Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reading Eagle talks dogs and a poll!

The Reading Eagle is talking dogs this week:
Posted By Susan Miers Smith

The Gosselins addition of two more 'little ones' to their family isn't exactly smart
Berks County residents and television stars the Gosselins recently showed off the latest additions to their family on an episode of their show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" on The Learning Channel.

TLC has a full gallery of photos of the cutie-pie German shepherd puppies they added to the family at Christmastime. Check out the episode on TLC's Web site.

I hope they fully considered the needs of German shepherd puppies before they got them.
I think sheps are great dogs. My grandparents had them when I was growing up. They're extremely intelligent and they need their minds stimulated.

However, they grow up into large dogs and in a few months they will be able to easily topple the Gosellins' eight children.

From my limited viewing of their show, Kate doesn't seem like she will take too kindly to her children getting scratched by an exuberant greeting. I know my grandparents' dog Erica accidently drew blood when she jumped up on me, more than once.

Maybe Jon and Kate Gosellin, TLC, or the trust that their western Berks estate is in, will hire a personal trainer for their dogs. That only goes so far, however. Ultimately the people living with the dog need to take control and train their dog.

Hopefully Shooka and Nala won't make an early exit from the Gosselin household.

If it were me, and of course it wouldn't be since I would have stopped with just twins, I would have chosen a dog with less maintenance (shepherds need a thorough brushing more than once a week) and one that would have topped out at no more than 40 pounds.

We are running a little Gosselin puppy poll over on, so please chime in with your own opinion.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Philadelphia Magazine Article

Philadelphia Magazine finally got it right! Enjoy this lovely article about how the Gosselins came to be and the damage they are doing to themselves, those around them and the kids.

Show Biz: Jon + Kate + 8 = $$$
They’re reality TV’s cuddliest family, but increasingly noisy critics allege that Berks County’s Gosselins — and their show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 — aren’t all they appear to be
By Jessica Remo

IT'S A CHILLY Saturday at the First Assembly of God church in upstate Marcy, New York, but the commotion seems more like Christmas morning. And from the looks of it, the turnout is better. Jon and Kate Gosselin, the darlings of Jon & Kate Plus 8 — the TLC reality show chronicling their lives raising a set of twins and sextuplets — aren’t scheduled to appear for another hour, but the parking lot is already packed.

The crowd is more than 500 strong: silver-haired matrons, stroller-pushing moms, college girls in sweatshirts, kids in tees emblazoned with photos of the Gosselins, the occasional unlucky boyfriend or husband, dragging his feet like it’s the first day of school. Many have traveled for hours, paying $10 to snap a fuzzy picture, get an autograph, and adore America’s Favorite Parents in person; many will buy up Jon and Kate’s best-selling book, Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving With Twins and Sextuplets, from an impromptu Barnes & Noble kiosk.

The pastor delivers a blustery introduction about how marriage and family are under attack, and how Jon and Kate represent our political mantra of the day, hope. In flawless makeup, stylish jeans and a gray sweater, Kate takes the stage (no Jon today, turns out), looking more like a 20-something headed for a date than the 33-year-old mom whose brood has made her a cable phenomenon. Perched on a stool and looking down at the sea of wide-eyed fans below her, she launches into the practiced spiel: how she and her IT analyst husband from Wyomissing, two miles west of Reading, just wanted a family, and ended up — through fertility treatments, luck and prayer — with a modern Brady Bunch. She describes her resolve not to selectively abort any of the embryos; how Jon’s miserly employer laid him off because he didn’t want to insure all those kids; and the early days in survival mode, trying to feed eight mouths and standing in line for heating assistance. “We had no van … no car seats … no cribs, we didn’t have room in our house, we had no income,” she sniffles, and her fans nod in sympathy. They’ve watched. They know.

Well, sort of. What they know is the reality-show version of the Gosselin family, the funhouse-mirror reflection of what life is like for parents who suddenly find themselves with eight children and cameras rolling. Because there is another story behind the 80-plus episodes of family vacations, potty training and amusement park escapades, and it’s not so warm and cuddly.

