Monday, March 30, 2009

Season 5 an official go!

Famecrawler is reporting that the NY Post stated that TLC will be announcing Season 5 later this week. (We all know it's true-- but I can't find a NY Post article anywhere that confirms this!)

Read NY Post reaction to Jon's crybaby attitude on the season finale.

More Season 5 Dirt and the Gosselin's Go Green

Yes, it wasn't enough that Sara Snow show the Gosselins a couple seasons ago how to go green (and how we never saw them going green since). Yet, Earth Day is coming and although the Gosselins now own a huge house that I am sure consumes oodles of electricity and although Kate has destroyed the ozone layer with all the harsh chemicals she used cleaning the fridge that she eventually got rid of in favor of a newer model, the Gosselins are now going green in an April 19th epidode.

I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

More info here.

Clique Clack TV gets it

Richard Keller at Clique Clack TV gets the Gosselin PR machine is nothing but smoke an mirrors. He's written an open letter to Jon and Kate telling them to give up the show or at leas rethink their priorities.

Read it here.