Monday, June 29, 2009

Jon and Kate's last show until August

I'm not even bothering with a recap- it was the same "How did we get here" story we've seen for years. A few new photos and a clip or two. Overall a bore.

One piece I will comment on is the fact that this show continues to rape the public and the children for ratings. Toward the end of the show, Kate whined about doing it all alone, and they showed clips from ALREADY COMPLETED SHOWS. They knew all about this divorce before they started this past season. Jon and Kate are truly sick people and TLC are marketing geniuses. Sheeple will never see through the facade and those who like snark will keep on with the show. They throw in some "current" couch confessionals and wha-la, they've 'dealt with" the Gosselin's new family situation.

News of the day:

The Christian Science Monitor is saying that the Kate cookbook is on hold. I sure as hell hope so. Listen to the podcast.

Kate is supposedly not talking to tabloids anymore- including her beloved People? We'll see.

Dr.CoolSex is up to hijinks again at YouTube with a new video.

People magazine is trying to explain the legalities of the divorce.