Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jon is stylin' now, but who is with the kids?

Kate is in LA and Jon is with Hailey in Europe. Who is with the kids?

That's no matter for the Gosselins!

Hailey is ugler than sin-- but not uglier than Kate. Is that a large diamond I see her sporting on her special ring finger?

For Jon not wanting media attention, he has it now and seems to enjoy it. He is with the Ed Hardy folks discussing the clothes- and Jon's own line of boyish tshirts.

Scroll down on the official website and see advertising for Jon Gosselin. This has obviously been in the works for a long time. Jon certainly does have a way of getting his name out there. Ed Hardy must have been hard up to choose to do anything with Jon.

Not sure what this is about but it's been on the Ed Hardy website for a while. And here, somehow Ed Hardy thinks Jon Gosselin are on an equal footing. Not likely.