Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A preview of things to come

First, the ratings are falling. I couldn't be more pleased. They have gone from 10 million, down to 4 million last week to 3.4 million this week. Next week I predict 3.2 or less. If we get below 3 million, it could spell the beginning of the end.

Apparently Regis Philbin has pissed off Kate. As the article says, he's obviously never seen the show and so I am sure the interview, airing Thursday will be a hoot. I wonder why she won't answer.... is this all another desperate ratings ploy?

Here is a video of the kids playing. The nanny seems lazy and why o' why are the kids not playing in the back yard. Oh, because Kate needs a new pair of slut shoes.

If the tabs are any indication, it's going to be a quick death. Get a load of what we have in store for scans this week. Paultry Pickin's.

Meanwhile, Jon is ever the douche and shops for yet another car. And his E! interview has been cancelled/postponed. Boo hoo!