Monday, January 19, 2009

1/19 All you wanted to know

This show opens with Jon and Kate being idiots on the couch acting as if they don't really want to answer the questions- imagine that. Predictably, it was all about Kate.

The whole episode was pretty much straight questions and answers with video clips. The show featured some questions with crew members-- but I didn't really believe their answers.

Here are the highlights:

First question was about filming, kids, and will they be mad because they had to be filmed.
Answers ranged from the kids being "enriched by filming", "well-rounded and adjusted", "got to travel." I was concerned with the fact that they just "walk up to people" and are so friendly. Pedophile anyone? Kate denied the kids would be "scarred for life" because they've learned more than they ever would and will have funding for college. These facts make them "positively affected" to the point that Kate declares, "We don't worry about them." I think that says it all, don't you?

Another heavy hitting question was which child would have more teenage drama. Kate said she would be affected most and Jon thinks all the kids will "have drama".

Kate is still pleading that they are not filmed 24/7 or even every day-- that it "averages out" to 3 days a week. I think she's lying.

I also think they lie about loving Friday movie night together--- and dinner. When would they have time for this with Kate's new career and Jon hanging with 15 year olds?

Vehemently, Kate says she doesn't know if she wants to adopt and that she doesn't want to be pregnant anymore (cause she's so thin!)

On writing more books: Kate "very much likes writing" likes "writing about family, lives and experiences". Says she's excited to have "my book in their hands."

Music lessons are really not an issue anymore. Cara took four and stopped. Mady does violin only for the social aspects. But the kids are in sports- soccer, skiing and rollerblading. Um, I think we meant team sports and why aren't these ever featured on the show??

Kate (who took over the conversation) pretty much said she is surprised most about being on TV show: how much work it is, how people react, and difficultly being in public. Suck it up, babe!

Kate swears she coupon clips and stockpiles. LMAO

Kate says she looks so good because she uses a treadmill (in the hotels) and eats salad.

Supposedly, if the kids don't want to be on camera, they aren't. That's exactly why Mady had to run in her room.

Kate and Jon are inspired by parents of kids with cancer-- I would have thought they would say "GOD". When they talked about listening to all kinds of music- "god music" came in 3rd and 4th.

I guess I will put a couple crew questions in.
Bonnie told us that the kids like having the camera around. They are "comfortable" with the cameras. "It is part of everyday life for them." Kate says they are "just living" they aren't "required" in a shoot. If they want to go to a friend's house instead of the shoot "they just do". Suuuuure. What about when the cameras are gone? How will the kids feel then?

Josh said he likes when the kids go out with a parent for a special day. I thought it funny only to see the OLD "special day" clips shown. What about others that found the cutting room floor. Or is that they only time they were able to find time to make special time for the kids?

Misconceptions about being on a show: Kate whines that people feel they don't work- "they feel we are living lives-- but they don't see the interviews, emails, meetings, article shoots, phone interview, press- that encompasses "horrendously more than 40 hours a week" on top of the books and speaking. It's rewarding, working from home and choosing our schedule." However, she said that people also believe "You put your lives on TV so you don't want privacy". We are aware we gave away our privacy, but what little we have left, we want so we can "live normally" and provide "normalcy" for the kids." Then a crew member chimed in and said it is not an "actor" reality show- that it isn't scripted.

The beef has never been an issue of you not wanting privacy, however, you gave it away when you decided to pimp out your kids. Sorry, Kate and Jon, you can't have it both ways. This episode was total damage control. Even if the kids don't have to be in a shoot, they are still part of the show, still working for the show and should be paid and protected. You suck as parents. Every day, all day.

Just in: KMart thinking about Kate again!

This is how Target became my shopping spot. I'd rather pay more than less if Kmart endorses Kate (and Walmart treats its employees like crap and has practices that kill their employees!).

From BrandFreak

Following her successful run as a spokeswoman for its holiday layaway plan, Kmart is considering bringing back Kate Gosselin to star in more ads, according to a company rep. The polarizing star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been attacked by critics who claim she is exploiting her children for fame and fortune. Kmart rep Tom Aiello says, "She did a good job communicating the layaway program. We're looking to carry that relationship into late spring, but nothing is concrete." He says Kmart has received "positive feedback" on Kate, but "we're going to be smart as we move ahead. We'll look and see if there is a change in opinion."
—Posted by Kenneth Hein

If you want to change opinion, write to Tom Aiello in care of Kmart or call them!

1-866-KMART-4U (1-866-562-7848)

Corporate info:
Sears Holdings Corporation
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
(847) 286-2500