Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christianity Today: More proof Kate is an idiot

From TCW

Some highlights:

And yet some people have been critical of the show.
Yeah. I definitely know there's a lot of ugliness out there about us. Honestly, I think a lot of it's because people squirm at how real we are. I think it bothers some people because it makes them think, If cameras were at my house, what would they capture? Would I be okay with that being aired?

(I would be great with it, because I wouldn't be making money off my kids. If you're really real, Kate, then I'm a virgin!)

Do you feel the show captures you guys accurately?
I do. We actually forget the cameras are there a lot of the time. We don't do anything differently when they're on. Of course, sometimes they'll edit things a certain way for the sake of drama. Over three days I could have three different issues with Jon, and in 23 minutes they're going to show all three of those. So it looks like I melted down several times in a short period of time.

(What a contradiction, Kate! You've said numerous times that what we see is real! Yet now you say it is edited for drama--- so it isn't really "reality" that we're seeing. Get your stories straight, golddigger!)

It must be difficult to be cast in a negative light.
A bit. But I understand why they're doing that. And I like that the show captures us in all our messiness.

(Why is that? So you can rake in a bigger check. There is NOTHING inspirational about being cast in a negative light for your show. It is all ratings and money.)

Oh and this is precious!

Over the years, if anybody sent me money just for me, I saved it. But a couple months ago, I told Jon Over the years, if anybody sent me money just for me, I saved it. But a couple months ago, I told Jon I'm using that money to go to the spa once a month. He was all for it. I get a massage and a pedicure. Of course, I still feel guilty leaving him and the kids, but I look forward to that time like you wouldn't believe. Jon followed suit with regular golf outings. We've realized how important that time away is.

(So did you start this a couple of months ago or when you faked sick on vacation and went to the spa with Beth. Who is paying for Jon's golfing? More generous donors?)

Will the show continue after the sextuplets go to school this fall?
I don't know. You'd have to ask God. We don't ever know where we're going to be and what we're going to be doing. I don't have a grand plan anymore. I'm okay to be wherever God wants us.

(Or where ever the gravy train leads you!)

Kon-wear and other marketing ideas

Discovery/TLC has made a small fortune off marketing Jon and Kate cups, mugs, bags, DVDs, etc.

What else are we likely to see in the future? For me, my money is on a Jon and Kate doll house with 8 children that are able to "grow" by pulling their legs. I'm sure there will be expansion packs if Kate decides she just has to have one more (Korean) baby.

Think about Gosselin Weebles. They always wobble, but the never fall down! Much like the Gosselins' reps- they always seem tarnished but they never quire rust!