Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The beat goes on & recap

Jon has to return $180K.

Kate takes the kids shopping- endlessly. And treats them like babies.
Then it was about Kate- she felt like all these people around her 'get' her. And she never gives up.
Later, Kate packed lunches with food from craft services.

She gets the kids up at FIVE THIRTY. With the help of a nanny. The kids had to be up because the kids had to get the lunches together and shoes on. Kate swears the kids are well rounded and adaptable because they didn't cry when they left her. I say it was because they were happy to be away from the bitch.

More whining from Kate about Jon and keeping the peace. Yawn. Then Jon repeats everything Kate says- but he's not a puppet. Nooooo.

Kate waxes on about the old days and then said she has to do laundry. Right. The nanny does that.

She invaded the twins' room and threw out a bunch of their stuff. And she cooked.

The kids came home. Kate ate with the kids.

They are billing this show with just a "limited number of episodes" left. Where the hell is Jon going to get his money from now? And where will Kate get her Loft and spa money?

I don't really care- HAHAHAHAHA!

Doesn't look like Kate is going to get the Kate plus 8 show-- but then again.... one never knows!