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6/1 Recap: Birthday and San Diego

Overall, these episodes were pretty tame compared with the drama they tried to create last week. Virtually there was no nastiness and only one veiled reference to their issues.

Notice the new opener--- Jon and Kate in opposite corners of the screen. We get it. There are still issues. Or are there? They really didn’t address anything in this issue. That is why all this could be one big publicity stunt. I doubt it, but it could be a bit of both. This episode basically follows the season opener in the tit for tat time with Jon and Kate.

Kate starts by whining and defending her selfish acts- that it is always about the kids and that is the reason for the show and books- and I’m the Virgin Mary. We don’t see her “down deep inside”, well we almost do in those horrible bikini pics. Kate says she has a “desperate desire to provide for the kids”. Then get a job that doesn’t exploit your kids. You have babysitters (as we see later), they have the necessities of life, and you obviously have money.

Kate is still lying about the Multiple Blessings/8 Little faces tour. She said she never did a MB tour. What was all of 2008 until the last 6 weeks? NO PUBLISHER would ever publish a book like that without at tour. Kate flashes her veneers and signs books. She tells one fan, as she’s sipping a Starbucks triple chocolate organic latte, that she misses the kids and only a couple of days till she sees them. It was so off handed, it couldn’t be sincere.

Jon pops in to say hello. He tells us they decided that one parent should always stay at home with the kids. (Then why the HELL are you “out with friends” all the time? Especially on your wife’s birthday?) Sporting a wrinkled Las Vegas t-shirt; wrinked,baggy jeans, and a baseball cap slung backwards, he says when he’s traveling that she is home and when she’s traveling, he’s home. Naughty, naughty Jon. We know better than that! Then he gives the real truth. “There is always a parent, a helper or someone.” The someone is who we are worried about/interested in, Jonny.

Jon shows what a big baby he is by copping out, claiming that it is harder for guys because they aren’t moms. Well man up sweetie! Many men make great stay at home dads. It isn’t rocket science. And it has nothing to do with women being nurturers. Suck it up, lazy ass.

Kate says her tour is “so succeeding”. WTF kind of English is that? Another Kate-ism.

Back to Jon (this multiple switching is getting monotonous). He’s doling out real food to the kids and candy. Served on oh-so-green paper plates and plastic cups. With HIGH CHAIRS. They are FIVE YEARS OLD- ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING HIGH CHAIRS.

She says “It could have been March 27-29 and no one could have said anything.” (Again with the English.) Jon was away and Kate wanted to make her birthday “fun for the kids”. ‘Cause as Kate says, your birthday as a parent is always fun for the kids- not you. And she is going to start by baking a Kate, er cake. I was confused by her orange tan. Jon is gone. Kate found her birthday depressing because it “used to be fun”. He went to Utah to ski with “friends”.

Jon is skiing and being selfish as always. He says it is because he and his dad used to ski all the time. He went to the National Ability Center and watched disabled people ski. (So they could film and comp the trip.) Jon could have cared less. He said that the people were amazing, and it “touched his life” because his dad operated on handicapped kids. Since when was his dad a surgeon? I guess the brains didn’t leave the tree, or if they did, they skipped a generation.

The kids supposedly have a “surprise for Kate”. Sure they did. TLC staged the surprise. I call bullshit on the kids not working- it is totally scripted, which means they have to act to really make it convincing. And Kate feigned surprise…..When Kate yelled at Kate and Mady as to why the bus was there, they seemed SCARED to answer her- very guarded. No abuse, Kate? Your years of verbal abuse are showing.

Kate was told to get the kids on the bus and go. She said she felt unprepared, but she had time to put on her $300/pair slut heels before she left.

After the break, they get a close up of Jon and he seems a bit stoned. Or drunk . Or both. We got to see a side shot of Jon’s head. He has a BIG BALD SPOT on the BACK OF HIS HEAD. Will we see a return to the plug doctor this season? Or will the bald spot fill in automagically?

