Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aaden goes to the hosptial- did Kate beat him too?

Jon took Aaden to the hospital today. Jon is still sporting a surly grimace.

Despite his commands for order amongst his brood, not even Jon Gosselin can manage eight children without mishaps.

Saturday in their hometown, Jon took one of his boys to Pennsylvania’s Reading Pediatrics center, sporting a bandage on his head when entering the facility.Click for pics of the brave injured Gosselin boy!

On the way out, the little Gosselin appeared to have a large bump or cut. Don’t call Kate or the cameras just yet—the tot seems to be in good spirits, even toting the best sign of a good doctor’s visit—a lollipop!

If only we could say the same for the state of his household. As told you exclusively, Jon and Kate will announce their divorce this Monday evening at 9 p.m., on their popular TLC reality show.

TLC furious at Jon!

Radar Online reports that TLC is pissed as hell at Jon's "dissappearing act". As if they didn't stage it that way. I believe TLC is just as much into this divorce as their bank accounts will allow.

And let's see what else the kids "deserve"

I wrote about the new car the kids deserved yesterday. You remember, the one that was oh, so green at about 18 mpg. Just have a look at these photos from Radar Online- a nanny (who doesn't want to be on camera- she's been seen in several photos), a LANDSCAPER, and I believe the blond woman is Nana Janet who was used, er used to fold laundry (aka another nanny).

Rumor has it that Jon traded in his Nissan sports car for a BMW. I am sure it was because the kids said they wanted him to trade.

Nothing surprising but reports rumor Jon and Kate haven't done the hunka chunka for months. I wouldn't want to screw either of them, that's for sure!