Sunday, June 7, 2009

It wasn't "Home Delivery" that did the majority of the work on the Gosselin's old home!

The Reading Eagle published an editoral about the Gosselin's on 5/31, which lead to the clarification of who really did all the work on the house during the "Home Delivery" show and who did all the work when the babies came home from the hospital.

Read the news.

Kate, Jon: You're lies are catching up with you!

RIP: Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity gives up

One of the minor detractors of anti-Kate people has given up its blog.

GDNNOP issued the following statement on its website.

"Several of the ladies from GDNNOP have joined together to create a new women’s website...Recently, we invited regular posters whose email address we had to participate in the new site and today we are inviting you all! ....We will still discuss "Jon and Kate Plus 8", but it will not be our main focus. The new site will give us the ability to write about many different issues and will feature articles to initiate discussions on various subjects..."

Although their original offer to "regular posters" seems to be a bit high handed (how did they contact regular posters who were not registered with Blogger?) Very, very exclusive this lot. I smell a seekrity, secret board in the works. Still, perhaps they will have better luck with the new enterprise. Less stress and more fluff. And maybe might go out of business too.

Sweet God, WTF is this?

Seems like someone has hopped on the holy bandwagon to the point of Prayer Stalking. Rick Garner has a website called Jon and Kate Prayers. What a maroon!

(If you don't know what a maroon is, you're missing out on some of the best classic cartoons.)

Will we be treated to another hair plug episode?

Jon is really showing his baldness in this photo with a mystery woman (another conquest? the nanny who doesn't want to be on camera? a "long lost" friend of the family?)
Will he rush out to get his baldness fixed or man up and live with it?