Monday, February 16, 2009

2/16 Home Sweet Home

First 7 minutes? Opens with more freebies—appliances mainly. Possibly carpet.

First we were subjected to a quick segment on shopping for basement tile. Jon declared it was good to go together to pick out tile, because it was “rare”. But I thought your family was together all the time, Jon!

Jon argued about Kate being “countrified” when he first met her and thinks her taste has improved marginally. Kate decided that Jon “thinks he can decorate but he’s a man and it’s creepy. “ Jon declines to comment “to avoid an argument.” But our Katie Irene must have the last word and maintains she’s done well and all has turned out well. Finally they put samples down next to the carpet and Jon was right. Kate calls him “immature” and a “ding dong” for gloating. Nice camera shot of the back 20 mine all mine.

What the hell was it with the mini-rollers? Even Kate did the quotation mark “painting” the basement in reference to the kids. The kids get small areas to paint because Kate believes this will make them good artists. Some strange guys (painters we’re told later) is helping them. Nothing like letting kids play in latex paint fumes. Jon and Kate are pleased with the way the kids “painting” turned out on camera. Those poor painters!

Jon said the trim was painted the day before… and yet they painted the walls after. Smart folks these Gosselins. Kate has a mini-meltdown as the kids and Kate judiciously splatter paint on the white trim. I can’t even believe Kate was using a mini-roller. And she deliberately painted the door trim.

So we are 25 minutes into the episode and still, the kids are painting. Hannie trips out that she is dirty with paint. Thanks for making your kids afraid of being dirty, Kate. Nevertheless, as all the others are cleaning themselves up, precious Hannie continues to paint. Finally she cleans herself up.

At last, the kids are coloring house pictures. Anyone who says these kids don’t work is full of shit. They helped paint. People get paid to paint. The kids’ arms were tired from painting to the point they had trouble coloring.

Kate’s closing remarks (about how it was great that the kids could contribute to making the house livable, yada yada) were interrupted by Jon, which she didn’t let slide… Kate berated Jon and said “I’ll start over”. Jon totally moved away from her, put his head to the side, said nothing, and grinned as if he had a secret (bars, anyone?) .

Again the ‘tups are missing. Hmmm where are they? School? Friends? Interesting mystery.

Totally unremarkable and less than snarkable. Nothing new, nothing substantial, nothing to say these people are sterling examples of parenting, tips for taking care of kids, etc. Nothing here screams the Gosselins are remarkable people for having brought ‘tups into the world. All in all, this was a disgraceful look at two shillers who flaunt their wealth in the face of the economy. Yawn.

Truth Teller's Vids--- Fuuuunnny!

Everyone should have a good look at Truth Teller's site. Mega snark on Jon and Kate-- largely in video form. What I like is that these videos say what the Gosselin's really mean when they talk to each other. See the link to the right to visit the site.

My favorite one is below. Enjoy!

Too Good to Hold: Kate called Love "stupid"!!

Ballsy author, Kelly DiNardo, took on the Bitch from Hell (aka Kate Gosselin) and got nothing but misery. She tried to do an "8 Love Tips from Jon and Kate" piece but a call between the couple, their publicist and the writer went terribly wrong.

Read more about it on Kelly DiNardo's website.

(K: Thanks for the tip!)

And the freebies start! New Furniture....

The Greedy Gosselins are at it again... this time Lane Home Furnishings helped them with their furniture choices.

The Eight Little Faces of the Greedy Gosselins

This book should really be the Eight Little Faces of the Greedy Gosselins.
1. Greedy
2. Dumb
3. Selfish
4. Un-Christian
5. Ungrateful
6. Insincere
7. Self-absorbed
8. Hateful