Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kate asked for gifts???

Yes, my babies, mama's found a new way for Katie Irene to clean up:

Gosselins Without Pity:

" Anonymous said...
My husband and I were guests at Kate and Jon's wedding that took place last summer. I know it was on the television recently and I just wanted to clear up a few things. Prior to this event we never met Kate or Jon or any of their children but being that they are family we felt a special kinship towards them. A couple of months before the event we received a mailed invitation which also included a separate print out of appropriate gifts to give. I personally did not feel that was a very loving thing to do but I understand that this is something brides sometimes to do ensure that they not receive duplicates. Please keep in mind that we like many native islanders are living on a fixed income and do not have the kind of funds necessary for such extravagances. There were many scenes from the wedding that were not televised on the special. Many of the women went up to Kate and we did try to embrace her and congratulate her. Instead of smiling and accepting our words she shunned us. We also tried to show Jon a native dance however we were told by a member of the staff that put their special together that it was not a good idea. We had hoped to keep in touch with Jon as well as his wife and children however we have not heard anything from them since they left the island. We do appreciate that they thought of us and invited us to the ceremony and we also thank the hotel staff who was kind to everyone. One of the banquet ladies actually came to my table and spoke to us many times just to make small talk which was sweet.
11/19/2008 9:49 AM"

What she's done is truly mind-boggling. And tres unchic! She was renewing her vows-- not getting married. Kate is a grown woman with plenty o' cash, if the Internet isn't misleading us..... so why would she put family in that position.

And what about her stand-offish (stand-OAFish would be more appropriate) behavior? Can Katie never be happy?

I think a dance may have made the whole fiasco more tolerable!