Saturday, October 10, 2009

In other news....

Ratings up but dropping

TLC moved out of the mansion.

Kate filed for alimony- like that's going to happen!
A comment came in about Kate. Seems there may be some validity to the post. Rumor has it that Kate dined here last week.

Kate Sighting in DC? said... First time poster to your site. Great information. I am confused though. Live in DC and last week went to lunch at Restaurant Nora. They were temporarily closed to allow for a film crew to work inside. People outside the place were saying that Kate Gosselin was inside being interviewed. No one could confirm if the kids were in there or not and you can not really see into that place from the street that well but I can say it looked like quite a few people moving around and a lot of bright lights.I thought that the filming had stopped or is it that the kids just can not be filmed but the adults can. Restaurant Nora is an all organic place so I was thinking that is why the Mom was in there since she eats organic food all the time and they were taping her eat lunch or something. I was just shocked they are still taping episodes of the show. I wonder if they are doing this covertly in anticipation of the Kate plus 8 show being allowed to continue. However, I did not see any TV type trucks with the TLC logo so I am not even sure if that was the case. There was a media type van on one of the nearby side streets with a logo of True Entertainment Media. Who knows if she really was there maybe it was something else??10/9/09 2:26 PM