one girl, a long-haired blonde who’s nearly 6 feet tall. He left with several of the girls, including her."

Pick up this week's issue of Star — on sale Wednesday — for more shocking details on Jon's wild nights and how his mom tried to cover for him. Plus: Find out where Jon spent Valentine's Day night — without Kate!