Monday, December 8, 2008

Recap: 12/8 Twins Play Mommy (or Bullshit)

What a surprise, Jon snaps at the twins for not moving fast enough and his attitude clearly stated that they were to do everything. Mady got pissed in a a hot minute and Cara shortly after. Both twins declared the "mommy" business "not fun" and neither wanted to continue the day.

Forced into it for the cameras, Mady finally asks "Raise your hands if you're done." and then as the kids do raise their hands Mady says, "Wash them up, Cara." LOL You gotta love her.

Jon, trying to get out of the shirking that Kate is (because the Queen Bee is changing out summer clothes for fall clothes (does anyone really do that anymore?) This hour long chore (2 hours tops) spans into a whole day and a whole episode. Oh my.

Back to the show... the brown bear project.... "the bear things" as Jon calls it. Kate explains all as she half assedly puts crap on a hanger in a closet. Nice show, Katie Irene. Mady gets upset and Kate calls her "mean and ugly" in a seemingly after prod dubbing. Both Jon and Kate criticize Mady for being overbearing. Nice parenting. Mady has a meltdown when the kids show the bags to the Kate. She snatches Hannie's bag and it erupts into a screaming match. Kate sits in her chair and looks at the bags, spoiling Mady's surprise. Nice Kate.

Then Kate and Jon debate who is the screamer amongst them. Kate swears she tries to listen. Bullshit. Jon swears he doesn't hell. Also bullshit. After 2 hours Mady declares it the worse day ever and Kate asked her if she was "exhausted". Mady said yes. Li'l Kate in the making! Jon decided to be magnanimous and take the kids outside, giving Maddy a little break.

Jon again gets shitty with Mady and berates her, practically knocking her out of the way. then he decides to beat a ball (the only one he has) with the 'tups. Kate swears that changing out the clothes is the worst nightmare of any parent-- bullshit.

Kate helps the twins with lunch ---- or as Cara says, Kate did it all-- as usual. Of course Jon couldn't turn on the stove-- the personal chef must have had the day off. Cara and Mady bitched about plates, they couldn't get along and Cara is too much of a pussy wimp to stand up to her. Jon bitched at Mady and Cara and Collin bitched about his sippy cup. Kate and Jon bitched at each other. Kate called him a little boy. They had bread, starchy pizza sauce, chicken and cheese fro lunch with a shitload of chips. Great meal. Healthy and organic I'm sure.... of course Don Pepino sauce isn't........

Of course dear Hannie didn't like Cara and Mady and sucked up to Kate as the best mommy. Awwww how manipulative......