Monday, November 2, 2009

Kate tells her story

Tonight on TLC, Kate is telling her story. So far, she's just being lead by the interviewer.

1. She admits berating John.
2. She said her brother cashed in on her.
3. She admitted her family life as a child sucked.

More to come...... no big surprise so far.

With Jon and Kate fast leaving the air, I will need to focus my attention somewhere, however, I can't bring myself to watch the Table for 12 people. They suck too bad.

4. Kate still doesn't think she is exploiting her kids because when she was pregnant she ate carefully and took care of herself.
5. She said that there were times she told the cameramen not to record b/c the kids didn't want it.
6. Kate said Jon enjoyed the trips and experiences on the show.
7. Kids only recently started to ask about why they were on TV and others weren't.
8. Kate denies calling the show her "paycheck". She said no one could predict what has happened. She "can't go back" to being a nurse because "a single mom with 8 kids?" She laughs.
9. Jon returned the money.
10. Kids have a separate account. No mention of how much is in it but it is for college. She said it is "their money".
11. Kate says she can't step out of the spotlight because they are "too far gone". Whatever.
12. The p-people piss her off.
13. She is a lesbian. (No, not really, just checking to see if you're paying attention.
14. Kate said it wasn't the show, fame or fortune that got their marriage in trouble.

That is about all I can deal with right now- I'll write more later.