Jon talks about his trip down the hill with the handicapped people. No close ups or talking with them. Didn’t look like he made sure no one was going to bump into them as instructed. Wussed out again.

The Charm City Cakes (from Ace of Cakes) hosted the Gosselin kids for Kate’s birthday. She made it all about her, because she just felt horrible for getting out without knowing where they were going. Cara and Mady love “that show” (Just say it- Ace of Cakes), and they showed a cake they baked. Kate said she was sorry because she was acting like a fan. Oh really? I thought it was more like a cheap, wet slut.

They got a tour and then each of the kids had a cake to decorate. It was as exciting as watching Kate strut her fat scarred ass in a one-size-too-small bikini. Yeah. Yawn. Kate couldn’t appreciate it, a lot like she couldn’t appreciate the pottery they made. She said it looked like vomit.

The red headed suck up from Ace of Cakes just kissed Kate’s ass like it was the best thing since the last pussy she ate. She would have kissed Kate’s sweat and sea salt covered ass if she had the chance. Kate bitched that the cakes and kids were a mess. They sang happy birthday, she got her real cake and again with more watching paint dry. Kate’s cake was “Fluffley” (Kate-ism 2) lemon. Sour, just like her.

Jon skis again and says he can totally escape there because no one knows him. Bullshit, Jon. They know you because you have a FILM CREW with you. Duh. Doesn’t seem in the footage that Jon is making sure other skiers are watching out for them. Still?

Kate wanted to take Duff home when he got the kids to quiet down. I think she wanted him in her bed or maybe just be the pastry chef in addition to her personal chef. The show ended with Kate wetting her panties over the Ace of Cakes experience. There was also the obligatory photo. Probably will be sold for $20 apiece or put in another horribly horrendous (Kate-ism 3) book.

(Voice your displeasure at Charm City Cake and its contribution to Kate's wallet and the exploitation of her kids)

Next episode….

Kate shows up in a pink/red Ann Taylor Loft dress (she has two others in orange and green). Mady wanted to go with Kate to San Diego (bullshit, she had a book signing there) because Cara got to go to Utah with Jon. She took Mady to the beach. They talked. They went to the spa. I’m sure that’s what Mady wanted.

Back at the ranch… Jon is with the others. Jon let us all know sometimes they would interview together, sometimes separately- “It depends on how things are going. We both have busy schedules.” Sure Jon, so busy drinking and hagging out with your cheap post-college aged tarts.
Jon was putting up a swing set. It took him FOUR DAYS to do this.

Kate was quick to point out that when Mady isn’t around the others, it isn’t the extra child that is missing, it is the NOISE. More emotional abuse?

They got out the battery operated cars… one kids whined that she couldn’t go first. Wahhhh. While Jon was on the real one…. Way to be responsible Jon.

Kate and Mady had a pedal cart—Mady wanted to talk about it but Kate butted in. (It’s always Kate, Kate, Kate!) What fun! Then it was off to the Spa Terre for the two of them. Kate was quick to point out that out of the 4 days they were there, the crew filmed 1 day. LOL The Department of Labor breathing too closely, Kate?

Jon took the kids into the woods again- if you remember, the kids beat each other before with sticks and the first thing Jon said was “Hey you can find a new stick”, so he can jerk them around and throw the sticks away. Again.

He tries to get them to be quiet. Doesn’t work- again. Alexis starts bawling. She bit her lip straight through. Jon was calling for a babysitter and called Kate, who was on an elliptical machine at the time and didn’t seem overly concerned about it. Why not just pile everyone into the car and GO? Why would you call someone so far away before seeking immediate medical attention?

Alexis talked about everything and seemed ok after all.

Mady likes the pedicure part. Kate said Mady didn’t know what to do because she could CHOOSE things. Imagine that. She didn’t know what to do with the new found freedom. Thanks for the great controlling, Kate.

