Saturday, November 1, 2008


Where do you get your information?
I get my information online, through news sources, and tips.

How can I contact you?
You can use the comment feature on any post. All comments are moderated so I will see them before anything is added to the public comments.

Don't you feel bad about the things you write about the Gosselins?
Everyone and everything in the world is subject to opinions and sometimes judgements. I just call them as I see them. Maybe my opinion isn't right, but it's my opinion.

Have the Gosselin's ever contacted you?
No, and I don't expect they will. I don't really care if they do. This blog is my outlet for snark, not to make friends with people on television.

Can I write a recap or an entry for your blog?
While I welcome all viewpoints, no. If you aren't happy with the coverage your comments get, start your own blog.

Aren't you riding the coat tails of Gosselins without Pity?
This blog is completely my snark. Although I've read Gosselins without Pity and I enjoy the snark at that blog, "gwop" in my nickname refers to a group of us who have gotten together for online chat during American Idol for many years and who have nicknamed ourselves the Great Women of Online Prattle (gwop). We're planning an online event in 2009 (thus gwop2009).

But isn't your site just like Gosselins without Pity?
The GWOP website is about child advocacy and restricts itself to the show and the family. Even though the moderators say they don't ask for verification of everything they post, they seem to only print really verifiable information, which is great for their blog. Mine is all about snark- verifiable or not!

Don't you think you're just publishing a bunch of false rumors and baiting folks on the web?
No, I don't. First, I state rumors as such- I've disproved a couple (as much as I disliked doing so). Second, these are my opinions. No one has to agree with them or read the blog.

Well, there are at least four other sites like yours! Find a different angle!
It's my blog. What you see on this site are my opinions. If you like the other sites, go there. If you don't like my opinions, you have the option to leave.

Why do you turn some comments into blog posts, but I can't contribute?
Sometimes blog comments are interesting enough for me to think beyond what I usually post. They were submitted for comments to my blog anyway, so why not highlight them?

Will you ever stop blogging about Jon and Kate?
Possibly. I have a very busy life and unless they continue to be worth the snark, I might have to move on!

Why did you purge the list of popular Gosselin sites?
I condensed them because some of the sites weren't updated regularly and others just sucked!