Monday, December 1, 2008

Recap: Good Morning Gosselins!

This episode starts sickeningly as Kate talks about how it is such an "honor" to have her family's story out to "however many people". Yeah, right, Kate..... you think it is still all about you. And don't think I didn't notice you say "since the release of our FIRST book". So we're to "honor you more.

And please don't even think I am stupid enough to think it was random when Kate and Jon said that this taping and talking gig they have is the hardest job ever. I've been in front and back of a camera-- and it isn't any more difficult than following directions. And it isn't rocket science, so it's perfect for Jon and Kate.

The kids now have a Wii symphony game. How good for them. I love the parenting skills of Jon after they finished playing "If you're four, you're in bed." No hugs, no kisses- just dismissal. Seems like Kate really is being influential on lazy assed Jon.

Kate can't handle waiting to go on stage with the kids--- as usual she starts a melt down. Kate was talking earlier about a "mini book tour" and seemed disappointed when she found out it was "THE" book tour. I loved the comment about "it's nice to get away from home for a day or two". Please! You're always either taping at home or jetting off to the West Coast. Did you forget Hawaii so quickly? (Notice no after glow on that trip!)

The rest of this horrible episode was staged trips through Central Park and whining about how much stuff they bring back with them.

Monday, 12/1 Good Morning Gosselins

The entire Gosselin clan heads to New York City for the day, embarking on a press tour to promote their new book. After a busy morning of appearances on several well-known talk shows, Jon and Kate decide to take advantage of the Big Apple.

Source: TLC