Jon finally got the kid to the doctor and Alexis got to eat popsicles. Jon wanted to get her a chocolate frappuccino. Some popsicle. Kate said “You’re starting her on that habit young.” She almost hid her contempt. Of course the kids were all bragging about what they had while she was gone and she sucked her frappuccino and said “That is not fun”. Little Kate Bitch.

Kate whines about doing things like that for the kids because of the price they pay for the “jealousness” (Kate-ism 4) that they pay. Leah whined that Alexis shouldn’t have had something special. My god, how spoiled are these kids?

Kate and Mady had lunch at the spa and Kate gave Mady etiquette tips. Napkin on the lap…
Jon was still struggling with the swing set….he had some “friends” over to help. Deanna’s brother? More college buds? I think too much alcohol was involved.

Kate and Mady went gift shopping for the kids. Not too much because Kate “can’t carry them all”. (Not because of cost, sheeple. They are ROLLING in your love offerings now.) Super exciting. Not. Mady got Cara a stuffed turtle and she got an otter. Kate talked over Mady by saying “The most useless gift ever.” WAY TO REINFORCE THE LOW SELF ESTEEM! As my husband said “Heartless cunt.”

Jon couldn’t do the swing because he didn’t have power tools. What a dumbass. No wonder he’s at loose ends. He has no gumption. A pretty worthless person, I’d say.

At nap time comes a huge crash, Aaden took the top off the toilet and broke it. Because he wanted to see how it worked. They glued it back together. I am sure Kate will get a whole new toilet.

Kate and Mady watched ducks. They talked and Kate said the trip was worth it. For her maybe.
Back with Jon, he’s still working on the swing, jungle gym, treehouse thing. The kids are running around with popsicles- I am sure after the frap incident they all got to eat popsicles- I wonder if the frap was organic? Surely the popsicles are.

Finally the kids could play on the jungle gym. Exciting!

Kate doesn’t even know her own dogs slide ass down on the slide. Dripping their butt funk all over the slide and the kids play in it after.

Kate is going back to the beach with Mady. Mady tried to talk in the confessional again, but Kate talked over her. Mady looked disappointed- again. Kate looked pregnant in her red beach cover up. Kate told us Mady kept saying she wanted Jon in the beginning but then Mady said Kate was the best mom. Kate said Mady said her love cup ran over. Rip off lines from Hope Floats much?

And thankfully, it was over.

6/1 Kate's Birthday Surprise / Sun, Seashells, and Scrapes

Seems this will be a year of crossovers- starting with Ace of Cakes!

Kate's Birthday Surprise
The kids have a special surprise in store for Kate's birthday and they're soliciting the help of professional baker Duff Goldman! Will Kate enjoy this tasty, messy surprise? How will Duff handle the chaos of having eight little helpers join his bakery?

Sun, Seashells, and Scrapes
While Kate and Mady share some relaxing mother-daugher time in San Diego, Jon hangs with the other seven children back at home. The little kids are full of energy, but is the excitement too much when one of the sextuplets has to be rushed to the doctor?

Reading Eagle has an editorial up about Jon and Kate

This is a pretty nice editorial about Jon and Kate. I like how the newspaper tries to scream that it is ethical, but that is another story. Overall, this editorial makes some good points.

Editor's notebook: Jon and Kate ... we'll wait
A little more than five years ago, you probably had never heard of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Now, five years and sextuplets later, they're on the cover of every tabloid newspaper and many magazines, guests on TV talk shows and the subject of debate on countless blogs and Internet sites.

They are Berks County's biggest splash into reality/celebrity television. Who hasn't heard of TLC's hit show, "Jon & Kate Plus 8," the chronicle of this family of twins and sextuplets? But they are not on the front page of the hometown Reading Eagle. At least not lately.

It's not that we wouldn't like to tell their story because, like them or hate them, they are local people who have become national celebrities. And their story would be interesting. But they don't need us anymore because they have TLC, "Good Morning America," People magazine and Oprah. It's not sour grapes on our part - just reality.We'd love to tell their real story - the truth about what life is like raising that family. And I don't mean what you see on a made-for-prime-time television show.But we don't have the national exposure they seem to want or need.

