Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kate is her ever charming self.

Kate spoke in Austin. Highlights below. Red mine.

"She said a focus on her children keeps her going, and that she and the children have gotten closer than ever this summer." Sure, so have the production assistance and extra nannies.

"She asserted that the media scrutiny on her family would not go away if they ended the show, which she said helps provide for the children and is a healthy and normal part of life for them." What do you base this claim on Kate? Are you now a licenced child psychologist? Talk to some other reality "stars" and childhood actors. I think you'll find a different story.

"Unable to work herself and with her husband out of a job, she described “that terrible guilt that you’re bringing these babies into the world and you can’t provide for them.”" Should have thought about that when you found out about the pregnancy. You KNEW what the risks were.