Thursday, January 22, 2009

So sticky sweet I want to barf! But there is hope!

Anyone remember "Pour Some Sugar on Me"? I've collected some YouTube moments that suck.

Enjoy this video which shows moments with Kate that we talk about a lot online but few have put together so succinctly for us to snark upon. I just want to gag at the pink ending. Hang in there, Kate! More freebies are on the way!

And of course, we have to have 11 Reasons to Explain, if you have to explain her, why? I especially love 8 that says Kate doesn't pick on Mady. The video poser says (s)he actually has seen Kate love Mady. When and ew creepy! But my favorite is "She does slap Jon and Jon doesn't exactly like it... But she hasn't done it recently on the show and I can tell she's trying not to." Doh. Really?

I rather enjoy 25 Reasons Why I hate the Gosselins. A little corny, but oh so true! (I think it is hillarious that GonnaMakeaMemory took the time to do a 25 Reasons Why I hate TillieGo (the maker of the other 25 reasons). GMM makes his/herself out to be as hypocritical and unable to spell as TillieGo. GMM wanted TillieGo to "pick a side" because TillieGo made a hate and a fan video- "Pick a side!!!!" LMAO. Sounds like GMM likes drama.