Friday, March 20, 2009

Remember this: Imperfections and a hard job?

Does anyone remember this story? "For This Brood, It's Chaos Times 8" by Sandra G. Boodman

In light of the recent events and the implied drama for the season finale, I thought this most appropriate! Red text is mine.

"I'm not always proud of what you see on the show, nor is Jon," Kate Gosselin said, but "we're certainly not going to hide our imperfections." You mean how you seem to have had plastic surgery and you staged a fake wedding vow renewal ceremony?

"They don't yell and scream at each other, but many people appreciate it because it's so real. And it's a testament to Jon and Kate that they allow us to shoot all of it," Douglas said. (Wendy Douglas was the Executive Producer) Let's see how real it gets next week.

Gosselin said she told the show's producers she wasn't interested in "painting little pictures and putting a pretty bow on it" -- a fault she found with many media accounts of the sextuplets' 2004 delivery and their first chaotic months at home. And how difficult are the freebies and trips?

"The goal is to show the world that this job is hard -- a lot harder than Jon and I ever imagined," Gosselin said. Gee, from what we see, Kate, you seem to live a charmed life. Husband, family, shilling, er, career......

My how things have changed....

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