Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kate's Arrived! International Exposure

If screwing around with the minds in America wasn't enough, Kate's gone International. Yes, you heard it here first....(well second really). The Women's Lifestyle Show in London has decided to let Kate schill for them. An excerpt:

How do you find the time to care for the children, write two books and film your television series? It is my job. It is extremely crazy busy and sometimes I think I can't handle it all, but I try to look at all of the positives. I can basically make my own schedule and I really like that. Every day is a challenge and I have become a scheduling miracle worker through it all! Also, I can't forget to mention that Jon and our babysitter also make it possible for me to travel and work. Her job as a snake oil salesperson. She is not a scheduling miracle worker at all. She has PEOPLE for that. Jon is NOT the babysitter. As Jon has said, they have a nanny. How stupid does Kate really think we all are?

You once feared for the life of your babies, what is your biggest fear now that they are four years old? Balancing each of their needs, all eight of my kids. What is your biggest challenge each day? Having enough time for everything that must get done! I call bullshit. She has chefs, an emasculated husband, and plenty of help with nannies and such.

How do you make ends meet, especially in these economic times? We're doing the same things we have always done: Clipping coupons; watching for sales; stocking up when things are on sale and planning meals (and other purchases) according to sale flyers. Bullshit. She's schilled so much that she doesn't need to clip. And when does she do it with her schedule. That is what her "people/staff/husband" are for.

Why did you want to write a second book? The same reason I wanted to write a first book--for my kids! Also, I can't describe how wonderful it feels to be an accomplished bestselling author. Who would have thought? We all know her kids deserve it! But she didn't even write it. She is NOT an accomplished bestselling author. At best, she co-wrote the book. What a self-serving cunt.

Why do you think your TV show has such wide appeal, with kids to grandmothers loving it? We are still surprised by the major ratings and reactions. Some people see us as 'inspiring' while we feel like we are just parents doing what it takes to raise our uniquely made up family. Little kids watch to 'make friends' with our kids. Teens watch because they babysit and don't have kids yet. Young married couples watch because they look to the future of their families. Young parents watch to get advice or see how we do things or even to remind themselves they 'have it easy.' Older parents watch to reminisce, as do grandparents.....and so on....... This has got to be PR crap. If I were a teen, the last thing I would want to do is watch her clowngina do tricks for the camera.

What are your plans for the future in terms of your public life? Will we see more books, more TV shows, more marketing of your family? I know one thing for sure; I am never sure what the future holds for us! However, I am enjoying doing TV in all capacities that I have had the privilege of doing and my dream is that there is a future talk show waiting for me! And this is truth of it. She didn't do anything for the kids, she wants a cush job while people think she's a great mom and shirks her responsibility.

Are you looking forward to your first Canadian appearance and why did you choose to make it in London? I AM looking forward to my first Canadian appearance. I happen to know that we have A LOT of fans in Canada so it should be extra exciting! By the way, I just learned that my grandma was born in London, Ontario, Canada so it will be extra special for me to visit. The poor daft Canadian bastards.....

Why did you choose to get two dogs in an already busy house? And how is the new home? We chose two dogs because we never do things in 'ones' and I guess my family caught me on a weak day. Yeah, you never do things in 'ones' because you're too much of a greedy bitch.

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