Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/21 Farm to Table

So painful.

This is a complete commerical fest- we're back to the good ol' days of Jon and Kate.

Family game night, family game night commercial.
Fresh farm veggies, products to get kids to eat veggies.

Not to bore everyone with a blow-by-blow this week (ok- I admit it, I can't stand watching it all and agonizing over this ep) we have the highlights:

  • Kate bought organic veggies from an Amish farmer and swore she shopped there a lot. Kate, who said 8 kids alone was a danger to them when they were young and Kate who couldn't get them in and out of the car without Jon... we're really to believe she spent a lot of time at the Amish store?
  • Kate swore she was all about the environment- how many times have we seen her contradict that?
  • Kate tried to be in touch with the Amish by not filming them- but ended up doing so anyway.
  • The kids probably ruined a lot of watermelons the way they were screwing around with them.
  • Kate seemed jealous that her Amish connection was about to catch up with her in the kid department.
  • Apparently Kate (or her helpers) only know how to make eggplant parmigiana. The kids begged off- they had it three nights last week!
  • Kate tries lame crap by saying Amish Henry is a good egg because she can be herself around him. If he had any sense, he'd tie her up and beat her like a horse.
  • The kids argue about instruments and Kate does nothing.
  • Kate only took her daughter to the doctor after Cara complained about a dozen times.
  • While Kate pawns Cara off on the babysitter, Kate makes like its game night.
  • Long story short, Cara is ok, just bruised.