Friday, February 13, 2009

Old House Price: Dropped!

The Andrews Ave house is now $330K. How low can we go!? Seems it's been cleaned a little or they've taken the really crappy pictures off the site.

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Jon and Kate: Worth the Snark?

I don't publish nearly all the comments I receive- if any site says they do, they are cock-eyed liars. All sites get comments telling them they suck or their opinions don't matter. Who is going to print those, except to rag on the commenter? :) (guilty!!) Some of the questions I've received include whether or not Jon and Kate are worth the effort and readers have asked me if I think the show will continue much longer. Finally, I've had several people ask me to post a few comments about myself.

I realize that the more we all talk about them, the more buzz is created and the more likely they are to "succeed" in their own way and stick around the public eye. I also realize that publicists since day one have been planting stories to gain publicity for their clients. Honestly folks, I don't really care about the family- I really like snark. The Gosselin's attitude pisses me off, but that's about it. I am not jealous, I don't envy their life. I feel very sorry for the kids, but there are other blogs for that cause. I like snark and right now, Jon and Kate are the ones about which I like to snark.

I don't think this show will last much past the next two seasons- maybe three. Kate is setting herself up as a writer, a profession from which she believes she can make a good living. She's canvasing the media so that her name is constantly out there-- good press or bad. As long as people begin to recognize her name and face- it is all about image. She probably imagines herself a cross between Martha Stewart and Maya Angelou (NOT) or maybe even Joan of Arc (still NOT). When the show is over, Kate will have something to fall back on so she doesn't have to go into nursing again. Jon will have Kate to fall back on (or at least royalties from his non-writing on the Multiple Blessings book).

As for me, this blog is my outlet. Best writing? No. Fun? Yes. If Jon and Kate weren't snark-worthy, I'd find something else to snark about. For folks who have said "If you'd put the time you put here into something to help people....", I'd reply I do. I do quite a bit of volunteer work in addition to a job I put a lot of effort into-- doing what? Writing. LMAO

Thanks for all the comments and enjoy the blog!