Monday, February 23, 2009

2/23 Puppies! Recap

Now that the Gosselins live in a more spacious home (read $1.3M home), Jon and Kate have agreed that it's time to expand their already large family. (Why? They can't handle what they've got without help!) To the delight of the Gosselin children, the whole family sets out to get two new puppies! (WTF?)


Kate starts the merriment by saying that "about the only" Christmas gift the kids will get are two puppies. Sure, Kate. Either you've overspent the 'tups money or you're cheaping out and expecting freebies to fill their stockings....

Kate can't be bothered with anything less than the perfect names for the dogs- Nala and Shoka- but these are supposed to be the kids puppies. And of course Kate picked out the kids ahead of time, instead of letting the kids decide. So obviously, these dogs are all about Kate- as usual. Some folks may say that letting 8 kids pick names is difficult, but I just don't see it. They are all old enough to learn compromise and voting. (I mean the kids were able to make the decision whether or not to continue doing the show!)

Kate was worried about poop, pee, added expense, and dog hair but somehow she managed to trudge forward. She was sooooo happy for the kids, because they "needed" a pet. I think so too as they get no attention from the parents. Admitedly, the Gosselins are "dog-unknowledgeable"- yet similarly to having kids, you don't need a license to have a dog....

When they went to pick out dogs, Kate wore heels. So very smart, upscale Katie Irene. It was sad to see the kids looking at the dog place, they all looked tired and scared. Kate was of course, unhappy because he had "blah blahed" in her ear months ago about dogs-- yet she mustered the courage to call him about dogs anyway. Good, Kate.

The kids were shown outside playing at the dog shop and one of the girls had to be helped off the megaplay gym by a crew member-- Kate? Jon? Parenting?

As aptly put by the dog guy Kate "doesn't know when to stop". He also said the proceeds from the litter she chose from was going towards cancer research. Good, Kate.

Once home, Kate struggled with getting the dogs adjusted, or maybe they struggled with getting her adjusted- who could really say? Kate declared it is a "full day" with the kids and the dogs. What about your job Kate? How do you find room to write?! LMAO

Just as with the kids, the dogs are on a schedule- I understand for puppies, but I am sure if they keep the dogs, they will continue to be on a schedule forever. Control and Kate go together like puppies and poo.

We all know Jon and Kate aren't going to be taking care of the dogs-- neither are the kids. It will be a staff of folks hired by the Gosselins. Business as usual.

Kate called dibs on holding the puppies first. How typical. The kids did get to pick out the puppies, so I am unsure why Kate showed pictures of them to begin with. Bad editing perhaps? More staging?

Snarkability on this episode? 3 out of 10. Bigger yawnfest than last week.