Monday, November 24, 2008

Recap: Yard Sale

This annoying episode starts off with Kate justifying how they're going to host a yard sale and come out like roses after they sell off the stuff that was donated to them. They sent a check to a not for profit. Oh Kate, you are so good.

Kate went on to rag on Jon for not wanting to get rid of stuff his dad gave him and when he tried to explain, she said "Awooogie-woogie-woooo" to him. WTF?!

The day of the sale arrived--- and Kate had Carla to help arrange everything at the local church. They got up and left at 6am to get set up (I am sure Carla arranged everything). Oh no, Kate!! No tables!!!! No one to help!!!!! So she had to wait... and boy did she get shitty...... (Who was with the kids Kate? Jenny?)

Finally! Tables arrived and Kate whined about the tables being dirty and dog chewed. Kate got shitty with Jon about unloading their ex-freebie gear. Somewhere in the great scheme Jon mutters, "It's going to be too cold for the little ones". Kate had signs made and someone misspelled "proceeds"--- and she wanted ALL of them thrown out because "I can't have stinkin' misspellings!!"

Back to the tables-- they had to have them covered and they just ROLLED coverings onto them. Jon (of course) went back to the house to get the kids, so they could experience the "giving back". Riiiiiight. It didn't cost YOU anything, but you'll be sure to give back. (Notice the kids now have Crocs. No cheap imitations for them!)

The yard sale didn't seem to be going well in the beginning.....and cut to commercial.

Kate has a wide range of emotions-- "irritating" and "panicking" and "angry". So off the put yet another sign out to guide people to the yard sale. WLAN was called to get people to go to the yardsale. How nice for her.

Enter the 'tups. Aww how sweet, they went down memory lane... and played with their old toys. *yawn* Give it up, folks... the cute factor is gone. Now they are just whiny.

Then the truth comes out--- Poppi's Xmas ornaments were going to be sold because they dripped glitter all over-- doesn't help Kate's problem with mess and dirty. She also had a problem with Jon forgetting the kids' lunches... "Aren't men lovely?" says Kate. Jon made a speedy exit from Kate. Smart, smart, man.

And of course, they had a "take a pic with me for a donation". Sure it was.

At the end of the day, they made $1106.56. Many items went to Salvation Army and Goodwill. That's a tax write-off for the Gosselins. Good to give back.

Monday: 11/24 Yard Sale

Jon and Kate have realized how much they've accumulated over the last four years and have decided it's time to clean house and hold a Gosselin-sized yard sale!
Source: TLC