And we don't pay. And TLC keeps them under wraps. So they don't talk with us. But, at one time, they did. We told their story on Page 1 of the Reading Eagle before the sextuplets were born. April 4, 2004. We ran a wish list of things they would need, including a 15-passenger van, six new car seats, five new cribs, baby swings, strollers, clothes and diapers. We printed the children's names before they were written on the birth certificates.The Gosselins had contacted reporter Yvonne Wenger before Kate was put on bed rest in Hershey Medical Center, where the sextuplets were born on May 10, 2004. Yvonne spent time with the family before the births, which we reported on Page 1 the next day.

We told the story of volunteers from their church who were there to help them, and we listed the things that were donated to help the family. Yvonne and photographer Susan Angstadt were there to report when the entire Gosselin family returned to their Wyomissing home, which had been renovated by the NBC reality show "Home Delivery."

A year later we ran a story about their first birthday. Reporter Erin Negley even accompanied the family to a hearing when Kate was seeking state assistance to continue to cover the cost for a nurse to help care for the children.But they soon outgrew us. They moved to the Hershey area. Landed the TV show and took their local fame to a new level. Sometime in the last year or two they moved back to Berks and reportedly bought a seven-figure house on 22 acres in Lower Heidelberg Township.

Some people criticize them for taking advantage of the children. Others defend them for providing for the children's needs. Some find them fascinating and fun to watch. And some say they couldn't care less about them.But most of us have a sense of curiosity or nosiness. And many want to know if the rumors about their marital problems are true and how all the attention is impacting those eight children. In reality, some say, it's none of our business.

But Kate and Jon have made it our business, in reality. We're OK with giving them privacy, if that's what they truly want. But judging from the self-induced exposure of the television show and their books, the talk shows, the tabloids and all the stories circulating about them, that doesn't seem to be what they want.Unfortunately, what often gets lost in these scenarios is what is in the best interest of the children. Is all this taking place to help the children or because of the children? That has been the focus of much of the debate about this family. And the rumors and stories can't be good for them.

We may never know the real story about this Berks County family, because too often there is no reality in reality shows. The key word is show, not reality.

So we'll provide updates when we know they are credible. And we'll wait until there is a time if and when they want to tell their story to their local newspaper, where it will be reported fairly, truthfully and without payment.

And we may be waiting a long time.

Contact Harry Deitz: 610-371-5004 or

Jon and Kate Plus 8 shut down?

We could only hope that this trainwreck of a show would be taken off the air for such a good reason as violation of labor laws- and that is what Radar Online is reporting.

EXCLUSIVE: "Jon & Kate Plus 8" Could Be Shut Down By State Investigation

Jon and Kate Gosselin could be criminally prosecuted and their show faces being shut down as a result of an ongoing child labor law investigation by the state of Pennsylvania, has exclusively learned.

Timothy M. Kolman, a Pennsylvania attorney specializing in labor and employment law for more than 20 years, told that last season's 41 episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 could be considered the equivalent of temporary employment for the Gosselin kids. "The (state) law forbids temporary employment. The state does not authorize temporary employment under any circumstances for children this young," Kolman told

And if the state investigation categorizes the 41-episode as temporary employment, the Gosselins and the show face possible stiff penalties. (The Department of Labor will make the determination about temporary employment, says Kolman.)

"If it's found that there is a problem, the Department of Labor can sue the parents," Kolman told Under Pennsylvania child labor laws, he says, "the parents can be prosecuted by the Department of Labor and Industry. Under those circumstances (they) could face a criminal proceeding."

They would not face prison time but could be subject to a fine.

