Monday, September 14, 2009

9/14 Movie and a Catch

The intro has changed pictures but it is still "It may be a crazy life, but it's ARE life."

Kate explains for the umpteenth time that sometimes she's there and sometimes Jon is and there is no rhyme or reason for it. Uhhhhh, speaking events, parties?

Kate stills says she's taking on the world and fixing the world and getting the food in the house. Lonely at night in the house- where would the kids be Kate? Kate claims this is a true test of "survival and determination and perseverance". She wants to be in the pool with the kids but she has to cook. Who the hell is watching the kids then?

Mady and Kate in the kitchen. A recipe for disaster. She swears she doesn't know how to tell if chicken is done on the grill. I thought you'd never grilled before Kate?

If this is the best TLC can do showing Kate trying to do things ordinary people do every damn day, it's pathetic. Really, to tell the truth, it is pathetic anyway.

So they eat lunch, presumably without salmonella. They go on about blood in the chicken. They make such a big deal about it-- it is only where a vein was. Eat it, move it aside and get on with it.

Kate is doing a movie on the lawn. Of course with the sound man and proffi equipment it is not a problem to do so. I do have to say that the sound guy had a sexy pony tail. A little higher up and he'd be a samurai.....

Enough of the eye candy.... the way he smiled and laughed made me think he wanted to strangle the kids for pulling his hair and annoying him.

Kate said she 'got carried away as usual' and got a popcorn maker for the event. Seriously? Is this really necessary? Kate couldn't even work it- she's such a stupid cow. Trying for the sympathy vote ain't workin' Kate. You just come off as the incompetent whore you are.

She shrills, "Come and get your popcorn!!!!" while wearing some stupid hat and trying to make it seem like she's a popcorn vendor. It was scary.

Stupid Kate didn't think the kids would fall asleep or she's really playing for the cameras because she had to carry them into the house. Hello--- it would have been smart to get that CAMPING GEAR out and just sleep in the back yard. Idiot.

Then Kate whines about leaving "the kid's house". She doesn't know if the kids know she loves them and "you doubt yourself every day". Oh fuck off. Divorced peoples' children know their parents love them. Get over yourself.

So then it's time for party dad. Fishing in the creek. It is the neighbors but Jon can get to it through their it must be OK......

One kid is with Jon's mom shopping. Jon takes the kids back in the dirt. To piss Kate off I am sure. They are going through "mud and cow poop". Didn't know the Gs were into cows too--except Kate.

So the kids get shitty (haha) that they are getting dirty. One kid bawls and Jon calls him "wimpy" and declares that kids need to get out of the house and out of their comfort zones. Then the kids were hot, sweaty and wanted to go in the pool. Spoiled brats.

Jon wanted to go fishing, as he said and so they did. Again, selfish. No wonder the kids are the way they are. "you smell like manure and it is a pungent smell". So? And his fix was to hose everyone off at the house.

Then they made pizza. He wants them to keep it off the floor. What does it matter- the maid will come in and clean it out. They grilled the dough. then they loaded up the pizzas and regrilled them. Jon looks like he doesn't need any pizza. He's the original doughboy.

I find it interesting that the girl caught a fish and the bobber was green. When she reeled it in, it was pink. How set up was that?

When the kids talked about what they caught, the boys lied. and one had an issues because a one of the other kids bit him. WTF??

Jon is trying to spend all the time possible with him. It is nice to be in the county, he says. I am sure snorting coke with a whore is time consuming and exhausting......

Watching this shit was exhausting. I think I'll play Go Fish....