JON AND KATE were an ordinary couple thrust into an extraordinary circumstance: six babies in three minutes. When the sextuplets were born on May 10, 2004, at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, the media swooned, dubbing the tiny babies the “Hershey Kisses.” Kate’s well-worn sob story on the speaking circuit notwithstanding, neighbors and businesses donated diapers and strollers and gift cards to Sam’s Club; before the whole family went home, the NBC remodeling reality show Home Delivery did over the couple’s small Wyomissing house to make room for six more.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

2/23 Puppies! Recap

Now that the Gosselins live in a more spacious home (read $1.3M home), Jon and Kate have agreed that it's time to expand their already large family. (Why? They can't handle what they've got without help!) To the delight of the Gosselin children, the whole family sets out to get two new puppies! (WTF?)


Kate starts the merriment by saying that "about the only" Christmas gift the kids will get are two puppies. Sure, Kate. Either you've overspent the 'tups money or you're cheaping out and expecting freebies to fill their stockings....

Kate can't be bothered with anything less than the perfect names for the dogs- Nala and Shoka- but these are supposed to be the kids puppies. And of course Kate picked out the kids ahead of time, instead of letting the kids decide. So obviously, these dogs are all about Kate- as usual. Some folks may say that letting 8 kids pick names is difficult, but I just don't see it. They are all old enough to learn compromise and voting. (I mean the kids were able to make the decision whether or not to continue doing the show!)

Kate was worried about poop, pee, added expense, and dog hair but somehow she managed to trudge forward. She was sooooo happy for the kids, because they "needed" a pet. I think so too as they get no attention from the parents. Admitedly, the Gosselins are "dog-unknowledgeable"- yet similarly to having kids, you don't need a license to have a dog....

When they went to pick out dogs, Kate wore heels. So very smart, upscale Katie Irene. It was sad to see the kids looking at the dog place, they all looked tired and scared. Kate was of course, unhappy because he had "blah blahed" in her ear months ago about dogs-- yet she mustered the courage to call him about dogs anyway. Good, Kate.

The kids were shown outside playing at the dog shop and one of the girls had to be helped off the megaplay gym by a crew member-- Kate? Jon? Parenting?

As aptly put by the dog guy Kate "doesn't know when to stop". He also said the proceeds from the litter she chose from was going towards cancer research. Good, Kate.

Once home, Kate struggled with getting the dogs adjusted, or maybe they struggled with getting her adjusted- who could really say? Kate declared it is a "full day" with the kids and the dogs. What about your job Kate? How do you find room to write?! LMAO

Just as with the kids, the dogs are on a schedule- I understand for puppies, but I am sure if they keep the dogs, they will continue to be on a schedule forever. Control and Kate go together like puppies and poo.

We all know Jon and Kate aren't going to be taking care of the dogs-- neither are the kids. It will be a staff of folks hired by the Gosselins. Business as usual.

Kate called dibs on holding the puppies first. How typical. The kids did get to pick out the puppies, so I am unsure why Kate showed pictures of them to begin with. Bad editing perhaps? More staging?

Snarkability on this episode? 3 out of 10. Bigger yawnfest than last week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Evil Beet gossip: Jon not living in the ol' Plantation?!

Evil Beet has reported that Jon is living with his Mama as of this month and drinkin' up a storm. I can believe that! Read more at the Evil Beet.

Monday, February 16, 2009

2/16 Home Sweet Home

First 7 minutes? Opens with more freebies—appliances mainly. Possibly carpet.

First we were subjected to a quick segment on shopping for basement tile. Jon declared it was good to go together to pick out tile, because it was “rare”. But I thought your family was together all the time, Jon!

Jon argued about Kate being “countrified” when he first met her and thinks her taste has improved marginally. Kate decided that Jon “thinks he can decorate but he’s a man and it’s creepy. “ Jon declines to comment “to avoid an argument.” But our Katie Irene must have the last word and maintains she’s done well and all has turned out well. Finally they put samples down next to the carpet and Jon was right. Kate calls him “immature” and a “ding dong” for gloating. Nice camera shot of the back 20 mine all mine.

What the hell was it with the mini-rollers? Even Kate did the quotation mark “painting” the basement in reference to the kids. The kids get small areas to paint because Kate believes this will make them good artists. Some strange guys (painters we’re told later) is helping them. Nothing like letting kids play in latex paint fumes. Jon and Kate are pleased with the way the kids “painting” turned out on camera. Those poor painters!

Jon said the trim was painted the day before… and yet they painted the walls after. Smart folks these Gosselins. Kate has a mini-meltdown as the kids and Kate judiciously splatter paint on the white trim. I can’t even believe Kate was using a mini-roller. And she deliberately painted the door trim.