Kolman, of Timothy M. Kolman and Associates, also says that the Gosselin twins and sextuplets must have a work permit in order to work on the show. "If the Gosselins failed to get the required work permit they could be facing charges in front of a local magistrate," Kolman told "The work permit would have to be authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. The Department must review the permit (application) and ensure the children's welfare, education, safety, and health are properly being taken care of before issuing the permit."

A spokesperson for the state refused to tell if the children have work permits.
The spokesperson did confirm that the investigation is ongoing.

Said Kolman: "If the Gosselins failed to get the required work permit they could be facing charges in front of a local magistrate."

Kolman said that under Pennsylvania law these work permits cannot exceed 6 months and can only be used for a single artistic endeavor, not for temporary employment or any long-term arrangements. The permits are renewable.

Kolman said if the Department of Labor finds the Gosselins are violating the Pennsylvania statute, the parents can be criminally prosecuted under Pennsylvania Child Labor Law. Even worse for TLC, the show could be shut down and the Gosselins' case could be referred to social welfare agencies in Pennsylvania, who could potentially remove the kids from the home!

The good news for TLC and the Gosselins is that case law is almost non-existent on this issue.

"There is almost no case law on the interpretation of this," attorney Kolman told "It will be up to the department" to make a determination.

And Jason Hummel is a complete famewhore

Jason Hummel- you remember him- the guy who sold out his sister....well, today he wants to sell off the love bed that Deanna and Jon supposedly did the nasty in.

What would be more interesting than having/sleeping in the bed that Jon and Deanna shared their fluids, would be to submit the mattress for DNA testing!

Growing Up on Reality TV

Growing Up on Reality TV Talks about damage to the kids and touches on the Octomom.

The companion GMA article states:
"When people invite America into their personal life, what they may not be prepared for is that they will be judged," said psychologist Terry Real. "They've had a large following; [and a] sudden bump in interest...It's a spectacle... When you invite people into personal life, [you're] inviting people to judge."

So I say suck on that to all the commenters who keep saying "Don't judge the Gosselins!"

The neighbors finally tell it how it is! (Thanks to Paul Franz)

At, the neighbors finally tell how badly the kids were treated and how they were inconvenienced- all for the Gosselin's almighty dollar:

Welcome wore out
Stars of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ lived in Mount Joy Township as fame grew. Neighbors happy to see wife, cameras leave.

It's been quiet in the Gosselins' former Mount Joy Township neighborhood for months now.
Media Center


The TV crews vanished. Silence replaced the sounds of eight playful children, comprised of a set of twins and sextuplets."Not having the filming crews around anymore is nice," said Samantha Faulstick, who lives around the corner on Shefford Drive.

Jon and Kate Gosselin, who were launched to reality TV show fame on TLC with "Jon & Kate Plus 8," left the Westbrooke development in Mount Joy Township late last year to move into a $1.35 million estate they bought in Wernersville, Berks County.

Now, there is a red-and-white for-sale sign on the front lawn.

After spending more than four months on the market — asking price, $325,000 — the five-bedroom, 2½-bathroom home at 2190 Andrew Ave. hasn't fetched a buyer. The Gosselins originally bought the house in 2006 for $280,000.Neighbors aren't complaining about the vacancy.

"It's almost as if their house wasn't a part of the neighborhood," Faulstick said.

There was initiallya good rapport, but the Gosselins' relationship with the neighborhood deteriorated as time went on, she said. "They were very nice when they first moved in."Jon and the eight children were always nice, others said.

"Jon seemed like a regular guy," said Ruth Johnson, who frequently visits her brother, a resident of the development. "[Jon] was very friendly and the kids were wonderful."

And Kate?

Eh, not so much.

"I never really talked to Kate; I just heard her yell," said Courtney Bentz, who lives across the street from the former Gosselin home.

Gossip columnists and tabloids believe that Kate Gosselin is a "difficult woman," writes Catherine Connors, who runs the mommy blog, Their Bad Mother. Kate's brother and sister-in-law accused her of exploiting the children on CBS's "The Early Show" last week.

"I feel bad for the kids," Bentz said.

