Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weighing in on Suleman

Yes, the Octopussy woman. I've had to finally write this- she irritates me so much.

Irresponsible. Wacko. Pariah. All these words describe Nadya Suleman. It seems, although not confirmed that she used disability money from a back injury to become pregnant while sponging off her parents hospitality. In the course of events, she had 6 kids and now the 8. What the HELL was she thinking.

Nadya is as wacky as Michael Jackson and his joy juice and her mama knows more than she's letting on. Not to mention the fact that Nadya is nutter than a squirrels fridge in Fall if she thinks we're buying her story that 1. she's not on welfare (foooood stamps!), 2. she receives no government money (student loans folks!!!) and 3. she hasn't had any cosmetic surgery (Angelina anyone?)

This woman has severe issues with making bonds and yet is allowed to breed like a fucking cow. Perhaps eugenic thought is right on the money on this one! She is going to be just like Jon and Kate-- a greedy, money sucking famewhore with no idea how to really parent or understand long term anything- effects of fame, effects of not parenting, effects of not loving children.

Her doctor should have his medical license revoked. I don't care HOW MANY embryos he implanted- he shouldn't have done ANY- unless she could prove she could pay and take care of the kids ON.HER.OWN.

And what about the charge that she might have falsified birth records for her kids (listing different birthdates for the supposed dad of her first four kids-- not to mention different locations of his whereabouts)? Naughty, naughty Nadya-- that could be a FELONY punishable up to 3 years per occurance in jail.... who would you bond with there?