So we are 25 minutes into the episode and still, the kids are painting. Hannie trips out that she is dirty with paint. Thanks for making your kids afraid of being dirty, Kate. Nevertheless, as all the others are cleaning themselves up, precious Hannie continues to paint. Finally she cleans herself up.

At last, the kids are coloring house pictures. Anyone who says these kids don’t work is full of shit. They helped paint. People get paid to paint. The kids’ arms were tired from painting to the point they had trouble coloring.

Kate’s closing remarks (about how it was great that the kids could contribute to making the house livable, yada yada) were interrupted by Jon, which she didn’t let slide… Kate berated Jon and said “I’ll start over”. Jon totally moved away from her, put his head to the side, said nothing, and grinned as if he had a secret (bars, anyone?) .

Again the ‘tups are missing. Hmmm where are they? School? Friends? Interesting mystery.

Totally unremarkable and less than snarkable. Nothing new, nothing substantial, nothing to say these people are sterling examples of parenting, tips for taking care of kids, etc. Nothing here screams the Gosselins are remarkable people for having brought ‘tups into the world. All in all, this was a disgraceful look at two shillers who flaunt their wealth in the face of the economy. Yawn.

Truth Teller's Vids--- Fuuuunnny!

Everyone should have a good look at Truth Teller's site. Mega snark on Jon and Kate-- largely in video form. What I like is that these videos say what the Gosselin's really mean when they talk to each other. See the link to the right to visit the site.

My favorite one is below. Enjoy!

Too Good to Hold: Kate called Love "stupid"!!

Ballsy author, Kelly DiNardo, took on the Bitch from Hell (aka Kate Gosselin) and got nothing but misery. She tried to do an "8 Love Tips from Jon and Kate" piece but a call between the couple, their publicist and the writer went terribly wrong.

Read more about it on Kelly DiNardo's website.

(K: Thanks for the tip!)

And the freebies start! New Furniture....

The Greedy Gosselins are at it again... this time Lane Home Furnishings helped them with their furniture choices.

The Eight Little Faces of the Greedy Gosselins

This book should really be the Eight Little Faces of the Greedy Gosselins.
1. Greedy
2. Dumb
3. Selfish
4. Un-Christian
5. Ungrateful
6. Insincere
7. Self-absorbed
8. Hateful

Friday, February 13, 2009

Old House Price: Dropped!

The Andrews Ave house is now $330K. How low can we go!? Seems it's been cleaned a little or they've taken the really crappy pictures off the site.

For more information

Jon and Kate: Worth the Snark?

I don't publish nearly all the comments I receive- if any site says they do, they are cock-eyed liars. All sites get comments telling them they suck or their opinions don't matter. Who is going to print those, except to rag on the commenter? :) (guilty!!) Some of the questions I've received include whether or not Jon and Kate are worth the effort and readers have asked me if I think the show will continue much longer. Finally, I've had several people ask me to post a few comments about myself.

I realize that the more we all talk about them, the more buzz is created and the more likely they are to "succeed" in their own way and stick around the public eye. I also realize that publicists since day one have been planting stories to gain publicity for their clients. Honestly folks, I don't really care about the family- I really like snark. The Gosselin's attitude pisses me off, but that's about it. I am not jealous, I don't envy their life. I feel very sorry for the kids, but there are other blogs for that cause. I like snark and right now, Jon and Kate are the ones about which I like to snark.

I don't think this show will last much past the next two seasons- maybe three. Kate is setting herself up as a writer, a profession from which she believes she can make a good living. She's canvasing the media so that her name is constantly out there-- good press or bad. As long as people begin to recognize her name and face- it is all about image. She probably imagines herself a cross between Martha Stewart and Maya Angelou (NOT) or maybe even Joan of Arc (still NOT). When the show is over, Kate will have something to fall back on so she doesn't have to go into nursing again. Jon will have Kate to fall back on (or at least royalties from his non-writing on the Multiple Blessings book).

As for me, this blog is my outlet. Best writing? No. Fun? Yes. If Jon and Kate weren't snark-worthy, I'd find something else to snark about. For folks who have said "If you'd put the time you put here into something to help people....", I'd reply I do. I do quite a bit of volunteer work in addition to a job I put a lot of effort into-- doing what? Writing. LMAO

Thanks for all the comments and enjoy the blog!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weighing in on Suleman

Yes, the Octopussy woman. I've had to finally write this- she irritates me so much.