"John & Kate Plus 8" began as a one-hour special about the family's experience raising sextuplets which aired on the Discovery Health Channel in 2006. It moved to TLC and became a weekly reality show in 2007. Family trips to destinations in and around Lancaster County, such as the Dutch Wonderland amusement park, were often the focus of episodes. Other trips featured on the show included ones to Hershey Park and the Strasburg Rail Road.

The show's popularity skyrocketed this year as accusations of marital infidelity have flown in gossip tabloids. It may spell disaster for the family, but it's been ratings gold for TLC. Misery sells.The Gosselins make $50,000 to $75,000 per episode, CNN reported. The hour-long fifth season premiere of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," which aired on Memorial Day, drew a record 9.8 million viewers — more than double that of the fourth season finale.

Not so niceKate's allegedly unpleasant demeanor didn't compare to the TV and sound crews that arrived in the otherwise quiet Westbrooke development.Bentz, who said she watches the reality show only occasionally, always saw the Gosselin children followed around by cameras in the front yard."We could never get close because someone would always block us," she said.

Sometimes sound crews would approach neighbors and tell them to stop mowing grass because it interfered with their recording, Faulstick said."We have lives, too," she said.TV vans would take up parking on the development's streets. They'd often set up in front of Faulstick's home because it had a clear vantage shot of the Gosselins' backyard, where the kids were filmed playing.

The Gosselins' relationship with the neighborhood started to turn sour last summer when two signs were placed on the front lawn, warning passers-by not to approach the home, the family or to take pictures. Eventually, Mount Joy Township officials forced the family to take down the signs, Faulstick said. Calls to Mount Joy Township's zoning officer inquiring about the incident weren't returned by press time.

Only a warm spring breeze and a few chirping birds passed through the Westbrooke development Thursday afternoon. One wouldn't realize the 2190 Andrew Ave. home was the site of a popular reality TV show.

"We're a friendly neighborhood," Faulstick said. "We all get along. But [The Gosselins] wanted nothing to do with it."

The Gosselin family still has roots in Lancaster County. The oldest children, Cara and Mady, who are 8-year-old fraternal twins, attend a nonpublic school in the county.

The Gosselins, who married in 1999, wanted to start a family, but had trouble conceiving because of infertility, according to the online blog ParentDish. Kate started taking fertility drugs and, in 2000, Cara and Mady were born. Kate Gosselin delivered the sextuplets in 2004, one of 138 confirmed sets born worldwide, the Associated Press reported.

National press inquiries to families whose children attend school with Mady and Cara prompted the school administration to send an e-mail to parents. "Neither the school — nor the Gosselins — seek sensational media attention for their children," the e-mail stated. "Should a media representative contact you about the Gosselins, we ask that you provide no comment."A school representative said last week, "There were enough [press] inquiries that we felt that we had to advise folks not to make statements. [The school] is not seeking to add to any sensationalism."

Despite moving to Berks County, the twins are still enrolled for the next school year, the representative said.

Tough sell?

Other than on TV, no one living in the Westbrooke development has seen the Gosselins since they moved to Berks County.Ruth Johnson said she saw what appeared to be a Realtor showing the home to a "younger" couple Wednesday."We'll see the lights on occasionally," Courtney Bentz said. Crystal Overly, the listed Realtor for the brick Cape Cod home, declined to comment for this article, citing a confidentiality agreement signed with the family's lawyer. Overly, a Realtor for Brownstone Real Estate Co. in Hershey, said the agreement was typical for sales involving celebrities.

According to information obtained from a Lancaster County Realtor database, the house has been on the market 133 days.A $4,000 commission bonus to the selling agent was also offered, according to the database.The time the house has spent unsold on the market is only slightly above average for similarly priced county homes, which take about 116 days to sell. Only 45 homes priced between $300,000 and $400,000 have sold in the first three months of 2009. The figure is down 15 from the same period in 2008, when 60 homes priced in that range were sold in the county.