Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reality TV star with 8 children to share ideas

The following discussion was taken from the article: Reality TV star with 8 children to share ideas by Ann Byle of The Grand Rapids Press (See Source: for full article)

"We are the same people and have not changed within ourselves, but our situation in everyday life has changed," (indeed it has, Kate, indeed it has. You get to rape the public under the guise of god.)

"Multiple Bles8ings" ($19.99), which has more than 365,000 copies in print and is in its 10th printing, spent six weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers list, debuting at No. 5. (Eh, that's ok. Awfully small printings though. I wouldn't say you're a big best seller. Less than a million books as a best seller isn't that great.)

"Reliving the very difficult experiences in our lives was difficult when writing the book," Gosselin said. "But I now know without a doubt that God loves us and will always provide for us. We just need to let go of our control and allow God to have control." (God is a cash cow? Who wrote the book? Just you, Kate? Or did Beth really do most of the writing as your own website lacks spellcheck and grammar?)

"He looks at our show as our job, and it has its goods and bads, the same as with any job." (Really? Goods and bads? There goes the grammar again.....)

"We are focused on giving this year." (Awwwww, are you giving away your free shampoo from Procter and Gamble or were you able to yard sale all of that?)

"I never would have chosen to have eight children; I am a very happy by-myself person. The noise level, chaos and confusion are difficult. I also struggle with being able to attend to each and every little need of each child." (But you DID! You chose to conceive by artificial means and keep all of the babies when you were told to reduce the number. If you are a very happy "by-myself" person, why would you have ever had kids. Did you not think there would be chaos and noise? And, Kate, don't think we didn't notice you saying that it is difficult for you to deal with the kids-- too bad you aren't eligible for another nurse!)