Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6/22 Episode: Announcement

Apparently it's time to crank up the drama to regain share. Monday's ep will be 1 full hour of Gosselin joy with Kate and Jon announcing some "life changing" decisions. I believe it is a setup for more mystery- or at least some therapy time!

6/17 Daily Juice

I've been very busy today- but here is your daily round-up of Gosselin Goodies.

ABC News on the spanking biz. "Is Kate Gosselin Spanking Her Kids, Losing Control?" It is a three pager.

Video of Kate defending her enraged spanking of her daughter from E! Online. (Lots of pics with hint that the p-people called the cops after she beat her daughter.

TLC talks about spanking. Yet Kate is still under contract.......

InTouch breaks the story about Kate beating her daughter.
"When Leah, one of the sextuplets, started blowing a whistle loudly, Kate told her to stop because she was on the phone. But as soon as Leah blew on the whistle again, Kate “seemed to lose her temper” and said, “Did you not hear me?” Then she stormed over to her daughter, grabbed her and hit her. “The girl was screaming and crying,” the witness adds. “Kate just pushed her away and walked off with her coffee. Her older sisters were trying to make Leah feel better.” "

Completely unbelievable. What a bitch!

Jon and Kate in the same space according to TMZ/Life and Style. Kate talking about discipline:
"Kate told Life & Style: "Whether the paparazzi are there or not, I am a mother first ... I love my children and when they misbehave, I discipline them as I deem appropriate for the situation."

US Magazine talking more about Jon and Kate's day together.

I'll let you know when there is more to report!