Thursday, July 30, 2009

TLC is running its mouth and other tidbits

TLC is putting Jon and Kate back into the spotlight, claiming that there will no longer be a confessional couch, but separate chairs; they will be shown parenting separately and people who come in and out of their lives will be dealt with on a "case by case" basis. But what I really enjoyed is how TLC said "this is real life". Bullshit.

Also, the kids aren't anywhere off the clock. Just Jared is reporting that the kids are taping shows with Jon making telephones with tin cans. What a treat that will be--- NOT.

TLC has also put a sneak peak up on YouTube.

On the other hand--- Kate is supposedly NOT moving to Maryland. I see a restraining order in Kate's future! Radar Online also has video where Kevin feels TLC has cut him off from Kate. No, Kev, she cut you off and TLC is just playing puppet to her whim. (By the way, did everyone notice in the video how polished Kevin and Aunt Jodi's appearances are becoming. Did they get a PR firm to back them too?)

And if this isn't enough, magazine scans are up at My Case Against Kate Gosselin.