Sunday, October 25, 2009

Butterflys and Water Rockets Recap

As painful as these episodes have been, this one has made the top of the list. I couldn't even watch it until I had a weekend to get buzzed to watch it.

The kids, Kate explains, get to go on trips in "small groups". Cara went with Jon skiing, Mady went to San Fransisco, the boys to a dude ranch and now it was time for the girls' freebie trip before school started (although we know she's taken the kids out of school before!).

It's once again all about the memories with the kids (right, Kate). She wanted to "invest time in her kids" (since when?). Although there are many interesting things to do in their own state, including several butterfly exhibits (scroll to PA), they go to Butterfly World in Florida.

Once again, they have been segregated at least, if not the only ones in the place. The guide shows them butterflies while Kate seems uninterested. Kate decides to be the center of attention when a butterfly 'attacks' her daugher and she screams at her not to kill it. The kids get to capture and release some of the butterflies. Kate can't stand not being the center and asks if her hair is sticking up or if it is ok or something. Who care's Kate? Invest time in your kids, not your skanky ho image!

Then it is over to look at birds. Kate and the kids see the birds being fed and they feed them. A bird finally gets up the balls to bite Kate. YES!

The girls seem to like the bird scene and Kate tries to get the attention back again. She lets birds sit on her and she spreads her arms wide (versus her legs for once) and looks like Carrie White's mom knifed to the doorway with 8 birds on her body "to make her complete".

Meanwhile, Jon has the boys.... and the twins, although they aren't on camera much. Interestingly, we get to see the dogs, that were given away aeons ago. They play with water cannons/rockets. At first, there seems to be some issues on how it is put together, but eventually the very tall blow up rocket shoots out the rocket. After some tweaking, it finally shoots up a fair amount. I think a water gun fight would have been more fun....

In Kate-land, she's bitching about being in the bug zoo and how she's scared, doesn't like it, blah. Her daughters look at her like she's a basket case and head toward the zoo anyway. Kate with her "can do" attitude hides in a corner. She bitches at the girls to put the bugs down when they seem to enjoy it. Thanks for even taking them there Kate, you could have bitched at them for free at home. Oh wait, this was free too.

Jon is still launching rockets, probably to alleviate his lack-of-sex discomfort. Now that he's not got the goods, I am sure the pussy is in shorter supply. The kids had more fun with the water balloons and hose.

Kate takes the kids on a hot air balloon ride. Kate bitches because they have to get up early- I am sure they could have gotten a later ride. Again, Kate dresses like a skanky ho with her shirt cut to let her tits breath and her short skirt to air out the last man/woman she had and her damn heels. She bitches more about the lack of coffee, how hot it is outside and caps off the whole deal by actually hissing at the camera, like the snake she is.

The boys are now moving to baseball and Jon has a pitching machine set up for them. Jon, being the ass he is jerks his kids around to get them to play "right". Then he bitches about his dad having passed away and how his dad was always there for him when he played sports. Did his dad jerk him around too? Or did he just give out traditional beatings in the closet.

The kicker for me is after all of this, Kate says they could have gone down the road 10 minutes away and been just as happy. First, why didn't you and second, way to support the people who just allowed you to visit for free. Cunt.

The best part of this episode is that there are fewer limited episodes left!
It's been a while since I've written anything about the gruesome twosome, but here is a recap of the last 10 days worth of fodder:

Jon hasn't paid the money back.
Kate's bro Kevin visits Jon. Pot meet kettle.
Jon's attorney is screwed.
Jon supposedly was sending a check for the balance of the money owed to Kate.
Jon Gosselin can't get $10-12K

Kate is really trying to inspire- although we all know she's little more than a cunt.

Scans are always available at My case against Kate Gosselin.

My take? Kate and Jon are so consumed by who has the money, who can outdo the other, and who is going to "win" that they are missing the gift of their children. Granted, they have turned the kids into over privileged, entitled, spoiled brats, but all the more why they should be caring for the kids.

Jon and Kate need to come clean-but then I suspect they would lose everything, including their money. The IRS should take a really close look at what they've made, spent, etc. Kate is lying through her teeth when she says she has no money to support the kids, unless she's spent it all, which wouldn't surprise me.