Monday, February 2, 2009

2/2 The Big Move

Well all, unfortunately, I haven't much time to snark this week- real life calls... however, I did watch this trainwreck of an episode. And boy-- these are my top five of the Gosselin Greed from this episode!

  1. Jon got reamed for not using coupons by Kate. Jon is getting sick of it-- he no longer rolls his eyes, rather, he is now outwardly glaring at the bitch.
  2. Kate got a brand new fridge it seems- perhaps her cleaning skills aren't as legendary as we've been lead to believe. Moreover-- why did we see her cleaning it if she never intended on using it? More freebies? More lies to make life look normal when she's off galavanting around the US?
  3. Kate admits they were using the old house as a pretense and pretended to live there and she says that you can make memories in any house.... what sense does this make. If this show is real, why would they PRETEND. And why, if she's been making memories all the time, can she not stay in the old house? Liar, liar, pants on fire!
  4. Kate is above us all because she is allowed to leave her old house filthy and yet she bitches about others leaving her new house dirty. What a mental case!
  5. I wonder where Kate got the coup for the $1.3M house, the movers, the new fridge--- or were they all more freebies for the Queen?