Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is Jon meeting Kate or finally geting the balls to leave?

TMZ reports Jon has his bags packed. He's sporting a pierced ear and dippy looking Ed Hardy gear. What a lame ass.

Walt Mueller offers a sensible approach to Jon and Kate

Walt Mueller lived in the same neighborhood as the Gosselins. He offers many opinions:

Stop the show
Anyone watching it should stop (I don't know that I agree with that. :) )
Women who hold Kate up as a model should be ashamed
TLC and Zondervan should take good, hard looks at their organizations b/c they are to blame in all of this
The paps should stop
We should pray for the family and leave them alone. (Hmmmm, not my area of help)

Read the full article here at Learning My Lines.

Jon screwed is GF on Kate's birthday!

It seems slut Jon and 'ho Deanna were clutching each other in Utah on Kate's birthday. The trip "just happened to fall on her birthday."

Jon, you are so checked out. Just grow a pair and get a divorce. You seem pretty passive aggressive and you're screwing your chances to get the kids. Oh, that's right, you don't want them.

News flash, Jon. If your "actions" you apologize for include hanging out with girls almost young enough to be your daughter, then WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING IT? Dumbass.

Read about the two sloths at US Magazine.

The hard facts of the Gosselins

As I've been reading the articles about the Gosselins, the following facts have been presented.

Us Weekly reported that for a 40 hour season (last year was 56) the kids log nearly 6,000 hours. Even if you divide that by 52 ,that is still 115 hours a WEEK. Well above anything adults are required to do. Squeeze it into 40 weeks and it becomes 150 hours a week. Think about that. That is 20 hours a DAY.

Kate has always been after money, as far as an ex-fiance. She's always been a bitch according to former classmates. Big surprise there. Locals consider her a bitch diva.

Jon used to be fun, now he's ball-less and trying to whoop it up with several women- a walking case of VD and HIV in the making.

Paul Petersen is calling for an end to this mess

Paul Petersen from A minor Consideration is not letting up. Read the whole article by clicking the link. Or read highlights below. Red is mine.

"This is not a recreational debate. The future of Jon and Kate's children is at issue, and while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, not everyone is entitled to alter the facts of this matter."

"Employment--A minor engaged in a performance shall be deemed employed, if any person, including the performer, his parent or teacher, receives remuneration from the performance or if any performer in the production is paid for performing." (I think you know what we mean here, Kate.)

"Pennsylvania does, in fact, have laws and regulations governing the protection of Minors involved in the performing arts. Five years ago, when "Jon & Kate + 8" first arrived in our living rooms, it was a far cry from today's slickly-mounted presentation. Jon and Kate were different people then, and we all sympathized with the extraordinary pressures they were under with six preemies to care for, and a set of adorable twins to nurture as well. No one, including A Minor Consideration, was worried about child labor laws. The initial situation was almost certainly "news" by anyone's definition...."

"...Things have changed. The old Gosselin house became a television studio. Blood-relatives were shunted to the sidelines. The 'freebies' started to come in bunches, from plastic surgery to family vacations. TLC began to brag about ratings and the lurking evil of public relations came out of the closet. Big money was suddenly on the table. Appearance fees and book deals materialized, as did a much larger house in which to film the Gosselins, plus private schools and a paid household staff to "manage" the brood..."

"...We look forward to the results of the formal investigations now going on in Pennsylvania and California. Subpoenas have been issued in California and witnesses are coming forward in both states. It's hard to put the wheels of justice in motion, but once they're moving they are impossible to stop..."
(Mmmm Mmmmmm Good. Sounds like Jon and Kate are in for some headaches. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA)

June 8th Scans

You can find all your scans for the week at My Case Against Kate Gosselin. To see the June 8th scans, you'll have to go to the second page of the site.

ETA: The scans for June 15 are up now, too.

Up for an Emmy? (and other pulp)

The LA Times reported that judges are considering some of the eps of J & K /8 for an Emmy- no nomination has been made but they are up for a nomination. Once again, Hollywood shows its ugly side and remains true to form. An industry that exploits considers a show that exploits Emmy material.

The all-too-perky (and fake) Dr. Laura, weighs in on J & K. She can't believe people consider it entertainment when Jon gets his balls crunched in every episode. No big revelations from Dr. L. Just trying to get her fingers in the Gosselin money pot.

The Insider is advertising that they are going to get Kate's reaction to Jon possibly quitting the show. We'll see if it is any good later tonight!

Kathie Lee Gifford says Kate should turn off the cameras and get a grip!

"..."I would turn off the cameras if I were them and just work on healing together as a family," Gifford said, amid the rumors that the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" stars are close to calling it quits.

Gifford's advice stems from her own very public struggle in 1997 when her husband Frank had a fling with a flight attendant. "Who knows the long-term damage something like this could do? I understand they are making a living, but you have to wonder at what price," she added...."

Celebuzz reports that the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry says that Jon and Kate have "exposed and exploited their massive brood by putting their lives on the airwaves."

"..."We only see what the editors decide to put in. What is it, one-hundredth, one-thousandth of the amount of filming that's done? I don't think the audience appreciates that. The cameras don't run by themselves. What, do they have 30 or 40 people there filming these kids?" Brody asks. "This is tough. Privacy, space, what you express to people. Like any family, it's a little too harsh to call it family secrets, but there are certain things that go on in the family that are not brought on outside. But in this, everything is exposed....How could this be normal? Number one: there are strangers in the house. People don't let strangers in the house for many good reasons, even if these strangers become familiar. The other thing is, they are constantly exposed and they are going to see this later on. I wonder how they are going to view it.... "

The doctor, who characterizes Jon & Kate Plus 8 as the "commercialization of children," notes that the Gosselin kids' natural desire to please their parents, combined with the environment that they're currently living in, could lead to serious problems..."