Monday, June 15, 2009

6/15 Bikes and Trikes

Looks like another redneck retard episode. I strongly suggest you read the American Chopper recap before reading this one. This episode was a condensed version of it.

The show opens with some of the same footage from American Choppers. Are they hurting for sponsors? Jon and Kate are sitting in their white, plastic thrones. Kate swears she watched American Choppers. She is such a liar.

The American Chopper guys said, “We’re obviously here to see you, but…..” They were not there to see the family. They would have NEVER given the Gs the time of day if they weren’t getting paid.

Kate recapped every single thing that happened. When Mikey did the puppet show, Kate said that he did a puppet show that “no mother would be proud of”. Thanks for making your fellow humans feel so shitty, Kate.

Kate swears she brought up the idea; no one had to coax her. Although she does say she doesn’t like bikes. You be the judge. She also says that Paul Sr. thinks she is a cool mom. They were stupid, because they didn’t have helmets on- even though that is legal in PA.

When they started the art projects, Jon said “They tried it the night before and no one could figure it out, and then they just brought in big bags of stuff.” How staged was that? Kids are working and rehearsing for the real deal. They should have Coogan Accounts.

Kate said the dogs “came in on cue” and “snarkled up the crackers”. But then didn’t show here what they did on the American Chopper show. Kate totally ragged on Jon and berated him. Said if he let the dogs out during lunch that he would be in trouble. And Jon said “I’ll get a spankin’” But this was not shown in the JK8 episode. How’s that for duplicity?

Then Jon went to build his bike, and played with the boys. Paul, Sr. yelled at Jon quite a bit. Just like being at home with Kate. See a resemblance? Jon lamented how wonderful it was to do guy things with guys and to be doing something other than dad things. Then he whined because there are 6 girls at home and he feels “outnumbered”.

Then in this version, they surprised Kate with the pink scooter. Although when you saw it in the AC episode, it came up at the same time as Jon did. More duplicity.

And in this episode they said that Kate took Mikey to the spa because he made her the pink scooter. That wasn’t what they said on AC—on that episode it was because Jon was off making his bike….. MORE duplicity.

Lies all around tonight. Ah, the magic of editing and couch confessionals.

As an odd stringer to the end, they show the next day with Kate going with the kids to the Ronald McDonald house. She donated her bike to them to auction it off in the future. The same place that cancelled her speaking engagement. Making amends, Kate? Or is it that you really didn’t like the bike. Doesn’t matter, as TLC paid for it. Just a tax write off. She signed the front fender. *GAG*

Jon thanked OCC and said he built a bike and relationships. Please.

Kate’s a cunt. Jon is a weak loser. And the American Chopper guys must be desperate for story lines.

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