Irresponsible. Wacko. Pariah. All these words describe Nadya Suleman. It seems, although not confirmed that she used disability money from a back injury to become pregnant while sponging off her parents hospitality. In the course of events, she had 6 kids and now the 8. What the HELL was she thinking.

Nadya is as wacky as Michael Jackson and his joy juice and her mama knows more than she's letting on. Not to mention the fact that Nadya is nutter than a squirrels fridge in Fall if she thinks we're buying her story that 1. she's not on welfare (foooood stamps!), 2. she receives no government money (student loans folks!!!) and 3. she hasn't had any cosmetic surgery (Angelina anyone?)

This woman has severe issues with making bonds and yet is allowed to breed like a fucking cow. Perhaps eugenic thought is right on the money on this one! She is going to be just like Jon and Kate-- a greedy, money sucking famewhore with no idea how to really parent or understand long term anything- effects of fame, effects of not parenting, effects of not loving children.

Her doctor should have his medical license revoked. I don't care HOW MANY embryos he implanted- he shouldn't have done ANY- unless she could prove she could pay and take care of the kids ON.HER.OWN.

And what about the charge that she might have falsified birth records for her kids (listing different birthdates for the supposed dad of her first four kids-- not to mention different locations of his whereabouts)? Naughty, naughty Nadya-- that could be a FELONY punishable up to 3 years per occurance in jail.... who would you bond with there?

Monday, February 9, 2009

2/9 Walk in the Woods (aka Pissy and Whiney)

The intro gives us so many delights to choose from. First, Jon got pissy with the kids because as the adult he trusted them with huge, pointy sticks that the kids promptly started using on each other. Or should we be ecstatic for Jon because he has a tractor?

Of course the intro still features their old home—to makes us feel like they are a family…
What strikes me as the show starts is that it is obvious that the twins won’t be around (where they are we don’t know- probably at a “friend’s house”, opting out of this particular show). I can also tell that there will be seven children on the loose without Kate around (she was in NY)- Jon and the ‘tups. All of them are running around the house in socked feet on wood floors. So very smart.

Ever the paragon of intellect, Jon explains that he is going to take the kids out to the woods for the second time. The first time was “exploration and clearing”. This time it is purely a hike to look at “plant species”. Kate rags on Jon for saying “plant species”, staying curled up the whole half hour on the couch looking ill. We spend a good two minutes trying to find coats. There is still a serious downplaying of the home's size and spaciousness…. My question is if they’ve been in the woods before--- then how come he couldn’t find the coats? Does that mean they ran around in the cold without or have they been there much longer? I smell a setup.

The other kids run around and “test boundaries”… Kids play unattended on the computer in kitchen. One melts down b/c she can’t play on computer… poor little rich girl. On the confessional couch, Jon was supposed to have the kids and do the talking. Jon got pissed when Kate tried to steal his spotlight. She yelled at him and looked miserable- like she’d been puking her guts up.

Kate and Jon kept snipping about leaving kids alone in house… “too much ground to cover “ in this house versus the other” where you could run out and just grab something and come back”. It became quite obvious no one but Jon wanted to go on the jaunt he had planned.

Here come the sharp, jagged objects. Jon justifies the sticks because he “hacked” things down with it when they went out the first time. Kate didn’t notice the special sticks in the garage because she doesn’t go out. (So much for “Mine, all mine!”)

They wanted to look at their “stray” cat, which was smart enough to run like hell when it saw them coming around. They finally made it to the woods--- and the kids got nasty about being outside. Kate comments in her special pissy way, “We have the area now; they need to be out there.”

As the kids become increasingly upset at the hike and fall down, Jon yells “Walk like a man!” to the boys because they didn’t want to walk. Jon ignores Joel’s crying. One of the kids falls and cries and keeps going. “You just missed a deer because you’re crying like a baby,” pouts Jon. He’s pointing out deer and the kids are crying and he makes them sit and be quiet so he can take a picture. “You can’t even sit on a log without crying about it. I’ll never find the deer.” Way to act like a man, Jon.

