Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kate gets flowers on her anniversary

Could these be from Jon? The Kids? The Crew? From Kate to Kate?

Gosselins think their shite doesn't stink

Jon and Kate rag on the Duggars according to a former staff member.

Today marks the 10-year wedding anniversary of TLC reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin. What better time for former employees to dish even more of the dirt going on behind the scenes of television’s Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Acccording to one former Gosselin staffer Jon and Kate — whose own marriage is hanging by a thread — never miss an opportunity to make disparging remarks about fellow TLC reality family The Duggars.

Conservative Christians Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, stars of the network’s 18 Kids and Counting, are the proud parents of 18 children — with their first grandchild expected this fall.

As fans of The Duggars know, the family includes eight girls and ten boys, each with names beginning with the letter J. While loving, Jim Bob and Michelle raise their kids with a firm hand — all of the children are home-schooled and watch very little television. Internet access is also kept to a minimum in the old-fashioned household.

It’s all very “weird” if you ask Jon and Kate.

“Jon and Kate envy The Duggars because they seem so happy,” the former staffer blabs in the June 22 issue of The National Enquirer. “They’d always say The Duggars are so weird, and there must be something wrong with them. They don’t think anyone can be that normal.”
According to the former Gosselin worker, Jon and Kate often went even further with the Duggar digs.

“They’d say, ‘They can’t be real,’ or ‘They seem like geeky people,’ and ‘They can’t be that perfect. It’s impossible to be that happy!”

When Jon and Kate prove they can stay married and out of the tabloids for longer than a nanosecond. they will be free to cackle about other people’s families.

Ratings for Jon and Kate

For the week of 6/1, their old episode at 9:30 was more highly watched than the new episode.

The Emerill ep. 3.4 rating; the repeat 3.7.

New tactics aren't working, TLC.