The kids beat each other with sticks….. Jon told Alexis to stop poking her brother, but she didn’t. Jon grabbed the stick, brandished it for a moment and then broke the stick in two pieces much to a horrified Alexis’ surprise. Ever fixated on the deer (or maybe his own comfort), Jon suggests getting out his new toy and riding around looking for the deer. We’re able to see a great big view of how big the house is.

We see Jon taking the sticks from everyone as they pass through the fence. Collin screams in frustration when Jon continues holding a stick and doesn’t share. Such psychological terror!
After the break we see Jon’s new tractor is a small John Deere tractor with a bulldozer attachment!

For them to be able to live in this environment is “a bigger dream than we could imagine and they deserve it- I am happy to watch them and let them be kids.” – say the Gosselins together.

We get to see one more toy- walkie talkies—the house is SO big, they must have them. Jon makes lunch- PBJ (Kate’s special recipe) and grapes. The kids were about to fall asleep at the table. He even gave some sort of dessert.

Kate gets a beautiful view. Kate is surprised she lives there still. She claims as she looks hacked on, anorexic and unhappy that there is not so much stress in her house (maybe because she is gone so much?!), but she is still a bitch to Jon. And he loves it.

Juicy Rumor: Jon cheating?

Edited 2/11: The original entry below included a link to ONTD which has "suspended" the posting about Jon, the bar and cheating. However, you can get your dirt at the Insider and at Slacker Chic.

Original blog entry:

On Not They Didn't reports that a local station WRFY in Reading caught Jon at a bar (wouldn't you drink if Kate was your wife?!) However, friends were reported as saying Jon took a sweet young thing home (barn, anyone?) after stating that Kate did the same thing when he wasn't around.

Somehow I think this is way too much work for Jon and much too overt for the Greedy Gosselins.

ETA 2/10: After a quick email to Al Burke at WRFY, it was confirmed that Jackie (a morning co-host) said that Jon was out in a bar, but she also mentioned "Elton John, Barry Manilow, Elvis and others" were also seen in the area. As for cheating, the folks at WRFY said they don't believe that info came from them.

I still say anyone with Kate as a wife deserves as many drinks as he likes..... for him to actively pursue a woman---- (Perhaps she approached him--- and in that case, WTF was she thinking?!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Review of Kate at the Indianapolis Home Show

Kate at the Indianapolis Home Show. More proof that she's a bitch and very socially unaware and self-absorbed!

Kate Promotes "Multiple Blessings" to a Packed House (by Susan Braun)

(Note: You can see the same story with lots of pics at Susan's blog.)

Indiana -- Kate Gosselin, star of TLC's hit show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, spoke to a packed houses during two appearances at the Indianapolis Home Show. News reports based the crowd for Kate at 1,500, and I can tell you that all seats were taken early and there were people standing everywhere in the area as well.When it was time for Kate to appear, she came in through a side door from outside. Walking to the stage (really just a platform 2 feet off the ground), I noted that she looked tired and unenthusiastic.

All the women (yep, I didn't see a lot of men there) were oooh-ing and ahh-ing about how skinny she was, and yes, she did look thin. She looked good -- as someone who has had a tummy tuck, professional teeth whitening, monthly spa visits and daily runs on the treadmill should.

She wore skinny black pants and a red sweater, and black
sandals with probably 4″ heels.

A few people in the audience called out questions, and Kate said, "You don't get to ask questions! I have a few ... how can you live here in this cold?" (and it WAS cold - in the teens) "There ARE warmer places, you know!"And with that, she began. She told how she and Jon met, and she went through the story of her pregnancies and the birth of the sextuplets, and told briefly about their first year.

One sore point among some J+K viewers is the fact that neither Jon nor Kate "work" in a traditional sense anymore. Kate seemed sensitive to this criticism; mentioning that she had needed to stop working as a nurse seven weeks after she became pregnant with the sextuplets. She said she hated that, because, "I like to work; I like to pay my bills."She also mentioned Jon losing two jobs because his employers did not want to take on the family due to insurance costs. She told us wryly that "this is still legal in Pennsylvania, basically to let someone go for any reason." Kate said that, while she and Jon now work VERY hard on their reality show, including parts we don't see like production meetings, "the kids don't work; the kids just get to play and have fun and go places."

Kate asked how many of us had read "her" book, Multiple Blessings. A roar went up from the crowd. She then asked who would like to read book two ... and book three ... and the roar continued. She told us to look for her new books soon. For the initiated, this is another J+K controversy: Multiple Blessings was apparently lived by Jon and Kate, but
written by family friend Beth Carson, who was not mentioned. Nor were there were mentions of Aunt Jodi, Jon and Kate's parents, or anyone else. In fact, I don't believe she mentioned more than one or two of the kids by name. This talk was basically all about Kate.The home show flier said she would give "tips for handling the household", but there was none of that. This was a recap of Multiple Blessings, which was being sold at an adjoining table.

After 35 minutes Kate said, "Okay, have I talked long enough?" Somehow I had expected Kate to talk briefly about their
new house, or answer some already-submitted questions (I would have loved, but knew better than to expect, her to answer audience questions). No, this was it.

Someone announced that Kate would be taking a five minute break and then signing books for an hour. She said that if you were not already in the book line, there was no point in lining up because it was already so long.The fan-club atmosphere was somewhat expected I guess, although rather surreal to be part of. But I had seen Kate Gosselin - up close and personal.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Video of Kate Gosselin: Notice snarky fake smile

I can't get it to embed--- try the link:,com_seyret/task,videodirectlink/Itemid,52/id,929504/

Reading Eagle: All Hail Al Walentis

From the Reading Eagle:

Al Walentis, multimedia projects coordinator for the Reading Eagle, leads a lively and irreverent conversation on world and local events, stuff going on around this site, online trends and the occasional rant.
Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kate Gosselin hilariously criticizes octuplets mom for having too many kids

Pot, meet kettle. Kate Gosselin, who parlayed the birth of sextuplets into a cottage industry of TV contracts, DVDs, best-selling books, personal chefs, a new $1 million home, etc., thinks the California woman who recently gave birth to octuplets will bring misery to her family "ranging from resentment of the complete chaos and lack of attention the older six will now receive."Kate, who only had two kids before she and her henpecked hubby Jon turned to fertility drugs to add to the brood, said octuplets mom Nadya Suleman faces "unimaginable" hardships...unless, of course, Nadya lands a lucrative TV deal and other assorted perks and freebies.

Excerpts from the interview:
Q: Do you think Nadya did the right thing in having these octuplets, after already having six children?

Kate: I believe that every life that is created has a purpose. However, personally, I would never have set out to even have a seventh child -- especially if I was a single parent!

Q: Nadya is not married, and there's no father that we know of. Is this a problem?
Kate: Absolutely. The workload that Jon and I share is often even too much for us! It is unimaginable the amount of work she will have to bear as a single mother raising eight preemies as well as six other children.

Q: Do you think Nadya is cognizant of what's in store for her?
Kate: No. I can honestly say that no amount of planning ahead prepared me for what I faced. And in comparison, I had 3-year-old twins and six preemies . . . And a helpful husband. And we struggled in every way -- physically, emotionally and financially.

At least until The Learning Channel came around. After some medical mumbo-jumbo about the differences in which the two mothers conceived multiple births, Kate goes on to vow, "I can honestly say that I will never have another child"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Next Wackiness from Jon and Kate Gosselin?

I predict (and I could be wrong) that Kate will hire interior designers, Jon will get a new clubhouse and they will explain the pool away as something they've always wanted (kind of like their trip to Hawaii and subsequent re-marriage).

Monday, February 2, 2009

2/2 The Big Move

Well all, unfortunately, I haven't much time to snark this week- real life calls... however, I did watch this trainwreck of an episode. And boy-- these are my top five of the Gosselin Greed from this episode!

  1. Jon got reamed for not using coupons by Kate. Jon is getting sick of it-- he no longer rolls his eyes, rather, he is now outwardly glaring at the bitch.
  2. Kate got a brand new fridge it seems- perhaps her cleaning skills aren't as legendary as we've been lead to believe. Moreover-- why did we see her cleaning it if she never intended on using it? More freebies? More lies to make life look normal when she's off galavanting around the US?
  3. Kate admits they were using the old house as a pretense and pretended to live there and she says that you can make memories in any house.... what sense does this make. If this show is real, why would they PRETEND. And why, if she's been making memories all the time, can she not stay in the old house? Liar, liar, pants on fire!
  4. Kate is above us all because she is allowed to leave her old house filthy and yet she bitches about others leaving her new house dirty. What a mental case!
  5. I wonder where Kate got the coup for the $1.3M house, the movers, the new fridge--- or were they all more freebies for the Queen?